HERE IT IS – The “Go Fuck Yourself” Email from Senator Levonhjelm

On 13 Jan 2015, at 2:15 pm, Leyonhjelm, David (Senator) <> wrote:

Dear Gary

Go fuck yourself you communist turd.


David Leyonhjelm

Liberal Democrats Senator for NSW

Parliament House (02) 6277 3054

Electorate Office (02) 9719 1078; 1300 884 092


23 thoughts on “HERE IT IS – The “Go Fuck Yourself” Email from Senator Levonhjelm

  1. Garry Burns

    A lunatic keeps sending me sms messages accusing me of racism.
    The number is + 61 439-571-946.
    The person won’t identify themselves and when you ring the number it goes to a mailbox message bank.
    It’s either a staff member of Leyonhjelm or him himself.
    NSW Police have been notified.

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  2. Billy Evanathie

    Dear Brave Warrior,

    I wanted to let you know that some internet scoundrels are discussing your righteous war against the plutocrats that seek to enslave us into Gina’s salt mines.

    The website making mocking japes at your expense is a known hive of right wing fascists who have been attempting to subvert free speech amongst the greatest hive of intellecetuals in the country (Reddit Australia). Please see below my URL


    1. Garry Burns

      A White Supremacist site.
      I see a Leslie Hughes LDP , a candidate for a Victorian seat has her name attached to this vile site.
      Australian in 2015 will never resemble Germany in 1933 Leslie Hughes.
      If you are not happy in Australia please leave but can you do it quietly.


      1. Leslie Hughes

        > for a Victorian seat has her name attached to this vile site.

        > her name attached to this vile site.

        > her

        Way to use the wrong pronoun you shitlord.


      2. Leslie Hughes

        To add, despite my name, I identify as a male, and I’m sick of white cisgendered pricks oppressing me with their assumptions and hetrocisnormative pronouns.

        Check your privilege shitlord.

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    1. Garry Burns

      Just imagine giving you a gun you fuckwit.
      Mr.Blowhard if you want freedom from multiculturalism perhaps you should find a country where white people only walk around carrying guns because that’s what that wanker Leyonhjelm’s party stands for.


      1. flyingtigercomics

        Leyonhjelm doesn’t actually stand for anything coherent as far as I can tell. He is king of the kids at Catallaxy, which is far from a recommendation, and his accidental election seems to indicate that not enough sane people take him seriously or want him in parliament in the first place.

        As for anyone being a communist turd, don’t know enough to comment.


    1. Garry Burns

      This statement is from Luke Mc Kee.
      Moderator please remove this statement and block Mc Kee from further publishing things on my blog.



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