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John Sunol must show cause why he shouldn’t face Supreme Court contempt proceedings

Referral: Former Newcastle taxi driver John Sunol has until May 11 to show why he should not face contempt proceedings in the NSW Supreme Court after a history of online rants.
 Referral: Former Newcastle taxi driver John Sunol has until May 11 to show why he should not face contempt proceedings in the NSW Supreme Court after a history of online rants.

Joanne McCarthy – http://www.theherald.com.au

SINCE 2005 former Newcastle taxi driver John Christopher Sunol has been in trouble for his online rants against “gays and atheists”, the Sydney Mardi Gras, Muslims and complaints and findings against him by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Now he faces possible contempt action in the NSW Supreme Court – and a possible jail term – after a long history of failing to comply with tribunal orders and “contemptible”, incorrect and “abhorrent” blog allegations against a tribunal member in 2017.

Mr Sunol told a tribunal hearing that he did “not attack people, I debate ideas and philosophies only”, and he was the “victim of a campaign of harassment and vilification” being directed at him.

But tribunal member Acting Judge Francis Marks said Mr Sunol’s constant failure to honour apologies made to the tribunal, failure to remove and refrain from publishing unlawful material, and failure to pay $55,000 in penalties to anti-discrimination activist Garry Burns, “cast considerable doubt” on his undertakings to the tribunal.

“It appears to me, on my own view, that Mr Sunol has conducted himself in a manner which is capable of constituting contempt of this tribunal,” Mr Marks found in a decision on Tuesday, in which Mr Sunol was given until a hearing on May 11 to show cause why a contempt referral should not be made to the Supreme Court.

It appears to me, on my own view, that Mr Sunol has conducted himself in a manner which is capable of constituting contempt of this tribunal.

NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal member Francis Marks

Judge Marks did not accept Mr Sunol’s submission that the blogs were written by another man. He found Mr Sunol’s online rants that he would “never accept” some tribunal orders or “be willing to apologise” to Mr Burns showed a “readiness to defy compliance” with tribunal orders that could be seen as deliberate.

In a rant in 2011 Mr Sunol said he was “speaking out because.. the homo-nazis and femi-nazis are taking away our right to speak against them”, and in a later post he said he believed “we are living in the last days for Christ returns”.

Mr Sunol has repeatedly declared his goal of “ridding Sydney of this Mardi Gras” which he described as a terrorist risk. He described the Anti-Discrimination Board as the “spearhead of the homosexual agenda in NSW”.

Judge Marks noted Mr Sunol claimed to have tertiary qualifications including a Bachelor of Social Science from Newcastle University, and postgraduate degrees from Wollongong University.

In 2014 Mr Sunol lost an appeal to have his taxi licence reinstated after the tribunal heard evidence of 17 complaints against him between 2003 and 2012, including that he fell asleep at the wheel and made “inflammatory comments” about religions and homosexuals to passengers.



27 March 2018

Former councillor Julie Passas

In November of 2017 Ashfield gay man Daniel Comensoli raised a gay rainbow flag on his balcony to celebrate the “ YES “ vote in the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey.

Julie Passas, a Liberal Councillor on the Inner West Council and resident of the Cecil Street Block where Mr Comensoli lived demanded the rainbow flag be taken down because she found it offensive to her religion and culture.

It was also alleged that Passas harassed the housemate of Mr Comensoli and pressured his neighbour to contact the owner of his unit informing that owner that they ( referring to Mr Comensoli and his room mate ) were “ not good people. “

It’s also alleged a note was slid under the door of Mr Comensoli’s unit by a man named Allan Jones in error as that note was meant for Passas unit and that Passas then encouraged the maintenance man to try and retrieve the note from under the door while Mr Comensoli was at home.

Mr Jones can be contacted on 0403-015-852 for verification.

Mr Comensoli was scared in his own home because of this pernicious conduct allegedly orchestrated by the well known gay jihadist Julie Passas.

Anti-Discrimination Campaigner Garry Burns has taken legal action against Passas under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 ( NSW ) where a Directions Hearing will take place at 12.30pm on Wednesday 28 March 2018 at Level 10, John Maddison Tower, 86-90 Goulburn Street, Sydney NSW 2000.

Mr Comensoli has made a statement along with a number of others in the unit block and all will attend the court and give evidence against Ms Passas over her alleged intimidation, stalking, harassment and unlawful vilification on the ground of homosexuality.

Mr Burns will subpoena all those who have signed letters and those letter writers will all have to attend court and be cross examined on what they’ve written and why and who encouraged them to write those letters.

Mr Burns alleges Passas has deliberately encouraged third parties to incitement of hatred against Mr Comensoli by getting neighbours and residents from outside the unit block to write letters that the rainbow flag hanging off Mr Comensoli’s apartment balcony was offensive.

Passas in her Affidavit to the President of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board ( ADB ) stated she complained to the former Ashfield Commander about one of his male officers who she found offensive because unlike her he didn’t find the gay rainbow flag as offensive as the ISIS flag is a untruth because the Commander at the time was on leave.

The ISIS Flag and it’s believers calls for homosexuals to be killed by beheading and or be thrown off a roof top to their death.

Mr Burns said, “ Ms Passas you better hire yourself a good lawyer love because all of your well known homophobia is going to come back and bite you on your bottom like a pack of hungry piranha fish in a feeding frenzy and your duplicity will finally unravel like you’ve had a dose of uncontrolled flatulence.”

Mr Burns first met Ms Passas in 1993 when she was allegedly down in Ashfield Park in the early hours of the morning looking for homosexuals.

Mr Burns will also be a witness at the hearing because he has gone on the record by Affidavit setting out the events involving his knowledge of Julie Passas in 1993.


