Taxi Driver’s Stoopid Facebook Anti-Gay Mardis Gras Post Has Gary Burns’ Nostrils Flaring

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Must we pay attention to what John Christopher Sunol, a taxi driver in New Castle, Australia, writes on his Facebook wall? Sure, if “most hated activist” Gary Burns is trying to get him to pay $40k for writing the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is ‘‘a perverted piece of living garbage’’ that’s “run by drug dealers and paedophiles.” Hey now! We’re not pedophiles.

Burns, who is already going after Aussie newscaster Ron Wilson for calling the parade and its participants “disgusting,” wants blood from Sunol too.

The blog comments, posted hours before Saturday’s Mardi Gras parade, were added to an Anti-Discrimination Board complaint that Mr Sunol vilified homosexuals over the internet. Activist Gary Burns, who lodged the extra complaint yesterday, is seeking $40,000 and a published apology from Mr Sunol. He has also asked the board to refer the latest statements to the NSW Attorney-General. ‘‘When Mr Sunol is finally dealt with by me he will be laying spreadeagled on the pavement battered and bruised, figuratively-speaking, because I am no nancy boy,’’ Mr Burns said.

Mr Sunol repeated denials yesterday that he had vilified homosexuals. ‘‘What I’m saying is, the Mardi Gras is run by drug dealers and paedophiles, not all homosexuals [are drug dealers and paedophiles],’’ he said. ‘‘I’ve seen men with no pants on marching down Oxford Street in Sydney, which is repugnant. ‘‘If they’d done that in Iran, if they’d done that in Iraq, they’d be murdered. I’m speaking out against it because the homo-nazis and femi-nazis are taking away our right to speak against them.’’

Oh good. Now we’re Nazis now too.

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Author: Garry Burns

Gary Burns is an Australian anti-discrimination campaigner. He successfully tested the homosexual vilification provisions of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 with a complaint of personal homosexual vilification against broadcaster John Laws and Sydney radio station 2UE that concluded in his favour in 2002.[1] Burns went on to front public interest cases against high profile figures and media establishments for unlawful homosexual vilification.

7 thoughts on “Taxi Driver’s Stoopid Facebook Anti-Gay Mardis Gras Post Has Gary Burns’ Nostrils Flaring”

  1. Gary Gary Gary. Look at my comments against you on Queety. Look at the Fact 2SER interviwed me about Catherine Burns misusing Australia’s first Outlaw Motorcycle Gang law – 60c nsw crimes act to support a cover up of gay police Crimes. Gay Rights Activist Lee Rhiannion said in Hansard (60C NSW Crimes Act provides a running cover for corrupt police. Only GLLO gay cops have used Australia’s first ever outlaw motorocycle gang law. Catherine Burns is getting payback very soon.


  2. you choose to post it here GARY. Just like you chose to approve John Sunhol’s statements so you could accuse him of the crime of making a public statement against homosexuals, a public statement you approved of gary. Check this out. GAY POLICE USING OUTLAW MOTORCYCLE GANG LAWS ARE WORLD FAMOUS!

    This has been on the Alex Jones Show, Kim Komando show and others around the world.

    To the Greens 🙂
    Shoebridge and friends,

    You wanted an email and promised to reply. Be sure to do that, lest the Aborigional community organise a protest to complain against Greens selling out blacks in favor or specail gay police who use 60c nsw crimes act on their kids!

    Be sure to check out – yeah the other parties fail too but only the Greens PRETEND to care about human rights and really put gay power & global government first by doing nothing about gay police using outlaw motorcycle gang laws the Greens (Lee Rhiannon) has been against since inception.

    Ask a question in parliamentary question time: “Confirm if OR Name one outlaw motorcycle gang member accused of Australia’s first outlaw motorcycle gang law, introduced over 10 years ago, amended by the 2006 Gang laws bill – 60c nsw crimes act that even the Police in Press releases , United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (Palermo on the Pacific Rim Report 2009) and the Australian Institute of Criminology confirm is an outlaw motorcycle gang member”. It’s a loaded question because we both know the only people who used the law are – gay police officers and NSW Police confirm that it has never been used against a bikie. Lee Rhiannon said in Hansard for the Police and other law enforcement officers bill “would provide a running cover for corrupt police”. She was right. Only GLLO / Gay police have used the law, unable to use defamation law because it’s not a crime to call bob brown gay, because a defense to defimation is truth. Give bob brown a badge and a gun then he’s got the power to come onto aboriginal youth with impunity and use 60c nsw crimes act as a weapon to lock up anyone who knows about his crimes.

    Shoebridge Check the mail headers for this message – first receiving mailserver will say (registered MX in public DNS record for – a labor appointed contractor took custody of this email and can do whatever they want with it under law. There is a 24 hour Watergate operation in effect against you guys, but you don’t care because after all Bob Brown is pushing for the global government under the UN because he says it makes our human rights better – and in a global one party government you’d be in bed with those labor freaks. UN sponsored outlaw motorcycle gang laws from the United Nations charter against transnational organised crime – article 5 criminalization of participation in a criminal group = crime of assocation. That’s why the human rights act 2004 in ACT needs to be deleted, and the Victorian Human rights and responsibilities charter 2006 needs to go on UN orders, because that’s good for our human rights.

    Ask a question in Question time before I mass fax out the truth to every business in Jamie Greens electorate and marrickville council.

    Lee Rhiannon deleted my post exposing what happened to the aboriginal boy. I assume therefore she supports state sponsored pedophilia, just like she supports ran by her socialist transvestite mate Rachel Evans calling for decriminalized public gay sex shows.


    : 호주루크맥키 11.07.26 10:06 주소추가 수신차단


    : “” , 주소추가

    : First outlaw motorcycle gang law used against aboriginal boy – and ABC news breaks the law!

    The ABC has done something even worse than Derryn Hinch.

    These gang laws for “obtaining information on police” are coming to victoria soon. in nsw after 10 years they have never been used against a “bikie” – only police corruption informants (x2) and two times by believe it or not gay police unable to use defamation law, so are falling back on gang law to make it a crime to know a gay cop is gay. 60c nsw crimes act – obtain true personal information on police.

    This debunks the front page age articles about the forthcoming law last week.



    Ask youself how you can stand by while this happens. You cant support special gay police using OLMG law against port macquarie aborigional youth as reported in sky news, courier mail, abc- nsw police media releases and google cache.


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