civil union scheme to be introduced into federal parliament


Gary Burns, a Sydney gay rights activist calls for a civil union scheme to be introduced into federal parliament to acknowledge and give meaning to his relationship.

Mr Burns has concerns over the Australian Marriage Equality (AME) group calling for same-sex marriage while resisting an explanation what is ‘gay marriage‘ and how will it be implemented into federal law for same-sex couples.

Mr Burns said,” Are the AME group only seeking to copy or emulate the Australian Marriage Act as it stands today of an act being between a man and a woman in exact for same-sex couples? My relationship is different to those of my parents era because my parents Pat and Dick Burns were married in 1953 in a church and took a vow before God.”

“I believe a national civil union scheme will provide me as a same-sex partner with the equal rights and recognition I deserve and is a step towards same – sex equality. I don’t want to emulate my parents church wedding all those long years ago. Confetti gives me an itch and I never eat rice”.

The push for parliamentary debate on marriage equality is growing, with the ALP‘s left faction pushing for a policy reversal. Senator Doug Cameron said there would be a “huge push” for the party to support same-sex marriage at the next Federal ALP conference in June next year.

Mr Burns believes more federal MP’s are coming out supporting same-sex marriage on top of continuing public support.
But a national survey has found a third of respondents in the federal seat of Capricornia in QLD, which includes the city of Rockhampton, where 44.7per cent of people believe homosexuality is immoral.

“I think the real issue for Australians when it comes to same-sex marriage is they can’t understand or grasp the idea how two men can love each other. We saw this in the depiction of two gay cowboys in the movie Brokeback Mountain. Australians can understand and grasp the idea of two men sharing a flat together and paying a share of the utilities bills but when it comes two men being in love it raises certain other issues in their psyche.

“Australians can understand and grasp the image of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart lying on a sandy beach with warm ocean waters swirling between their toes because that’s a safe and acceptable image for them to embrace.
We need to bring Australians with us on the issue of same-sex equality,” concluded Burns.

Mr Burns believes with the pulling and fro-ing when it comes to explaining to the lay folk what this thing called ‘gay marriage’ is, or how will it be legislatively introduced into the federal parliament the issue of same-sex marriage or same-sex civil union scheme will need to be thoroughly debated in parliament so as to get it’s implementation into law right.

A step too far is a step for certain failure.

For media comment phone Gary Burns +612-9363-0372.

Author: Garry Burns

Gary Burns is an Australian anti-discrimination campaigner. He successfully tested the homosexual vilification provisions of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 with a complaint of personal homosexual vilification against broadcaster John Laws and Sydney radio station 2UE that concluded in his favour in 2002.[1] Burns went on to front public interest cases against high profile figures and media establishments for unlawful homosexual vilification.

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