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I am hoping my supporters can assist me by donating some money so I can continue to fight for our rights.

Until now, I have paid all litigation from my pocket, however it is expensive and I really need your support


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Garry Burns


27 thoughts on “Contact Garry”

  1. Hello Gary,
    I just want to compliment you on your tireless work and thank you for inspiring me to stick up for myself. I had been a loyal member at my local gym for 6 years. During this time I was constantly bullied, made fun of and harassed because a trainer assumed I was homosexual. It got to the point I had had enough and contacted the gym manager last October. He did nothing. In March this year I arrived at my gym to train. I felt so good about myself after successfully losing ten kilos and finally reached my goal weight. I worked so hard to do it. I ran into the trainer who had been teasing me for years. He asked me if I had lost weight. I proudly said yes. His response was “that’s what happens when you have HIV”. I was devastated. To cut a long story short, I filed a complaint with the ADB. They have contacted the gym who have put their lawyers onto it. They are claiming they are not liable in anyway because they do not employ their personal trainers. I have not been back to the gym since. I feel extremely humiliated and the lawyers are trying to intimidate me. But I shall fight on. You have inspired me to speak up and fight for justice. To assume a person is gay is one thing, but to assume they have HIV because they have lost weight is extremely disappointing and hurtful.


    1. What happened to you was not right, but Garry isn’t the person to talk to, He doesn’t understand the way courts work. The gym isn’t liable as they usually sub contract personal trainers, so unless the personal trainer has money you will be wasting a lot of money chasing nothing. I think people nowadays need to toughen up. I got teased repeatedly and repeatedly as a kid, you just have to ignore idiots which is what this guy is, or you will end up just doing your head in.


      1. Garry. Re ADB litigation against Folau. As a theological student, and graduate of Yarra Theological Union, it is important that I inform you that none of the
        ” biblical quotes” Folau hides his xenophobia and homophobia behind are accurate , complete, or correctly translated from the Greek or Hebrew. Rugby Australia has rushed to settle in ignorance. Folau misuses,misquotes, and weaponises poorly translated texts that are cut&pasted out of context. Even in the sad scenario that teligious ptejudice is a justified defence for his, and his father’s wife’s,cousin’s, vilifications, in no way does he( do they) reflect the correct scriptural or traditional interpretations of legitimate churches or scholars.


  2. Bryan your story is very sad but good for you for standing up to the trainer and the gym because the gym is a respondent to what happened to you because they allow the trainer to use their premises.
    You can join the gym as a respondent to your ADB complaint.
    What you done shows you have real courage.
    If you need help with finding lawyers let me know cause I can help.
    I do the work I do without GAY INC’s support because I want to make it better and safer for guys like you.
    Bryan I am sorry you have been hurt and I will do all I can to ensure the trainer and the gym are brought to heel.
    You are entitled to recompense for your injury.
    I will help you get it.
    Give me a call on 9363-0372.

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  3. Gary Burns
    Today you met a real lawyer. You call yourself a “lay lawyer” well you are not a lawyers arsehole. You wouldn’t know law if it jumped up and bit you. Today at Waverley Court when you were annihilated by John Sunol it was a win for common sense.
    A hint for the future, when you go to Court and I mean real Court not Tribunals, make sure you actually read up on the Act. Just in case you are wondering an Act is what real laws are enforced from.
    Oh and by the way hope you enjoy paying John the $4000+ costs that were awarded against you,. See Gaza in real life when people take others to Court on frivilous matters it gets real and they award costs. You were NEVER and I mean NEVER going to win that ridiculous PVO.


