Message to John Laws

There is a court case going on tomorrow wherein a Christian taxi driver from Newcastle faces the loss of his livelihood due to the evil work of one Mr. Garry Burns – a serial litigant who complains to the Anti Discrimination Board against those who publicly oppose the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby. 

Now it is well known that this individual took yourself to the Anti-Discrimination Board. 

This is your opportunity Mr Laws for poetic justice, if you can publicise this court case happening tomorrow. 

It is a story of systemic failure where this homosexual activist with a sense of entitlement and a narcissistic personality disorder of some kind can collude with his homosexual friends in the ADB in a symbiotic relationship.

What is scandalous is that the ADB order those who Mr Burns claimed offended him to pay Mr Burns large sums of money, personally. 

Therefore Mr Burns has a huge financial incentive to manufacture complaints for money. He will exaggerate, over-interpret, misinterpret, and even tell black lies in order to ruin the life of his enemies in exchange for narcissistic supply and money. 

His enemies are those who blog or speak publicly and effectively against the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby. Political opposition to that lobby is deemed to be “homophobia” and/or vilification. 

Mr Burns even took a Victorian parliamentary candidate to the Anti Discrimination Board (and won) on the grounds that this person stated publicly that the issue of homosexuality and the issue of paedophilia are moral issues. Apparently coming from a Christian candidate, that is vilification of homosexuals and therefore Mr Burns should receive payment for that remark. 

The ADB benefit by receiving complaints which they can pass on to NCAT so that bureaucrats can spend thousands of hours of taxpayers money analysing blog entries referred by Mr Burns, to decide which particular line may or may not constitute vilification. It is almost ludicrous to read the transcripts of their case studies, which could be compared to theologians in the Spanish Inquisition trying to decide whether some thinker should be burned at the stake or let go to live another day. 

I suggest you or your news editor telephone the Newcastle cabbie direct, to get the story straight from the horses mouth. It is a shocker. 

The public have a right to know how the anti-discrimination laws are being abused by the radical homosexual activist and his friends – homosexual agenda sympathisers like Ms Clover Moore – who, at the behest of her then staffer Garry Burns, wrote to the NSW Roads and Transport Authority saying that the licence to drive a taxi should be taken away from an individual because he (now bankrupt) owes Garry Burns money as a result of successful complaints to the ADB. 

To get full details of this story you could telephone the victim of Garry Burns’s extortion and bullying in Newcastle.

His name is John Christopher Sunol, mobile number 0468 309 091

Alternatively you could telephone the undersigned and I could explain how I came to get involved with this story. My mobile number is 04186 777 51 

I have met Mr Sunol and his family, and I can attest he is a good and well educated Christian man, and not “homophobic” as Mr Burns asserts. 

I am writing to you Mr Laws because this man needs your help badly. He is a little man whose crime is that he will not recant his views and will not apologise to Mr Burns for writing about Agenda 21 and the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby. 

I believe you might welcome the opportunity to make this vexatious and serial litigant accountable through public exposure. 

It is also an opportune time to highlight the abuse of the NSW anti-discrimination legislation by the Gay and Lesbian Rights Libby whose agenda is to redefine sexuality and marriage in line with their amoral and anti-Christian ideology. 

Mr Abbott and Mr Brandis have said that it should not be a crime to offend some sensitive souls, and this story is a perfect case study that illustrates the correctness of their position. 

Yours sincerely, 

geoffrey mckee 

Author: Garry Burns

Gary Burns is an Australian anti-discrimination campaigner. He successfully tested the homosexual vilification provisions of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 with a complaint of personal homosexual vilification against broadcaster John Laws and Sydney radio station 2UE that concluded in his favour in 2002.[1] Burns went on to front public interest cases against high profile figures and media establishments for unlawful homosexual vilification.

9 thoughts on “Message to John Laws”

  1. Mr.Geoff Mc Kee uploaded a statement on Causes stating homosexuals were 3 times more likely to rape children.I lodged a vilification complaint against him with the President of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW. His son Luke Mc Kee has over 21 valid arrest warrants out for his arrest if he ever returns to Australia. Mr.Geoff Mc Kee should not be publishing letters to Mr.Laws in relation to me on the internet. I bet Mr.Laws just wiped his arse on Mr.Geoff Mc Kee’s letter and didn’t respond 🙂


  2. His son has arrest warrants? How is that relevant unless you want to apply your own stigma and discrimination which says criminality taints other family members just like racial and ethnic discrimination?


    1. Eric Glare ( if that is your real name ) Luke Mc Kee is scum who has threaten to kill a number of prominent people , including myself. He’s now working with his father Geoff Mc Kee & Mr.Sunol to discredit me. Although none of this will assist either of them in court when these matters are finally heard. After all it was Luke Mc Kee who published his fathers letter in relation to me to Mr.Laws on the internet. I will show this letter to the Magistrate in court when my complaint against Geoff Mc Kee is finally heard.


  3. This letter to Mr.Laws from Mr.Geoff Mc Kee confirms that his son Luke Mc Kee , John Sunol and Bernard Gaynor are all working together in attempt to discredit me. I think Mr.Sunol may find himself in a great deal of trouble. I can’t say too much at this stage. The NSW Attorney General has referred a complaint against defendant John Sunol to the NSW DPP. I have also filed a complaint with the NSW Police Force against Mr.Sunol alleging intimidation. Legal advice is being sought. Mr.Sunol may be charged criminally and go to jail for inciting violence against homosexual people. Mr.Sunol thinks Luke Mc Kee and his daddy Mr.Geoff Mc Kee are his friends but in reality they are using Mr.Sunol and this in turn will be proven in court. Luke Mc Kee is a deficient halfwit who doesn’t intimidate me. He will face a man or a woman wearing a wig one day and hopefully go to prison. Lets see how tough this bloke is in prison.


    1. What’s coming Mr.Sunol is me proving to the court that you , Mr.Geoff Mc Kee , Mr.Luke Mc Kee and Bernard Gaynor are all working together in your joint attempts to discredit me. Mr.Sunol duplicity never works in the long term , especially with deficient imbeciles like the ones you associate with are exposed.


  4. Its actually a nice and helpful piece of information. Im glad that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing. edkeeddedeak


  5. I spoke to Mr.Geoff Mc Kee yesterday and he said he wasn’t responsible for the letter with his name and Website address published which he sent to Mr.Laws because I published it on my blog. This halfwit has defamed me by suggesting I’m guilty of “extortion”. Lets see what His Honour says about that when I take action against Mr.Geoff Mc Kee in the Supreme Court of NSW for defamation. This bloke is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.


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