Monday, January 17, 2011 

Hot on the heels of a bitter row erupting in Gay Sydney over alleged financial mismanagement by acon (formerly known as the AIDS Council of NSW) comes a new scandal for the so-called gay “health and wellbeing organisation”.
A ‘how to take illegal drugs guide’ called “Routes of Administration” has been developed by acon with taxpayer funds and is being distributed in acon’s five offices around NSW, and is available for anyone to download on the organisation’s website, www.acon.org.au

The guide gives helpful tips on how to take a variety of illegal substances by various means such as snorting, bombing (swallowing), shafting (insertion into the anus), smoking and injecting directly into veins.

On snorting, the how-to guide recommends: “To reduce the chance of damage to your nostrils finely chop the powder before inhaling, alternate nostrils, and rinse the nostrils out after snorting.”

On injecting, it says: “To increase the size of the veins to make injecting easier have a hot shower or apply a hot washcloth to the injecting site for a few minutes and/or pump your hand or arm up and down to increase blood flow … Injecting means effects are felt quickly, almost as quickly as smoking, which has the fastest effects.”

Another section reads: “Sometimes drugs are shafted (inserted into the arse). This method of use is often associated with sex play… Dissolve the crystal [ice] in warm water and squirt into the arse using a clean barrel (without the tip!)… Wrap it in cigarette paper before inserting into the arse.”

Well-known activist and gay community member Gary Burns said he was outraged by acon’s latest foray into wasting the money of NSW taxpayers.

“It’s nothing less than outrageous,” he said. “The NSW taxpayer deserves to know what is happening with their money.

“There are already questions being asked about why acon spends just 6.4 per cent of its budget on programs and services for the GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans) community.

“Now the question must be asked: why is this taxpayer funded organisation using public money to promote illegal drug use?

“Anyone can access this how to take drugs guide on the internet, even young kids. It’s immoral.”

Burns added that acon discredited the gay community and was concerned that the mainstream media may fear reporting on acon’s outrageous conduct for fear of being branded homophobic.

“Acon gets away with this because many in the media are too scared to touch them because they’ll be branded homophobic,” said Burns.

“Well have no such fear because I’m gay and I’m prepared to criticise acon.”

Burns said the publication of a ‘how to take illegal drugs guide’ was catastrophic for the gay community.

“The publication of this guide is not a disaster,” he said. “Not finding a parking space in the city is a disaster. This is a catastrophe. Acon is condoning and encouraging the use of substances that harm and kill people – and the public is funding it.

“I can only hope the new NSW Government, when it is elected in March, shuts this organisation down,” Burns concluded.


Further information:

To download acon’s “Routes of Administration” illegal drugs guide, visit:

For more information on allegations of acon’s financial mismanagement, see:

To view a copy of ACON’s latest financial report, which shows acon spends just 6.4 per cent of its budget on programs and services for the GLBT community (its whole reason for existing), visit http://www.acon.org.au visit ‘About Us’ then ‘Annual Reports/ACON Financial Report 2009/10’.

Gary Burns:
(02) 9363 0372
0407 910 309

Author: Garry Burns

Gary Burns is an Australian anti-discrimination campaigner. He successfully tested the homosexual vilification provisions of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 with a complaint of personal homosexual vilification against broadcaster John Laws and Sydney radio station 2UE that concluded in his favour in 2002.[1] Burns went on to front public interest cases against high profile figures and media establishments for unlawful homosexual vilification.


  1. Have you got the date of this blog right? Harm reduction has been the landscape of addressing drug use in Australia for more than 2 decades and is the envy of ‘patchy’ countries like USA who have a straight HIV epidemic because conservative ‘values’ got in the road of evidence.

    If you want to stuff around with people’s lives Gary, you had better start quoting stats and results – they are the equivalent of your law which you would not omit from a legal argument. Likewise, you must be condemned if you comment about something medical (eg risk) but have no medicine in it. In this case you must have some measures of CHANGE or DIFFERENCE in morbidity and mortality, some evidence, even vague, to suggest you might be right.

    At the moment you have ‘believe me’ statements where the best complaint you manage is “outrageous” and “catastrophic”. That ‘argument’ wouldn’t be good enough year 12. In fact, it is so poor, I think you don’t believe your argument and bullying ACON would explain your post.


    1. Eric Glare there is no safe way to inject battery acid into ones body. Those who take illicit drugs should understand it’s unlawful and harmful but hey it’s their life. Why listen to Mr.Burns ?


      1. Of course there is no safe way to inject concentrated hydrochloric acid (HCl) other than by dilution which is then as easy as water. But I was not talking about battery acid and neither were ACON.

        You are referring to a very dumb and damage advertising campaign that only scared the scared and elicited ridicule from everyone else. We eat HCl every day. And just because methamphetamines can be made with HCl does not mean it is dangerous. This campaign led to the opposite logic: someone puts some on their incredible sensitive tongue; nothing happens; people recall their year 10 chemistry saying acid + base = salt; and then they ridicule the ads; no abuse prevention, no harm reduction achieved, just ridicule and disrespect.

        But the broad-based message is worse than that: the ads are saying that the experts are so far, far away from their reality that they could not possibly help when drug abusers get into trouble whether that be acutely or trying to address chronic addiction. There should be a law to prevent that.

        So do you understand it yet? For lawyers there are 2 very safe ways of injecting battery acid: 1) dilute if it isn’t already 2) react it – add some drain cleaner (not water, I mean NaOH) and you have a mix of sodium chloride and, well, more water. Sometimes this is called saline especially when it is infused into someone’s arm. You don’t suppose hospitals could be injecting people with saline made from battery acid? No, it is entirely possible but their lawyers wouldn’t allow it would they if they saw ‘battery acid’?

        But wait there is more irony: you know how our water supply is chlorinate? Guess what: that means HCl. So every person who injects using tap water is injecting with battery acid.

        In fact I feel like a drink of dilute battery acid right now.


  2. I’m sick of meeting guys on Manhunt who can’t get it up because they are high on Meth.
    So now I say no Meth heads on my profile !


    1. Fine, but I bet you don’t attract many meth addicts now or do you blame any erectile dysfunction on drug use? Sexual performance is no excuse for you to prevent safer use information and it is most certainly no reason to put a block in front of these people hiding from them expertise, support and addiction services.

      How is it that you want to campaign but can’t distinguish your own selfish sexual needs from the health and wellbeing of the community you belong to?

      I’m sick of coming across conservative vocal gay men who interfere and ‘know best’ but have never read any of the research and can’t or won’t address the evidence when told anything about it by someone who has.


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