Coles Not Interested In Gay Community


Brisbane‘s homosexual community are being treated like the local starving neighbourhood cat by a smug and complacent Wickham Hotel management.

Coles Not Interested In Gay Community

Sydney Independent gay rights activist Gary Burns, the man famous for suing radio broadcaster John Laws for vilifying homosexuals, has come out swinging in support of the Queensland GLBTI community because they are being exploited by a complacent and smug Wickham Hotel. A hotel that exploits the homosexual community of Brisbane by offering very little in terms of a venue.

Licensed owners Coles, are letting the venue fall apart from smashed entry windows that has been in this state for months, filthy facade and windows, warm beer, overcharging and staff that have no direction by management. “It’s reminiscent of Opposition leader Tony Abbott‘s front bench; “a bloody shambles”, said Mr Burns.

Even the large plants that once softened the entrance are gone, the paving filthy, inadequate heating and cooling, and air conditioning that is constantly on the blink.

Gary Burns said,” The Wickham Hotel management are treating their homosexual patrons like local starving neighbourhood cats, offering them a saucer of warm milk every now and then, and expecting them to come running back to their venue to spend their hard earn three pieces of silver. It’s time for the gay people of Brisbane to stand firm on the battlefield and fight so they are not taken advantage of by the licensed owners Coles, and the hotel management that doesn’t give a stuff about them.

Coles newest hotel in its portfolio, The Waterloo, have staff that are knowledgeable and friendly, while the Wickham’s staff have no training and direction. The Wickham relies on one inexperienced staff member to look after two bars and the poker machine room of an afternoon, while the Waterloo has a team of staff.

Regular patron Jez Smith vowed never to drink at the Wickham while the owners Coles and Wickham management make no attempt to offer a venue that is clean, comfortable and friendly. Jez also said that he told Maree the License and Manager on Wednesday 10th November that the pub is now classed as a “shit hole”, and will no longer spend a dime at the Wickham until Management and owners attitude changes”. He went on to say he wants ALL regular patrons to boycott the Wickham until changes are made.

Coles – Why is there such a divide between your gay venue and your flag ship, The Waterloo in Brisbane? Why are the gays of Brisbane have to put up with a sub standard venue and lack luster management.

The Wickham Hotel, once the number 1 gay venue in Brisbane is now a dilapidated hotel, with lackluster management and staff.

Lets not tolerate this, please join our Facebook group “Wickham Hotel is a shit hole”, and tell Coles we wont tolerate this anymore.

As the Hollywood legend Bette Davis would say, “What a dump” concluded Burns.


Media Enquiries
Gary Burns

02-9363-0372 or 0407-910-309

Author: Garry Burns

Gary Burns is an Australian anti-discrimination campaigner. He successfully tested the homosexual vilification provisions of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 with a complaint of personal homosexual vilification against broadcaster John Laws and Sydney radio station 2UE that concluded in his favour in 2002.[1] Burns went on to front public interest cases against high profile figures and media establishments for unlawful homosexual vilification.

One thought on “Coles Not Interested In Gay Community”

  1. Just an idea but why doesn’t the Wickham Hotel gay venue swap places with the Waterloo Hotel. The GLBTI community would be in a safer region of the valley/new farm. The name Waterloo is more suited for GLBTI’s especially those who love ABBA. Plus we would bring more patrons to the pub/club and buy more liquor in the FirstChoice besides the venue. It has ample parking so gay patron wouldn’t have to find parking on the streets all the time and could park closer to the hotel itself and at night time the surrounding streets are reasonable quiet so it would be harder for gay bashers to hang around. It was never a good look having the smoking patrons at the Wickham being treated like cattle and having to smoke in the front of the building where every person driving or walking past could see them. Some people are not out fully to their families so they find this situation particularly intimidating. At the Waterloo they could be more secluded for these people to enjoy a quiet smoke without having to worry about being caught out or spotted and even worse for people being out in the sun and smoking really increases your chances of getting Sun Cancer. The staff at the Wickham have also been rude when asked if the shade clothes could be put out for our protection from the sun, please you shouldn’t have to ask than be treated like a leper for doing so. The staff at the Wickham have got a lot to learn in the manners department and should not treat their customers like criminals for having a drink. Anywhere else you get encouraged. They also have a nasty way of hanging onto grudges to anyone who dares speaks out against them and will endeavour to vilify these people by malicious gossip and banning them. Or they will play favourites with some of their customers crawling up their arses at sickening level especially if you play their evil pokies. I have seen this happen way to many times. Maree the manager quite frankly only appears to be in it for the money, she doesn’t give a stuff about her patrons and treats people like they should be thankful she keeps the wretched place open for the gay community to drink in. It should be moved to another venue and all staff should be retrained in the art of good customer service, perhaps they could take a leaf out of the Sportmans Hotel book and be kind to all their customers and treat them like human beings and not be so worried about your profit margins which would increase in a new cleaner venue in a safer area. Plus I believe Coles own both of these hotels so it shouldn’t be to hard to manage.


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