    1. this is John who wom the money, this mongrel woulod not evn pay this. He is a habitual litigant and a pathetic liar, He committs purgery in the courts all of the time and expects money for it. Well then Gary Let me tell you this. You have hit one hard nute who just will not give in and I am going to pay you nothing, Nior will I stop writing to my blog buster. you have no say what so ever


      1. I will fightt this man all the way to suspreme court if I have to and not pay him one red cent. He is a lyhing bastard who committs purgery in the name of homosexual activistm. You have one bit enemy and one big fight buster and I just will not give in now or ever. You make me mad and you are the sort of scum that abuses the law all of the time that makes me very angryl I was trained at both Universwity and TAFE as an advocate for the dissadbantaged and a lobbyer on political elemts and it is scum bags like this garbage called Gary Burns that habitualy abuse the law that is what gives a bad name to thsoe who are doing a proper job. ”

        You are not a real activist or human rightrs campaignerner buster you are only a sum bad and you will take down the lies you have on me or I am going to wait untill I get the money and then take you to court to finish you off

        If is all on and not off between us two


        John Chrstioperh Sunol


  4. Graham the best way to attack ones own fears is to attack others of the same kind.
    Parents are responsible for their children. If they choose to take their children to events as the Toronto Pride Parade I suggest you contact them and don’t complain to me about it.
    My complaints against Mr.Gaynor will be substantiated when they go to hearing later this year either in whole or part.
    Graham the thing about male children is when the Catholic Priest is sodomising the male child with his erect penis he won’t tell you about it.
    I know this mate because my baby brother was sodomised by a Catholic Priest , a person of trust from ages 8-10. At age 17 my baby brother dived head first to his death from Sydney’s notorious Gap.
    By all means love your children and protect them but you don’t have to protect them from homosexual men like me you have to protect them for people you think you can trust.
    Have you seen your local Catholic Priest lurking around the park lately ?
    The pink elephant sitting in the family lounge room is more often then not a man married identifying as heterosexual to the world outside but in reality he is a pervert and a wrecker of young lives because he rapes young males or young females.
    Is there a pink elephant sitting in your lounge room Graham ?


    1. I agree with you that the parents of those children abused by the naked gay men at the parade should be ashamed of themselves. What possessed them to take children to such an event is beyond me too. And thanks for pointing that out.
      No Gary, there are no pink elephants sitting in my lounge room and no Catholic priests either – I am not a Catholic, so using your, and the media’s present favourite ‘the old Catholic priest’ to divert attention from the far greater threats to children in 2014 is a little wasted on me.
      Whilst I understand you have a particular interest in Catholic priests because of your brother’s horrid experience, very few Catholic priests are actually gay paedophiles.
      And as you want to use such emotive examples I will too – I had a friend who’s son was abused by a gay man at a scout club – a person he trusted and funny enough he also had an erect penis.
      However, I don’t use this as an excuse to focus negative attention on all gay men or the scouts. I accept all gay men are not paedophiles– do we agree so far?
      I think even you may agree the dangers to children are far wider than simply Catholic priests, there are after all religions that encourage underage brides and that also should be the focus of the law – why isn’t it?
      A point I think you and the media are missing, or more likely purposely avoiding is that the greatest threats to children in 2014 are from people actually protected by anti-discrimination laws and activists like yourself.
      I am sure you have heard of the 1400 underage girls raped by Asian (allegedly Muslim) men in UK. These foul creatures got away with their despicable acts for years because of the fear the police had of being called racists – how ridiculous is that? The discrimination laws enabled them to abuse girls.
      This same fear is happening with the gay community. Even talking to super-sensitive minorities has become dangerous for heterosexuals, and we now believe it is best to avoid them altogether and that is sad.
      You see gays can do or say whatever they like about heterosexuals and no one stands up, sues or cries to the media – no one cares.
      And don’t get me wrong I am totally unaffected by the silliness of the comments made by gays about me or men like me. Maybe there is an obvious lesson here for you. I am proud of being a heterosexual dad – maybe you should ‘be’ proud of being gay and not just saying it!?! And stop taking out your sensitivities on everyone you can.
      Consider this for a moment – I had a friend who died of AIDS ten years ago who NEVER once cried to activists, discrimination councils or police. No one picked on him because I wouldn’t allow it. He was my friend and as a friend I would never allow anyone to hurt him.
      He died because of an erect penis belonging to a gay man (which I will get back to in a minute). Since people like you started shouting your mouths off I avoid friendship with gays, and now even some religions – your actions are not helping gays but isolating them more.
      I also think you might expand your thinking a little – the vast majority of heterosexual men are not homophobic – we are far too busy with our own lives.
      Finally, I also agree with you that sodomy is a practice that should be avoided. Sadly the sex educators in schools and the AIDS council are too afraid of offending gay men to mention the dangers of this act. Let’s face facts an anus is not made for (as you put it) an erect penis banging away. An anus is the exit for faeces and every other unhealthy thing from the body. Damaging the walls is an invitation to infection and disease.
      A vagina, on the other hand is made for the job, it is more like a saddle in comparison (sorry ladies, but it’s true) and is far less likely to be damaged in the act – healthier for all parties.
      Oh before you think I am picking on gay men, there are also heterosexual men that sodomise their women – and that is equally unhealthy. And this is based on scientific logic not religion.
      Oh are you now going to sue me!? ha ha.


