Sydney’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi-Gras Event has been de-gayed

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Sydney‘s Gay & Lesbian Mardi-Gras Event has been de-gayed 

Gary Burns,a Sydney independent gay rights activist and original 78 er is outraged that the Mardi-Gras board has decided to de gay the famous event.An event that’s not only important to him as one of a number of pioneering gay rights activists of the 70’s era but to all rank and file members of the homosexuality community.
Mardi Gras Chair Mr Peter Urmson says the re-branding it as the Sydney Mardi Gras is necessary to be more inclusive.
“We’re also recognising a world that is gradually becoming more inclusive,where huge members of people volunteering for us,marching in the parade and cheering us on come from a much broader spectrum and in which younger people are much less keen to be labelled,”he said.
Gary Burns said,”No it’s not. The pre-dominant purpose of the Mardi Gras board doing this is so they could get their hands on wads of public money from the NSW state government. These “dance bunnies” have effectively sold out this event and the gay and lesbian community for three pieces of tarnished silver.
Mr Urmson should consider the many countries around the world where gays and lesbians are still beaten and killed for being homosexual.
Our safe and legal Mardi-Gras celebration here in Australia needs to relate it’s message to these injustices against gay and lesbian people around the world.
This has nothing to to with people being labelled.
Mr Urmson may be able to go out in his leather jock strap holding his partners hand safely in Australia but in Iran he will get a bullet in the head for doing so.
Sydney’s GAY INC representatives and those from Mardi-Gras are hypocrites and cowards because they only think of themselves.
Sen Raj,from the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby formerly hails from Sri-Lanka.
In Sri-Lanka Gays and Lesbians live a covert existence because homosexuality is outlawed.
Mr Raj is a hypocrite because he’s turned his back on his own gay and lesbian community in Sri-Lanka so he could come to Australia and live a safe and comfortable lifestyle”.
Mr Burns believes the gay and lesbian Mardi-Gras serves a very important purpose via it’s message to the general populous not only here in Australia but around the world and that message is that homosexual people are part of the world’s family and that they do belong here and the unnecessary discrimination and vilification at the hands of intolerance and hatred against them will be curtailed.
The gay and lesbian Mardi Gras parade sends out this message in the “public interest” ,a message that discrimination and unlawful vilification against homosexual people is not acceptable and won’t be tolerated any more.
” With the event now being de-gayed this message will be put back in the closet” said Mr Burns.
Mr Burns believes the whole make over has been done to make Mardi-Gras more acceptable to mainstream corporates and mainstream tourism.
Two years ago the same board blundered when they decided to split the parade and party to different weekends.
“I suppose NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell and Mrs O’Farrell will lead next years parade holding up a placard saying “We’re Liberal and we’re heterosexual ,yippee “,because his Liberal government has been the major donor of public money to the event”,Burns concluded.

Author: Garry Burns

Gary Burns is an Australian anti-discrimination campaigner. He successfully tested the homosexual vilification provisions of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 with a complaint of personal homosexual vilification against broadcaster John Laws and Sydney radio station 2UE that concluded in his favour in 2002.[1] Burns went on to front public interest cases against high profile figures and media establishments for unlawful homosexual vilification.

6 thoughts on “Sydney’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi-Gras Event has been de-gayed”

  1. You’re SO wrong on this.

    It’s not about putting anything back in the closet. Rather, getting everything out there, in one big party.

    I’m sorry that you are so determined to live in the past, instead of remembering it while looking to the future. That kind of bitterness must be an awful burden to carry.


  2. While I agree with much of this article, I’m not sure how correct your assertion is of Mr Sen Raj. To implicate any immigrant experience as one of betrayal on their own people based on your assessment of how conservative their politics are, is presumptuous and problematic.
    The politics of Sen Raj can be critiqued without locating his actions and beliefs within a Sri Lankan context. Regardless of how factual your telling of his ‘refugee experience’, it’s obvious that many immigrants or refugees purposely create new political realities that do not necessarily draw strong connections to the places they are leaving or ‘fleeing’.
    Again, an effective critique can be made of any person (including Sen) purely based on where they are currently politically located, rather then trying to ‘culturally shame.’


  3. this is great, now this event can move on and not be so inproper. I am in total backing of de-gaying this event and that is what I was pushing for all of the time.

    Homosxuality is a behaviour disorder brought on by the social conditioning of peer groups, It doe snot need to be spelled out to the public and this is a great shift


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