Luke McKee Now Hacking Accounts

Low life and SCUM BAG Luke McKee is now hacking not only my accounts, but also my friends accounts

He has been attempting for several months on other accounts, however today’s attempted hack actually tell us it came from Vietnam (see below)…

He recently hacked my email address from Bigpond, so it has now been changed and will inform people of my new address soon.

All of this information has been sent to The Australian Federal Police to investigate.


Hi jez,

On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 1:04 PM GMT+7, we noticed an attempt to sign in to your Yahoo account jezinbris from an unrecognized device in Vietnam.

If this was you, please sign in from a device you regularly use.

If this wasn’t you and believe someone may have tried to access your account, please change your password and update your account recovery information.




2 thoughts on “Luke McKee Now Hacking Accounts

  1. Vũ Hiệp

    We have some picture about this guy in Vietnam, my country. He’s using computer in a Internet Cafe this morning till late afternoon (VN Time) , I haven’t locate this Internet Cafe yet, is he some kind of scammer? did the Police in your country wanted him? Contact me if it’s true, then I will support you the best I could.



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