McKee Ordered To Apologise

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McKee given 14 days to apologise

Geoffrey McKee, father of serial Homophobic cyber stalker Luke McKee, a defendant under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW), was found to have unlawfully vilified male homosexuals by suggesting they (male homosexuals), are 3 times more likely to molest male children.

Civil and Administrative Tribunal – New South Wales, within 14 days of the date of this decision, the defendant is to post the following *apology, attributed to him, on the website and every website controlled by him, such apology to remain on the website for the life of the website or at least six months whichever is the lesser:-
Details on *apology can be found here with entire transcript Case Law NSW

5 thoughts on “McKee Ordered To Apologise

  1. Jes Smith

    Rumour has it his son,cyber hacker Luke Mc Kee who ( Luke Mc Kee ) hides in Vietnam like a shivering coward dog while NSW Police and Federal Police seek his extradition back to Australia to face serious Telecommunications Offences. Jail awaits Luke Mc Kee. It’s only a matter of time before Luke McKee is locked up in the Hanoi Hilton to face extradition to Australia….


  2. Garry Burns

    Geoffrey Mc Kee’s cyber criminal son Luke Mc Kee is now using the girls name of NGUYEN TRAN to defame and harass innocent people because everybody on Facebook has blocked the name of Luke Mc Kee.
    Daddy Geoffrey Mc Kee your son Luke Mc Kee is a snivelling little sheila who’s going to get one hell of a walloping in prison.
    Luke Mc Kee your days are numbered.
    Your daddy is a coward too.


    1. Garry Burns

      I allege Geoffrey Mc Kee has lied to the NSW Civil Administrative Tribunal ( NCAT ) stating he was not in the country to receive my homosexual vilification complaints lodged against him in August 2016.
      Immigration has confirmed that Geoffrey Mc Kee left Australia on the 14 December 2016 and is now living in NZ.
      His ex wife who lives in the Kentia Street home also confirmed this to authorities.
      Liar, liar shitty panties on fire Mr Mc Kee.


      1. Editor

        Well, would you expect him to tell Authorities the truth considering Pathological Liar he instilled on the world in the form of his son Luke McKee.
        The sooner the authorities arrest Luke McKee, the sooner the world will be a better place..


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