  5. Look Gary sorry for the swearing have to mind my temper ,anyway I agree with Graham ,but I am really puzzled why you seem to have to make these big public issues against people like Bernard Gaynor ,who to all of us is just doing the right thing by children ,by human standards and morallity ,why do you persist with frivolous claims against good people ,we know that clearly you have the corrupted freemason judicial system on your side but that is coming to a mighty halt reals soon with common law courts now about to be activated in Australia ,we will then see the real truth come out about the lying jews and their holohoax and Hitler the great will be redeemed as the greatest leader of the 20th century ,the jews and their paedophile book the Talmud have gone too far once this happens ,actions like yours will stop gary ,and rightly so . So what is really driving you gary ? payment from the liars and deceivers or have you just got a candle to burn ? either way I think you have gone way too far this time and that is why the feedback is coming through , I would ask that you consider your actions against Bernard Gaynor because they are unwarranted and unfair ,we all have a right to free speech gary , I don’t hate you , I simply want free speech and to be able to say no we don’t like this we don’t want this and we reject this outright ,The whole world will soon be watching your every move , I do hope you make the right decisions .


    1. Frivolous complaints don’t get substantiated in court but mine do. I have never been paid 1 cent from any of my legal actions against those whom I take to court. We don’t have free speech in Australia.
      I will proceed with my legal action against Mr.Gaynor because I allege the man is committing unlawful acts.
      I have just lodged a victimisation complaint against Mr.Gaynor under s 50 of the anti-discrimination act 1977.
      It’s time Mr.Gaynor sought some legal advice because he’s public behaviour in relation to me will be his undoing.


  6. Graham take your perverted sympathy for homosexual males and shove it under your unwashed cheesy foresekin. The fact is I don’t applaud any person walking around naked in front of children in Toronto or Timbuktu but that’s not my complaint against Mr.Gaynor lodged with the President of the NSW ADB and Gaynor knows it.
    When this case is eventually heard in open court people will know the truth inn relation to Mr.Gaynor’s spin.
    By the way Graham those who molest children don’t identify as homosexual as you suggest they are usually identifying as heterosexual married men. The pink elephant sitting in the family lounge room is not homosexual it is in fact a man like you with children.
    Are you a kiddy fiddler Graham ? Because I know I’m not !


  7. Hi Gary,

    I recently read your comments directed at Senator David Leyonhjelm (and his responses), based around his support for freedom of speech. I just want to know why you support forcing some kind of acceptance (of homosexuality, minority religious groups, ethnic groupings, etc.) through legislation and the lawsuits you pursue?

    For instance, when you (unsuccessfully) claimed against The Footy Show for the sketch that purportedly ‘incited violence against homosexuals’, what exactly did you think you were achieving in terms of LGBT acceptance? By trying to force censure/apology onto a program that clearly didn’t incite anti-LGBT violence, how exactly does that promote widespread acceptance of LGBT people? Or the John Laws suit in 2003 – If anything, it seems these kind of pursuits only irritate anti-LGBT-minded people and drive them further away from an ideology of tolerance.

    What I’m getting at here is that I don’t see why using government force against people who say offensive things is the best (or moral) way to stop those offensive things. Why not instead just try to keep making the argument in favour of multiculturalism and acceptance in the face of bigotry – fight bad speech with more speech? Doesn’t having all of these issues out in the open and allowing people to say what they believe about said issues better get us as a society closer to truth, love and acceptance? Isn’t using force against those who are just expressing their opinion not only intellectually weak and an abuse of people’s moral rights?*

    Lachlan Good

    *To be clear, I’m speaking philosophical rights, not currently recognised rights under law; i.e. I understand we have no right to freedom of speech in Australia under law, my issue is why you support that status quo as opposed to a society that did have a legal right to freedom of speech.