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Garry Burns

Julie Passas

Daniel Comensoli

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Solicitor for Passas

Stop Unlawful Vilification Against Gays


My name is Garry Burns. I am a gay Australian Anti-Discrimination Campaigner who lives in Sydney.

I have been a victim of a gay hate crime on three separate occasions suffering serious injury on one of those occasions.

Gary Burns – Australian Anti-Discrimination Campaigner

My recovery has been to become a successful and prolific political activist against gay hate vilification / discrimination.

My work under the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act ( 1977 ) is public interest work. I do not seek any personal damages for myself but run those cases in the promotion of tolerance & understanding for GLBTI community.

I am now seeking special leave to the High Court of Australia in relation to Jurisdictional & Constitutional issue in relation to one of my matters.

I receive no public funding from the Federal or NSW Government’s to assist me in this work. I have been doing this work since 2002.

I fund all this work by myself but costs are escalating and I’m now seeking donations from those in the community who support the removal of discrimination / vilification against everyone regardless of sexual orientation.

I have costs to pay in relation to filing fees, ink , paper, travel expenses etc. There are fees to pay and I now need your help. I also have to pay part costs to a Plaintiff in a Court of Appeal decision that went against me earlier this year.

Any monetary help no matter how small is greatly appreciated.

Garry Burns is an experienced Anti-Discrimination Campaigner under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 ( NSW ) in relation to homosexuality vilification complaints.

See Burns v Radio 2UE & Ors ( 2004 ) NSW ADT 267 or Burns v Corbett ( 2013 ) NSW ADT 227.

Pillow Biter” comment – Radio personality, John Laws

Just a quick check of the name of Garry Burns on LawLink case law will identify the many homosexuality vilification complaints he’s had substantiated in the Tribunal.

Garry Burns is not a lawyer but is happy to provide legal advice to those members of the NSW public who believe they may have been unlawfully discriminated against on the ground of homosexuality, either actual or perceived.

A homosexual vilification breach of s. 49ZT the complainant must establish four elements being ;

1. A public Act ;

2. Which incites ;

3. Hatred towards, serious contempt for or severe ridicule of a person or group of persons ;

4. On the ground of the homosexuality of the persons or members of that group.

Garry can be contacted on 0407-910-309 or 02-9363-0372 ;

Or leave a message for Garry and he will get back in touch with you.

Why pay thousands of dollars on a lawyer when Garry Burns can provide legal advice and also seek leave in the Tribunal to represent you without requiring a solicitor.


McKee Ordered To Apologise

Image result for geoff mckee

McKee given 14 days to apologise

Geoffrey McKee, father of serial Homophobic cyber stalker Luke McKee, a defendant under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW), was found to have unlawfully vilified male homosexuals by suggesting they (male homosexuals), are 3 times more likely to molest male children.

Civil and Administrative Tribunal – New South Wales, within 14 days of the date of this decision, the defendant is to post the following *apology, attributed to him, on the Causes.com website and every website controlled by him, such apology to remain on the website for the life of the website or at least six months whichever is the lesser:-
Details on *apology can be found here with entire transcript Case Law NSW

Sunol Pleads Guilty –

Image may contain: 1 person, sunglasses, hat, glasses and close-up

John Sunol – Found Guilty

John Christopher Sunol pleaded guilty in the Newcastle Local Court on the 2 March 2017 to using a carriage service to cause offence.

The Magistrate’s orders were that the offender John Christopher Sunol, is to be released under section 19B ( 1 ) ( d ) of the Crimes Act 1914 ( Commonwealth ), without proceeding to conviction on the following conditions ;
The offender gives security in the sum of $1, 000. The offender to be of good behaviour for 2 years. Sunol is not to continue any activity with a Commonwealth carriage service which identifies me or names the victim Garry Burns.

His Honour made it very clear to Mr Sunol that if he breaches the orders he could receive a jail penalty on his return.





14 November 2016

NSW Anti-Discrimination Campaigner and public interest litigant Garry Burns has lodged a number of complaint’s under the NSW Anti-Vilification Provisions of the ADA 1977 ( NSW ) against QLD resident Bernard Gaynor over a number of statement’s he published on the internet that Mr Burns alleged were harmful to homosexual Australians.



“ How could that statement concern serious questions on enrichment toward the Great Conversation in the following ideas claimed by Mr Gaynor as quoted in one of his recent Defence’s filed. ( sic )


a. Morality ;

b. Public policy on political freedom ;

c. Religious freedom ;

d. The implied constitutional freedom of political opinion ;

e. The Public interest ;

f.  Threads posed to those freedoms and ideas ;

g. Open and frank participation in the Great Conversations that these issues pertain to.

His above statement goes a step further because it clearly vilifies male homosexuals based on their homosexuality , “ said Mr Burns. 


The NSW Supreme Court of Appeal will hear an Application lodged by Mr Gaynor on Wednesday 30 November and and Thursday the 1 December 2016 at 10am challenging jurisdiction and constitution.


The court will determine and hear the proceeding involving the matter of an Applicant and Respondent living in different states in relation to the ADA 1977 ( NSW ).


“ Basically what Mr Gaynor is legislating for is a right to sit on his computer somewhere in Queensland and publish material on his website / Facebook pernicious to homosexual Australians claiming that I and others who share my characteristic ( homosexuals ) don’t have jurisdiction to lodge a homosexuality vilification complaint against him under any state or territory discrimination or equal opportunity provision because the public act according to Mr Gaynor occurred in QLD and not NSW.

Regarding the public act, the Dow Jones decision states, regarding the internet, an act occurs where the content is downloaded.

The internet crosses all state and territory boundaries and any jurisdictional argument put forward by Mr Gaynor in his application must fail.

This case for me involves a very important question of law to be explored and I will fight for it “ said Mr Burns.