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The only good thing to come from Pauline Hanson. “I Like It”


Sunol Pleads Guilty –

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John Sunol – Found Guilty

John Christopher Sunol pleaded guilty in the Newcastle Local Court on the 2 March 2017 to using a carriage service to cause offence.

The Magistrate’s orders were that the offender John Christopher Sunol, is to be released under section 19B ( 1 ) ( d ) of the Crimes Act 1914 ( Commonwealth ), without proceeding to conviction on the following conditions ;
The offender gives security in the sum of $1, 000. The offender to be of good behaviour for 2 years. Sunol is not to continue any activity with a Commonwealth carriage service which identifies me or names the victim Garry Burns.

His Honour made it very clear to Mr Sunol that if he breaches the orders he could receive a jail penalty on his return.

Luke McKee Now Hacking Accounts

Low life and SCUM BAG Luke McKee is now hacking not only my accounts, but also my friends accounts

He has been attempting for several months on other accounts, however today’s attempted hack actually tell us it came from Vietnam (see below)…

He recently hacked my email address from Bigpond, so it has now been changed and will inform people of my new address soon.

All of this information has been sent to The Australian Federal Police to investigate.


Hi jez,

On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 1:04 PM GMT+7, we noticed an attempt to sign in to your Yahoo account jezinbris from an unrecognized device in Vietnam.

If this was you, please sign in from a device you regularly use.

If this wasn’t you and believe someone may have tried to access your account, please change your password and update your account recovery information.



NEW Facebook page “Luke McKee is a Disgusting Pig”

After years of abuse to me and associates of mine, This absolute crazy and disgusting PIG, Luke McKee has crossed the line!

Insane, crazy, stalker, Luke McKee

Insane, crazy, stalker, Luke McKee

He thinks he is so clever by finding a phone number of my friend Jeramy Smith’s 80 year old mother and told her the most disgusting, untrue stories about Jeramy..

Mckee’s obsession with all gay men are paedophiles, All Police in Australia are corrupt and the list goes on, is now going to have him end up in a third world prison..

This man is mentally sick and needs urgent help, otherwise he will end up in jail, and quite frankly he deserves what he gets.

There has been a new Facebook page setup for ALL people that have been stalked and abused by Luke McKee – All the information is being monitored by the top Police officers in New South Wales..

Please join the page, invite friends to read what a disturbed and disgusting sick, perverted man he is.







Bernard gaynor

Australian Defence Force Ensign

Australian Defence Force Ensign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

26 October 2015
Bernard Gaynor
“ Anti-Islam , Anti-Homosexual and former failed Senate Candidate for the Katter Party ,  Bernard Gaynor is attempting to win a seat in the Australian Senate via an Anti-Islam platform of fear , loathing and hatred ”,  alleges Anti-Discrimination Campaigner Garry Burns.
Mr.Gaynor is now the Liberty Alliance Candidate for Queensland. Mr.Gaynor was the failed Senate Candidate for the Katter Party in the last Federal Election who was allegedly stood down over anti-gay comment:
Bernard Gaynor Tweeted : “ I wouldn’t let a gay person teach my children and I am not afraid to say it”.
Mr.Gaynor made the original tweet in defence of KAP candidate in Victoria Tess Corbett who compared gay rights to giving pedophile rights.
Ms.Corbett withdrew her application for endorsement.
Mr.Gaynor , a well known Anti-gay campaigner has joined up with a well known Anti-Islam Immigration Solicitor , Robert Remo Balzola in attempt to get his job back in the ADF.
“ It’s allegedly been reported that Mr.Gaynor lost his commission in the Australian Defence Forces because of his Un-Australian and pernicious public views in relation to transgender women and homosexuals. Does Australian in 2015 need another right wing political party of bigots like that of One Nation peddling their own form of hatred” ? , ask Mr.Burns.
“ Obsessive is a term for a psychiatric disorder – it’s for those who have nothing else in their life , but their obsession. Liberty Alliance as a Political Party is a dangerous group of pernicious misfits as it’s candidacy is built on the deliberate disruption of social harmony and this in turn will turn Australian against Australian creating a “TOMBSTONE MENTALITY “ . It’s message as a political party is clearly one of endorsing the limited act of violence against Muslim Australians ”, said Mr.Burns.
Mr.Burns is so concerned about the Website of Bernard Gaynor – Key Issues facing Australians he has written to the NSW Commissioner of Police Mr.Scipione.  Mr.Burns’ letter has been forwarded to the Bias Crimes Unit for review and assessment.
English: The logo of the Australian Greens pol...

English: The logo of the Australian Greens political party. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Audio Recording: ”Luke Mckee is BS artist & a Media Whore” From ”Nothing But the Truth”

McKee gets booted off a live radio program

McKee gets booted off a live radio program

Source: Audio Recording: ”Luke Mckee is BS artist & a Media Whore” From ”Nothing But the Truth”

He’s back, but not for long as he got booted off a live radio program today with his usual rants against gays, jews, muslims etc….

McKee is a sick individual who suffers from a form of Autism, and should spend his time with professional help rather than ranting over the net with the same old garbage.



I was treated “like I meant nothing” after my partner died

Grieving  man Ben Jago says has partner’s sudden death left him bereft and without rights after the authorities did not recognise him as next of kin.

Ben Jago’s partner Nathan ended his own life after struggling with mental illness – but despite their rights as de facto partners, Ben was not allowed to have any say in Nathan’s funeral, during which their relationship was not even recognised or mentioned.

“When I found his body I was distraught, disoriented and overwhelmed – what followed made the situation worse than I could possibly have imagined,” Ben told the Launceston Examiner.

He says he was treated like his relationship meant nothing. “Nathan was my soul mate and I feel I had a connection with him I will never have with anyone else again,” he explained.

“Several hours after his death I was interviewed by the police, who told me his mother would be recognised as next-of-kin instead of me, and that she would be given custody of his body.”

Ben was not informed of the details of the Nathan’s funeral. He was excluded from funeral planning, and was unable to honour his partner’s wishes to be cremated in Hobart.

“I contacted the Coroner’s Office and was told I could only be considered next-of-kin if I went to the office of Births, Deaths and Marriages and registered our relationship. When I contacted that office I was told both parties had to agree to registering the union which was now impossible.

“I didn’t know it then, but under Tasmanian law I was deemed to be Nathan’s significant partner and next-of-kin, even without registering our relationship,” Ben explains.

“It is not enough to be deemed a ‘significant’, ‘de facto’ or ‘registered’ partner when this can be ignored by people in authority.”

The couple had planned to get married in New Zealand at some point, having been engaged for over a year.

Ben has now lodged a case with the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commission against the Tasmanian Coroner’s Office and the Tasmania Police for disregarding his legal rights as a same-sex partner.

Ben’s story shows how the recognition of same-sex partners as de facto partners is not enough to ensure same-sex partners will be treated equality and fairly if the worst case scenario happens, says LGBTI equality campaigner Rodney Croome.

“It is still too easy for officials to treat us as if we have no spousal rights at all,” he explains.

“As long as the Marriage Act says same-sex relationships don’t matter, the existing legal rights of same-sex couples will be easier to disregard.”

Affected by the issues in this story and need to talk? Call Lifeline on 13 11 14, or QLife on 1800 184 527.