    1. Mr.Good,
      It’s very simple for me. Any abuse of a minority citizens characteristic causes them harm.
      We are all part of the Australian family regardless of those differences.
      I remind people in powerful positions that they have responsibilities through litigation.
      I believe in my work just as Mr.Leyonjhelm believes we should all carry guns.
      The only difference is my work won’t cause death.


  8. Dear Gary,
    After reviewing some of the things you’be done with your life, and after consulting some of my minority friends as well as my recently married uncles (as in, they married each other) to make sure I had all my privileges checked, I think I can safely say go f**k yourself.
    As an American literally nothing you do affects me, so do or do not go f**k yourself as far as I care, I just hope you realize how bigoted you really are to think you have any right to speak on behalf of entire groups… And that’s coming from some of the group’s you seem to think you can speak for
    With warm regards,
    A concerned citizen of the world


  9. Hi Garry,
    Keep up the good work and don’t get too concerned about the trollers. They are the minority pack of dinosaurs. We have come a long way but unfortunately still have a long way to go.
    Can you please consider signing this petition and share to help young Stephanie fight discrimination and victimisation at the Sailing World Cup?


  10. Hello Garry, there is nothing wrong with gaeity,
    but I reckon the gay sex clubs, group sex, promiscuity
    is. As evidenced by:



    I reckon the big majority of Australians and other countries think
    gays are “sex maniacs”, and, it really ruins the reputation of the
    gay community. I think gay leaders like Bob Brown and Justice Kirby
    and you, should publicly denounce group sex, promiscuity, gay sex clubs,
    especially when there is a gay HIV epidemic, where the Wolrd Health Org
    says ALL gay men should have HIV medication, as evidenced by:

    I think the “sex mania” horny reputation is not good for the gay image amongst

    Best wishes.


  11. Zac Handycock I’m a meat and three veg homosexual Catholic. I’m shocked that you’d think I have group sex parties.
    What would my late mother Mrs Burns think with such pernicious ramblings ?


  12. For a society to have freedoms we must be allowed to have differences of opinion. Tolerance is essential if we are to move forward. Just as all the new sexual freedoms are permitted, likewise the former status quo needs to be tolerated.
    It has, in historical terms, been a relatively short time it has taken for sexual liberties to be won. Gay bars have been operated in Melbourne and Sydney without restrictions for decades, as has the Sydney Pride Parade, in fact it has received government sponsorship. It has been a very long time since there has been an arrest for homosexual conduct.
    Truth must be above unity or power! No one must be forced in matters of belief or conscience. For conscience resides in people’s minds, so it can’t be controlled, nor should it be forced to change as it is always free. So, the state really should have no authority in matters of conscience and feelings emanating from the human heart. People should not be coerced by outside authorities on these private matters unless they are physically endangering another.
    Therefore, truth and falsehood must be allowed to grapple with each other in the free market of ideas so as to maintain a free and fair society. Power should not be invested too liberally into government hands to punitively force those who don’t see as we do. In light of all this I suggest to enjoy the equity freedoms, such as marriage and to allow a free society to speak of Queer Theory, Transgender or other gender identity issues. In this light it will prove detrimental to imprison or persecute, by law or other means, those who hold different conscience position. After all, their heart will harden rather than be more compassionate, and they will generate a more hostile group of like-minded followers.
    More productive demonstration could be focused against those who are more openly hostile to Gay rights such as Muslim groups that throw people of buildings. As you probably realise there are currently eight countries in which homosexuality is punishable by death. And even our neighbour, Indonesia does not recognize same-sex marriage. In fact, In Aceh homosexuality is illegal under Islamic Sharia law, and punishable by flogging. Yet our government does nothing, and in fact has provided aid. These issues are far more pressing than persuing the convictions and conscience of others here in Australia where we enjoy freedom.


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