Discrimination is discrimination even when used under the guise of religion.

I wanted to share this post from Huff Post as it is a short but poignant message2q1zy9l

Discrimination is designed to subjugate a group of persons. Just as we don’t want to be victimized for the color of our skin and want to be treated with dignity and respect; we must learn to do the same for our brothers and sisters that identify as gay. Biblically there was one group of people that consistently angered God, and that was the religious self-righteous. The religious self-righteous were prideful and arrogant and acted as if their superiority positioned them for more moral greatness than others. However, these religious elites irritated and saddened God because He saw this group of people as arrogant, unloving, hypocritical, and judgmental. – End quote.

For ALL the bigots, haters, homophobes, if your God says it’s O.K, why don’t you support Gay Equality like him…


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