Bigoted Alice lashed

NIGEL ADLAM   |  March 19th, 2011

A GAY rights activist has launched an attack on Alice Springs after American author Armistead Maupin and his “husband” suffered a homophobic insult.

Sydney campaigner Gary Burns – who sued radio personality John Laws for calling gay men pillow biters – said Centralians were “flyblown with the pernicious tag of being known as bigots and homo haters”.

He called on Alice to “deal with its intolerance”.

A barman at Bojangles told Mr Maupin’s partner, Chris Turner, to use the public toilets across the street because the restaurant’s loos were for “real men”.

Comments flooded into the NT News website,, after the story was published.

“Does this same boofhead bartender also believe women should remain in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant?” Mr Burns said.


“Does he believe homosexual men are all nancy boys sitting at home playing with Barbie dolls? Does the bartender also believe Australia’s indigenous folk still run around naked with spears all painted up like cannibals looking for a feed?

“We are all part of the Australian family regardless of who shares our ‘queen-size’ bed.”

But Mr Maupin was far less angry. He said he had been welcome in Australia during a book tour.

“There are no apologies necessary from either Alice Springs or Australia,” he wrote to Mayor Damien Ryan. “This was a lone gunman – and we handed him his balls on a platter. It’s over.” He said Alice Springs had responded to the homophobia “like a champ”.



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