A message from the Queenslander of the Year

” A message to Bernard Gay-Nor”
Thanks for all your abuse. I have waited to have the last laugh. Call em he and it to your hearts content Bernie and your dwindling little band of apostles. But what a humiliating defeat. Despite all the talk all the abuse and all the flying around in the spitfire you failed. As we discussed way back in the day is not surprising-you are bred to fail. How will you make a living now champ? The blog is in free fall. The Army won’t cop your nonsense. The crowd has moved on from your political freak show while my life continues to thrive.

You lost the election and you lost the debate about trans too. I was on Bolt last night babe. The Vietnam Veterans refused to endorse your campaign against me. They showed me your email. We has a good laugh. Game over. Apart from you and a telephone booth minority most decent people have no problem using my female name and pronouns. You are really a joke Bernice.

Try to be a man for a change and get gainful employment to feed your family without this unedifying begging online. My tip is you will yet again rat on this party and move on. Your egomaniacal sense that you have a destiny in parliament will drive you on. But like Daddy you just aren’t up to it. Hugs sweetie. No hard feelings. xxxx Catherine

I’m sure you’re as terrifically thrilled as I am at the quality of our current representative who was beaten to the throne only by David Morrison


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