Something about Gary

by Matt Buchanan and Leesha McKenny
December 16, 2010

Gary Burns has arguably become Australia’s best-known gay activist, yet he’s reviled by the gay establishment. Peter Hackney wonders why.” So begins a think piece on the website The Scavenger this week about Burns, an anti-discrimination campaigner, that notes figures from prominent ”gaystream organisations” signed up to a ”Gary Burns Does Not Speak For Me” Facebook group.

The piece was apparently deleted after Burns sent out a press release about it. Burns was more than happy to suggest why prominent members of Sydney’s gay community don’t like him – while sticking the boot into what he calls the ”self-appointed Gay Government” and the ”dance bunny press” as well. He might have his answer right there. ”Yes I’m a gay activist, yes I’m a serial litigant, yes I’m a media whore – I’m all those things,” Burns is quoted as saying. He also provided a photo of himself with his cat and weighed in as debate raged in the comments section.

The campaigner, who has two cases to be heard in the Administrative Decisions Tribunal of NSW next year, explained to Diary: ”I can’t do my work in a closet.”