Gary Burns calls for a comprehensive national anti-homopbobia campaign

Australia has an homophobic side’ according to gay rights activist Gary  Burns. 

NEARLY half of Central Queenslanders questioned in a national poll think homosexuality is ‘immoral.’ Roy Morgan Research,which involved about 700 Capricornia residents over two years,revealed 45 % thought homosexuality was immoral.

Mr Burns, a Sydney gay rights activist said,”this is a very scary thought” and is calling for a comprehensive anti-homophobia campaign to run across the nation to remove community attitudes against homosexuals.

Recent anti-homophopbia campaigns such as the AIDS Council of NSW’s ThisOZ campaign were typically ‘pop’ limited to online media and even feature inapropriate persons such as Paul Vautin, host of the Footy Show, subject of Burns complaint to the ADT for homophobia, to promote it.

Mr Burns calls on all federal M.Ps to get out into their constituency and promote some tolerance and understanding for other peoples differences. Mr Burns claims the M.P for the federal seat of Capricornia Ms Livermore has ‘sat on her cross stitching’ and done nothing about homophobia in her far north QLD seat for nine long years. 

“Ms Livermore is a person in a powerful position because she is a member of the federal parliament. She has responsibilities to remove any view promoting homosexuals are immoral or unfortunate crazies,”Mr Burns said.

Mr Burns claims the members of the Parliament of Australia should be doing more to promote a more inclusive Australia.

” We should all be loving each other like two old shoes and not having to duck hatred of a proportion equalling the war zone of the Gaza Strip“, concluded Burns.

Media enquiries,

Gary Burns.



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