John Sunol fined $11,000 for gay hate

A Newcastle cabbie who vilified homosexuals Gay hater – John Sunol on an internet blog has been ordered to pay gay rights activist Gary Burns $11,000 and make a second public apology in six years.

John Christopher Sunol wrote on his blog that the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras was a ‘‘child molesters and pedophiles event’’ and described an activist who lodged a previous complaint, and who has since died, as a ‘‘dirty filthy poof’’.

Mr Sunol also wrote that Mr Burns ‘‘and his poofy followers are Lui [sic] the fly and I will be the Mortein that cleans the world of this disease’’.

The Administrative Decisions Tribunal found that these statements and several others had the capacity to incite hatred or serious contempt against homosexuals.


4 thoughts on “John Sunol fined $11,000 for gay hate

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  2. Gary Burns.

    The good thing is both Mr.Sunol & Mr.Mc Kee’s pernicious ranting is now barred from my blog.
    Mr.Mc Kee come back to Australia and pick up your 21 arrest warrants.



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