26 October 2015
“ Anti-Islam , Anti-Homosexual and former failed Senate Candidate for the Katter Party ,  Bernard Gaynor is attempting to win a seat in the Australian Senate via an Anti-Islam platform of fear , loathing and hatred ”,  alleges Anti-Discrimination Campaigner Garry Burns.
Mr.Gaynor is now the Liberty Alliance Candidate for Queensland. Mr.Gaynor was the failed Senate Candidate for the Katter Party in the last Federal Election who was allegedly stood down over anti-gay comment:
Bernard Gaynor Tweeted : “ I wouldn’t let a gay person teach my children and I am not afraid to say it”.
Mr.Gaynor made the original tweet in defence of KAP candidate in Victoria Tess Corbett who compared gay rights to giving pedophile rights.
Ms.Corbett withdrew her application for endorsement.
Mr.Gaynor , a well known Anti-gay campaigner has joined up with a well known Anti-Islam Immigration Solicitor , Robert Remo Balzola in attempt to get his job back in the ADF.
“ It’s allegedly been reported that Mr.Gaynor lost his commission in the Australian Defence Forces because of his Un-Australian and pernicious public views in relation to transgender women and homosexuals. Does Australian in 2015 need another right wing political party of bigots like that of One Nation peddling their own form of hatred” ? , ask Mr.Burns.
“ Obsessive is a term for a psychiatric disorder – it’s for those who have nothing else in their life , but their obsession. Liberty Alliance as a Political Party is a dangerous group of pernicious misfits as it’s candidacy is built on the deliberate disruption of social harmony and this in turn will turn Australian against Australian creating a “TOMBSTONE MENTALITY “ . It’s message as a political party is clearly one of endorsing the limited act of violence against Muslim Australians ”, said Mr.Burns.
Mr.Burns is so concerned about the Website of Bernard Gaynor – Key Issues facing Australians he has written to the NSW Commissioner of Police Mr.Scipione.  Mr.Burns’ letter has been forwarded to the Bias Crimes Unit for review and assessment.
Garry Burns
Anti-Discrimination Campaigner
02 -9363-0372

Author: Garry Burns

Gary Burns is an Australian anti-discrimination campaigner. He successfully tested the homosexual vilification provisions of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 with a complaint of personal homosexual vilification against broadcaster John Laws and Sydney radio station 2UE that concluded in his favour in 2002.[1] Burns went on to front public interest cases against high profile figures and media establishments for unlawful homosexual vilification.


  1. Parents should have every right to decide who and what influences their child and the education system in Australia is set up to accommodate the different views and requirements. Gary Burns should appreciate this as the same system applies to different sexes etc or maybe he would prefer the Chinese or Russian system?

    For my part, I am a Christian and will seek out those values and principles for my children and would discourage the alternatives.

    John Abbott


  2. It is obvious by your ill-informed and simply inaccurate comments that you have not read the Australian Liberty Alliance’s manifestos (easily accessed via their web site). It is not anti-homosexual, it is not racist nor is it trying to disrupt “social harmony”. You state, “Obsessive is a term for a psychiatric disorder – it’s for those who have nothing else in their life , but their obsession.” That, Garry Burns, certainly most accurately describes you and your pathetic obsessive life. It is the ill-informed, uneducated morons like yourself that is a danger to this country with your campaign, legal action and obsession against freedom of speech and legal actions, disgraceful comments, threats and intimidation against any person brave enough to disagree with you or your bigoted ilk. Forcing people into your way of thinking by threats of legal action, bigoted ill-informed blogs like the one above and bullying will not change peoples actions, attitudes or beliefs. What it does do is breed total disregard, lack of sympathy, lack of empathy and dismissal.
    In a way I do sympathize with you. It must be a sad, very sad, life you lead. Having nothing better to do than see the negative side of life and being so offended by the prospect that someone doesn’t like your view of the world. It must be terrible to know that the majority of sensible, free thinking people totally disagree with your actions, thoughts and beliefs. It must be traumatic for you to realise that there is nothing else in your life but your pathetic and soulless obsession. Very sad indeed.


