29 October 2013


Noted anti-discrimination campaigner Gary Burns , the man famous for suing radio broadcaster John Laws under the anti-discrimination act 1977 in 2004 and again in 2006 over his supporting of public statement’s that homosexuals
shouldn’t be allowed on television because of their characteristic and for calling gay men “pillow biters” was outraged to learn of statement’s published on the
Laws Morning Show Facebook Page in June 2012 in relation to a debate on gay marriage harmful to homosexual men.
These are some of the statement’s published and backed up by the facebook attachment.
“Go suck some dick for drugs. POOFTER“.
” Where’s Nathan ? I suppose he’s either docked his boyfriend or still coming up with something ” intellectual”
If I want to rub peanut butter on my knob end and get my dog to run his sexy long tongue around the tip as he tries to slurp off then what’s the problem ? We are in love. I can see it’s real when he looks at me. Don’t judge me ” .
” I just want to marry my cat , is that so much to ask ?
These statement’s are all in relation to homosexuals.
Gary Burns said , ” I’ve never had S.E.X with my white pussy Ivory or my black and white Tomcat Emu (see picture below).


and I’m offended that Radio 2SM or Mr.Laws promote that I do via the Facebook Page of the John Laws Morning Show. I’m not a pervert. I love my pussy’s Ivory and Emu and I’d never do anything that’s perverted or sinister causing harm to them “.
Mr.Burns has a complaint under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 coming up for a hearing in the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal on Friday the 22 November 2013 at 10 am over statement’s published on the John Laws Morning Show Facebook Page referring to him as a “faggot and poofter”.
Both Radio 2SM and Mr.Laws are respondent’s to the proceedings.
Managing Director of Super Radio Network (SRN) the owner of Radio 2SM Mr.Bill Caralis in a letter to the President of the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW described the public vilification of Mr.Burns and homosexual men as only being potentially “offensive tweets”.
” No you boofhead Bill Caralis these are not potentially “offensive tweets”. When you are getting bashed by a gang of gay bashers shouting out we are going to kill you faggot you realise just how dangerous the word “faggot and poofter” really is”. Imagine if I’d published statement’s on my blog referring to Mr.Caralis is an unwashed , unkept dago ( a collog. offens ) word for a foreigner because he’s Greek how would that make him feel”,   asks Mr.Burns.
Mr.Burns has been a victim of a gay hate crime on four previous occasions, nearly losing his life in 1989 to a gang of teenage thugs.
Employees of Radio 2SM have made Affidavit’s that the facebook page is constantly monitored by staff sitting outside the studio and that any offensive or unlawful statement’s are removed immediately when they are made and those making them blocked.
“Well what happened in June 2012 ? Were they all out in the kitchen making a cup of lemon tea all at the same time or does it take these incongruous imbeciles over 12 months to remove the unlawful vilification against homosexuals ” ? asks Mr.Burns.
Go suck some dick for drugs poofter
Gary Burns