Q&A recaps: Fred Nile and ‘homosexuality in schools + “You can express your love in other ways”

NSW Politician and “Bible Bigot”, Fred Nile up to his usual tricks

“You can express your love in other ways”



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Friday, October 25, 2013
Noted gay activist GARY BURNS, a former supporter of Member for Sydney ALEX GREENWICH, has today called on Mr Greenwich to resign.Image

Mr Burns door-knocked with Mr Greenwich and former Member for Sydney CLOVER MOORE ahead of the October 2012 Sydney by-election.

But Mr Burns, who donated money to Mr Greenwich’s campaign, and worked on polling booths for him on Election Day, has changed his mind after many months of soul-searching.
“It’s become clear to me that Mr Greenwich is not a true independent Member of Parliament – and the seat of Sydney is known for its independence,” said Mr Burns.
“Mr Greenwich is beholden to the gay Mafioso, and instead of looking after the little people of Sydney, he has become known for attending back-slapping champagne soirees and self-congratulatory gay piss-ups, scoffing caviar in his Zegna suit.
“I’m a gay man myself and nobody supports gay rights more than me – but being Member for Sydney is about being member for everyone in the electorate, not just the gay party set.
“The previous Member for Sydney Clover Moore was a true independent politician. She supported gay rights but she wasn’t in bed with Gay Inc. and the gay Mafioso – she represented all the little issues within her constituency with dedication, purpose and conviction.”
Mr Burns said the last straw was Mr Greenwich “sucking up to ACON”, the AIDS Council of NSW, which acts like a de facto ‘gay government’ and is funded by public money.
In May, Mr Greenwich introduced a motion to NSW Parliament congratulating ACON for reducing HIV in the community.
However in June, NSW Health statistics revealed that HIV had actually jumped by 24 per cent in the last year.
This week, Mr Greenwich was alleged to have tipped off ACON about another Member of Parliament’s inquiries into ACON’s effectiveness.
“I understand Greens MP JAMIE PARKER, the Member for Balmain, had meetings with one of his constituents, who was concerned about ACON’s lack of effectiveness.
“The constituent presented Mr Parker with a petition calling for a review of ACON.”
The petition can be found here:
“Mr Greenwich found out about this and tipped off ACON CEO NICOLAS PARKHILL, who rang Mr Parker and pressured him to drop the matter.
“I call on Mr Parker not to bow to pressure from ACON or Alex Greenwich – he should serve the interests of his constituent in this matter.”
“I also call on Mr Greenwich to resign, effective immediately, because it’s obvious he is not independent – far from it.
“When ACON or anyone from Gay Inc. says jump, Alex’s reply is: ‘How far, sir?’
“That is not independence, that is being a sycophant,” Mr Burns concluded.
Last week, Mr Burns – the man famous for suing broadcaster JOHN LAWS for calling gay men “pillow biters” – won a vilification case against former Katter’s Australian Party candidate TESS CORBETT.
Ms Corbett, who had compared homosexuals to paedophiles, was ordered by the Administrative Decisions Tribunal to make a public apology at her own expense in the pages of the Sydney Morning Herald, and to personally apologise to Mr Burns.
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Drugs and Proper Usage Guide Paid by Australian Taxpayers?

January 22, 2011 12:15 PM EST – by Larry Seely

Former AIDS Council of New South Wales, known now as ACON, has published a four page guide on how to correctly snort cocaine and other party drugs. The publication is in part a guide to prevent the spread of AIDS.

In the publication it teaches users how to use common house utensils for snorting cocaine. Other tips in the pamphlet include: rinse nostrils after snorting, chop powdered drugs finely before use, and don’t mix your utensils with other users.

The pamphlet is available at health offices and the internet and is paid for with $8 million thatACON receives from the State Government of NSW.

Nicholas Parkhill serves as the chief executive of ACON and has said that the booklet is a reproduction of a previous pamphlet and that it has been checked by drug and alcohol experts. Parkhill was quoted “This is not a ‘how to use drugs guide’ but a ‘how to reduce the harms associated with drug use guide’.

This surprise here is that another country other than the United States has developed such garbage on the taxpayer dollar.