Australian Gay Rights Activist calls for donations to Help Fight Discrimination

21 September 2015
Australian Anti-Discrimination Campaigner Garry Burns is calling for donations on to help fund his work.
Garry Burns is a well known Australian gay Anti-Discrimination Campaigner.
Garry’s public interest work is all about removing unlawful vilification and discrimination against the gay community.
Garry funds his work from his own pocket without any government assistance or support from Australian gay organisations.
Mr.Burns unlike the gay organisations in Australia does not receive millions of public dollars and therefore relies on the donations of others to help him to continue his very important public interest work.
“ Sometimes litigation is not always about money. I’m always wanting to engineer a creative settlement. Its terms must reflect my belief in the public interest in defending gay men ,  lesbians ,  rights to freedom from discrimination and vilification” , said Mr.Burns.
Garry’s blog / website can be found at www://
Garry’s blog / website above also has a PayPal account so secure donations can be made.
Under : HELP fight discrimination.
PayPal securely proceses donations for
Garry Burns
02-9363-0372 ( In Australia )
0407-910-309 ( Cell )

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