Charlie Pickering skewers Catholic Church on TV

Rohan Smith@ro_smith     JUNE 21, 201810:52AM

AN ANGRY Charlie Pickering has taken aim at the Catholic Church.

The host of The Weekly took exception to comments made by the acting Archbishop of Adelaide Greg O’Kelly this week, who said, the church would not abide by legislation forcing priests to report confessions of child abuse to police.

“Politicians can change the law, but we can’t change the nature of the confessional, which is a sacred encounter between a penitent and someone seeking forgiveness and a priest representing Christ,” Bishop O’Kelly said.

Pickering told viewers on Wednesday night that the church was “protecting predators in God’s name”.

“In response to the royal commission … here we have a religious organisation saying publicly, with a straight face, that it considers itself above the law,” he said.

“Now, Greg … is the acting Archbishop because his predecessor was convicted of covering up child abuse. (He) said the seal of confession is sacred. Well, it is a sacred seal the church has used to protect serial child abusers who landed them in the royal commission in the first place.

“Like Rockhampton priest Father McArdle who confessed 1500 times to molesting children to 30 different priests over a 25-year period. He was forgiven 1500 times and told merely to go home and pray.

“That, according to the church, is sacred and none of our business.”

He slammed the Catholic Church for abiding by some laws but not others.

“The church is fine with laws that protect it from paying tax but refuses to abide a law designed to protect innocent children from abuse,” Pickering said.

Pickering said he could not say what he really wanted to say “because I am subject to the law (but) “maybe I should swing by his confessional because apparently there I can get away with anything”.

Under the new law, set to take effect in October, priests who hear confessions about child abuse will have a legal obligation to report the matter to police.

But Bishop O’Kelly told ABC Radio Adelaide on Friday that “it doesn’t affect us”.

The law forms part of the South Australian government’s response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse, released by Attorney-General Vickie Chapman last Tuesday.

It was widely publicised by Attorney-General Chapman last month when Archbishop Philip Wilson stood aside amid public outcry after his conviction for covering up child sexual abuse.

Canon (Church) law lays down that “it is absolutely forbidden for a confessor to betray in any way a penitent in words or in any manner and for any reason”.

The penalty for violating the seal of confessional is excommunication, as every priest knows. The law also stipulates that anyone else who happens to hear or overhear someone confessing sacramentally is also obliged to observe the seal.

Not reporting abuse will carry a maximum $10,000 fine, and brings expectations of priests in line with those of social workers, teachers, medical professionals and others in positions of authority.

Bishop Greg O'Kelly. Picture: Keryn Stevens

Bishop Greg O’Kelly. Picture: Keryn Stevens Source:News Limited

Stop Unlawful Vilification Against Gays

Stop Unlawful Vilification Against Gays


My name is Garry Burns. I am a gay Australian Anti-Discrimination Campaigner who lives in Sydney.

I have been a victim of a gay hate crime on three separate occasions suffering serious injury on one of those occasions.

Gary Burns – Australian Anti-Discrimination Campaigner

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I am now seeking special leave to the High Court of Australia in relation to Jurisdictional & Constitutional issue in relation to one of my matters.

I receive no public funding from the Federal or NSW Government’s to assist me in this work. I have been doing this work since 2002.

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The only good thing to come from Pauline Hanson. “I Like It”

Luke McKee – Liar Liar…..

The following is an email received by my mate Jeramy Smith this morning – Mad Man Luke is really clutching at straws now, as Jeramy went and saw the Police and enquired if there was an AVO , and of course NOTHING…

To all you Luke McKee supporters, please sit back and reflect on the lies and slander he bandies about, it’s all lies, he is a pathetic compulsive Liar, and don’t you think it is time some of you realised he has been pulling the wool over your eyes……….

McKee’s Email – – –

You are in breech of an interm AVO order applied for In NZ effective on NSW Soil.





George Pell – time to tell the truth about your priests and Paedophilia

George Pell - You disgusting man.
George Pell – You disgusting man.

English: Placard at the Protest the Pope Rally...
English: Placard at the Protest the Pope Rally in London.

I could talk about Pell’s notoriety within the church, his Ballarat time apparently lying to Australia about other Priests and clergy within the Catholic Church, the now apparent disgusting acts of Paedophilia towards girls and boys within the school structure, and Pell can still hold a “straight” face in front of cameras,  denying the atrocious and disgusting acts of his priests in many parishes.

Pell, I say you have lied for many many years, and supported your paedophile priests in Australia with no regard to the children that were abused..

You, your so called religion, and your paedophilia priests should be put in jail the the rest of your lives. Pell you absolute low life should at the very least apologise to the children that your disgusting Catholic rapists assaulted.