  3. Liberty Alliance Political Party is nothing but a Terrorist Organisation with a policy of attacking Islam and Australian in 2015 will send this pack of goons packing.


    1. hahahaha “terrorist organisation” ohhh you simpleton. The worst thing is you believe half the garbage you write and that it is so very sad. The problem for you, is that most people disagree with you, look upon you as an idiotic uneducated, ill-informed twit who has nothing better to do than bully, threaten and antagonize fellow citizens. You are a disgrace to homosexuals everywhere, you are a disgrace to Australia, you are a disgrace to those in the community who really are trying to make a difference, unlike the “Garry” or “Gary” Burns you claim to be, who is nothing less than a bully, a sponge on society and achieves absolutely nothing in his life and certainly nothing for the causes he pretends to support. By the way, is it “Garry” or “Gary” Burns your real name, or is that just another gutless way of hiding your true identification.


    2. Islam is based on Terrorism!
      Quran 8:12
      [Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.”


      1. The Catholic Church is about the raping of male children by men wearing black frocks.
        That’s a form of terrorism isn’t it ?


  4. If I’m writing garbage why are you responding so frequently to my Website REMS ?
    Ms.Mrs.Mr you don’t even have the courage to identify yourself.
    You hide behind a computer like some shivering newborn burmese kitten.
    You are as weak as piss and lack the courage to identify yourself.
    I’ve ask my moderator to identify your IP address so I’ll know who you are.
    Gutless Coward !


  5. Well mate if you are not hiding behind a thin veil why didn’t you identify yourself at first instance ?
    Rems is not a name.
    Any yet you accuse me of hiding my real name.


  6. What a crazy rant REMS.
    You talk about Burns defaming you but yet you call him a creep , a moron ,a puissant and a piece of garbage.
    None of that’s defamatory but it’s certainly offensive.
    Burns publishing a statement on the internet that you are unattractive isn’t defamatory.
    Probably the best way forward , if you believe Burns has defamed you is to file a Statement of Claim in the Supreme Court or District Court and take it from there.
    Publishing the kinds of personal attacks on the internet in relation to Burns as you’ve chosen to do here makes you like like a revengeful person.
    You get more bees with honey my friend.
    Please consider ?


  7. Dear Gazza – I think your liberties campaign should be directed against Islam as it is the most rabidly anti-homosexual ideology in the world – subscribed to by 1.6 billion people. There are more gay hate crimes committed by Muslims in europe than by any other group. Islamic regimes of Saudia Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and Islamic State regularly persecute and execute homosexuals – yet the Green Left is strangely enough silent on this, why? Please explain.


  8. Your comments couldn’t be further from reality. I have met Bernard personally. He is a genuine clean living father of 7 children. A very intelligent man who was unfairly treated by the army and is trying to right some of the wrongs currently being supported by our ‘politically correct’ government. Sure, he is anti-Islamic and with good reason. Take a look at what is happening in Europe and around the world at the hands of the ‘peaceful Islam religion’. If we don’t have elected representatives of the people with his ideals we can look forward to to becoming a backward 3rd World country in the not too distant future. God help our kids and Grandkids Mr Burns if you have your way. You are a shortsighted idiot !


  9. Mr.GayNor will not be elected to the Australian Parliament in the 2026 Federal Election because Australian in 2015 will never reflect Germany of 1933. Bye Bye Bernie.


    1. Hey Luke McKee – Threatening to kill me again??? I was wondering, what happens if your child comes out gay, are you going to threaten to kill your own child, or maybe start with a bit of shock therapy to “fix” the abnormality your daddy talks about..

      …..Merry Xmas to you and your beautiful wife and child and all your merry friends…Kisses..


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