14 October 2015
On the 30 June and 1 July 2015 Sydney Anti-Discrimination Campaigner Garry Burns lodged two alleged homosexuality vilification complaints under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 with the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board ( ADB ) against Cr Christine Sindt over her publishing of statement’s to her Facebook page that Mr.Burns was “ a gay child sex activist ” and that homosexuality equates to the criminal act of pedophilia and other derogatory statements which targeted male homosexuals.
Cr Christine Sindt is a La Trobe City Councillor who lives in Morwell in Victoria.
Mr.Burns alleges Cr Sindt posted statements on her Facebook page , which vilifies him unlawfully and homosexual people in general.
Some of the statements Cr Sindt published to her Facebook page were : ( fully sic )
Gordon Briggs: “ They’ll be making poofterism compulsory next “.
Robert Gomez : “ They ( homosexuals ) deserve the last rights “.
Mike Brown : “ I hardly think same sex marriage between consenting ADULTS , should be mentioned in the same context as your local priest trying to bugger the choirboy”.
The President wrote to Cr Sindt on the 10 August 2015 asking her to provide a response to Mr.Burns allegations.
Cr Sindt ignored the President’s request to respond until a second letter was sent.
Cr Sindt was due to respond to the President by the 15 October 2015 but has ask for a further extension until the 10 November 2015 , making the length of time for her to respond to the President more than 3 months.
The President’s delegate has refused Cr Sindt’s request for a further extension because that request is unreasonable and unfair on Mr.Burns.
Garry Burns said , “ Clearly , Cr Sindt only has contempt and indifference for the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board ( ADB ) and for me personally because of homosexuality but I can assure this Respondent she will face court whether I have to drag her there kicking and screaming by her golden locks ”. No one is above the law. This is the lesson Cr Sindt will learn”.
Cr Sindt commented on a media release published to her Facebook page in relation to Mr.Burns: “ Gay Activist And Accused Muslim Terrorist Preach Tolerance”.
Cr Christine Sindt said in reply : “ Strange Bedfellows”.
Mr.Burns is seeking the aggregate damages under the Application for the harm ,  distress and hurt the statement’s published on Cr Sindt’s Facebook page caused him personslly.Those statement’s brought irreparable damage to Mr.Burns public profile.
“ If Cr Christine Anne Sindt thinks I’m going to run away like some timid new – born burmese kitten she better run herself a little reality check because the sharks are out and the waters about to get a little bloody ”, ( figuratively speaking ) , said Mr.Burns.
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  1. Rems

    Anti-discrimination campaigner??? hahahaha. More like a bigoted, anti-free speech campaigner. Nothing less than a self absorbed, publicity seeking bully. Total lack of any class. This country would be so much better off without the likes of Garry Burns and his fellow bigoted heterophobes,


  2. Garry Burns

    There is no such thing as free speech in Australia. Garry Burns doesn’t do his work in a closet. Garry Burns is a media whore because he needs and wants the Media to publish his message of tolerance & understanding , not only for homosexual aussies but for all minority Australians.
    Thanks for the compliment though darling.


    1. Rems

      No, there certainly is no free speech in Australia, thanks to loonie left members like you. Yes, I agree, you certainly are a “media” whore, but your messages are about anything but tolerance and understanding. Intimidation, insults, bullying and threats are what is in your messages. Even other LGBT groups want nothing to do with you, let alone other minority groups. That says volumes in itself, sweetheart. BTW you’re still avoiding identifying yourself, now why is that?


  3. Garry Burns

    I know who you are Steve Wright , and mate you are an ugly looking dude.
    You live in Western Australia and barrack for the Weagles.
    Why do you bother publishing your incongruous rubbish on my blog if you have such disdain for me or my public message.


    1. paul

      I have been reading other peoples replys,and as an ex serviceman am frankly disgusted in the dirty and vile ways you seem to like attacking anyone whom does not agree with what seems to be your own brand of you remember thestory about the boy who cried wolf.he squeeled false alarms so many times no one listened any more. If you would like to put a report in about me BRING IT ON PAL ,because i will prove that a selfish little person like you even attack ex serviceman.How i would love to expose your annoying bias towards anything that is’nt gay is blatant discrimination on national television for all to see.i will then go other serviceman and we will take a class action against you so that we may have your biased and hateful speech blasted off the media circus willsee who wins a vicious hateful little man or the honourable serviceman and women


  4. Garry Burns

    Paul what a incongruous and uneducated rant you’ve just published.
    I don’t think you are the sharpest knife in the drawer mate.
    Ex servicemen are not endangered species.
    Mate go out and lay-by yourself a life and don’t publish rubbish on my website.



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