Rent Boy Lies – EXPOSED!

A friend of mine, Jez Smith asked me to publish the following to debunk the garbage and lies that infamous idiot, Luke Mckee has published on his web site..Rent Boys Exposed

Jez Smith wants to show all followers of idiot Mckee that he fabricates the information on his web site. As Jez said to me “this guy is crazy, he makes up bazaar stories which are all lies. I don’t know what satisfaction he gets out of making up all these lies, maybe it is the “little penis syndrome he is suffering”.

You really are an idiot or delusional, Saying I buy rent boys in Thailand then show a video that I am not in, good work McKee, you idiot.

All this crap about me having some sort of rent boy business in Brisbane is just so laughable….Do you really think the average person believes any crap you put on your web site.

My WIX account, has had samples of web sites for clients you idiot, yup, I do a little web design work on the side, and you assume they are my businesses, they are also legal businesses in Australia, you are so gullible you idiot.

By the way, yes I was in Thailand some months ago (the first time in over 20 years), as per your hacking of my gmail, it is much cheaper to have my teeth fixed in Thailand than Australia, and a holiday at the same time.

Such a pitty there is nothing saucy going on in my life like you are portraying, I am just an average guy doing average things…

You really need specialist Psychological help as your obsession about gays is not healthy for you and your belief that gay men are paedophiles is simply laughable.

Did someone play with little Luke? an uncle or father? Is that why you have this disgusting fixation on child sex….

You are one sick puppy….

Author: Garry Burns

Gary Burns is an Australian anti-discrimination campaigner. He successfully tested the homosexual vilification provisions of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 with a complaint of personal homosexual vilification against broadcaster John Laws and Sydney radio station 2UE that concluded in his favour in 2002.[1] Burns went on to front public interest cases against high profile figures and media establishments for unlawful homosexual vilification.

3 thoughts on “Rent Boy Lies – EXPOSED!”

  1. Thanks gary for publishing my comments on that sick idiot Mckee who hides in Vietnam, and refused entry into Australia due to his unhealthy appetite for publishing child sex information…

    From what I have read, this idiot loves telling bullshit about the average joe blow, to senior Police in NSW.. KARMA will get this guy one day and that ugly wife of his that spits out the same sort of venom on her web page/s.

    Keep up your great work Gary. There are lots of people who behind the scenes support you 100% in your vilification work with idiot PIGS like Mckee and his Ugly Ugly wife!


  2. Luke Mc Kee seems obsessed with pedophiles.
    You know what they say : ?
    The best way to attack ones own fears is to attack others of the same kind.
    All pedos should be castrated and their balls fed to the starving dogs for dinner.
    Mc Kee are your legs crossed ?


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