Death Threats From a Homophobic Stalker

I fight against Homophobic people 24/7, a job I do for the gay community, a job I do to stop hatred, a job I do to make the world a safer place for our teen gays.

Gay hater - Luke Mckee
Gay hater – Luke Mckee

I often have homophobic / hate messages sent to me, however when they become threatening like the story I am about to tell, it is time you all knew the potential dangers not just I face, but we all may face.

For 8 years now, there has been an aggressive, gay hating, black hating, religious preaching nut job by the name of Luke McKee who is obsessed with me ( see his disgusting web site -(

You will see his obsession with me on EVERY page of his blog, you will see his absolute hatred to homosexuals. While this type of hatred is annoying, i understand it comes with the work that I do, however when lunatics like Luke McKee starts threatening my life and the life of my associates, enough is enough, and I will no longer be silenced by this gay hating lunatic.

He takes pride in being elusive to the NSW Police how would like to chat to him, however he does not realise we now have his address in Hanoi, Vietnam, so the noose is about to get tighter around Mckee’s neck.

Gay hating wife - Nguyen Trang
Gay hating wife – Nguyen Trang

His wife Nguyen Trang also has an unhealthy obsession for child rape (see her site here )..


Luke McKee’s wife Nguyen Trang sent me this message , which wasn’t published ( fully sic )

” Fuck you Gary burns . I am Luke wife and Vietnamese , don’t go around talking shut up about my husband. If kind of animal like you near my child’s or country so I will take you bank to your forest or I will kill you immediately”

You stupid bitch before you threaten me could at least learn how to spell and speak proper English, being that you teach English in Hanoi for a living!

This is just one of many threats I receive from Trang and Mckee, check out his web site here to read the threats and filth!

I allege Ms.Trang along with her husband Luke McKee have made threats to harm me and others in Australia, including very senior NSW Police Officers and Politicians. There are a number of valid arrest warrants for Luke McKee in Sydney,, Australia. and I allege NSW Police want Luke McKee for arrest. I further allege both of these individuals are dangerous lunatics.

P.S – Mckee – How is your wife’s business going AEC?  I see Trang is looking for teachers, maybe I could help teach the children.

Author: Garry Burns

Gary Burns is an Australian anti-discrimination campaigner. He successfully tested the homosexual vilification provisions of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 with a complaint of personal homosexual vilification against broadcaster John Laws and Sydney radio station 2UE that concluded in his favour in 2002.[1] Burns went on to front public interest cases against high profile figures and media establishments for unlawful homosexual vilification.

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