Discrimination is discrimination even when used under the guise of religion.

I wanted to share this post from Huff Post as it is a short but poignant message2q1zy9l

Discrimination is designed to subjugate a group of persons. Just as we don’t want to be victimized for the color of our skin and want to be treated with dignity and respect; we must learn to do the same for our brothers and sisters that identify as gay. Biblically there was one group of people that consistently angered God, and that was the religious self-righteous. The religious self-righteous were prideful and arrogant and acted as if their superiority positioned them for more moral greatness than others. However, these religious elites irritated and saddened God because He saw this group of people as arrogant, unloving, hypocritical, and judgmental. – End quote.

For ALL the bigots, haters, homophobes, if your God says it’s O.K, why don’t you support Gay Equality like him…

Latrobe City Council seeks removal from discrimination complaint against councillor Christine Sindt


Republished – abc.net.au

The Latrobe City Council in south-east Victoria

The Latrobe City Council in south-east Victoria has asked an anti-discrimination campaigner to withdraw his complaint against it, over one of its councillor’s social media comments.

Garry Burns has made a complaint to the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board against Cr Christine Sindt and has also included the council as a respondent.

In a letter, seen by the ABC, Latrobe’s chief executive Gary Van Driel asks Mr Burns to leave the shire out of the complaint because the comments do not reflect the council’s views.

Mr Burns said he saw it as a threat but the complaint had not yet been accepted for investigation.

“I’ve never had any respondent, either joint or otherwise, send me a letter prior to the complaint being accepted by the president of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board asking me to withdraw them as a jointer to any potential proceedings,” he said.

“This matter has not even been accepted by the president for investigation at this point in time.

“The president still has this and it’s not up to him to make demands that I withdraw the complaint.

“I see this letter as a threat. It’s not going to be withdrawn and I will pursue it through the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board.”

Mr Van Driel has been contacted for a response.



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Police Minister Ayres

Dear Minister Ayres,

I write to you in relation to Mr. Luke Mc Kee.
Luke Mc Kee is in either South Korea , North Korea , Vietnam or some other asian country.
As of the 6th June 2014 there were 21 valid arrest warrants filed by NSW Police against Mr.Luke Mc Kee.
Luke Mc Kee has threatened to kill me and my family.
Luke Mc Kee has harassed and made physical threats against Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn.
If Mr. Mc Kee was to obtain the home address of Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn he would publish it on the internet. This in turn could cause a person to seek her out to be harmed.
Young Minister you must not sit on your “cross stitching” and do nothing to protect members of the NSW Constabulary.
You can instruct your Commissioner to act in relation to Mr.Mc Kee.
Ma’am Burn doesn’t deserve this form of abuse and continued threat from Mr.Luke Mc Kee.
Ma’am Burn is a good police officer and a fine woman.
Luke Mc Kee has harassed Sergeant O’Keefe.
Luke Mc Kee has threaten to kill Hon David Shoebridge MLC.
Luke Mc Kee is harassing and threatening Detective Brent Bell from the Rose Bay Local Area Command ( LAC ).
Luke Mc Kee is harassing and threatening Sydney M.P Mr.Alex Greenwich.
Luke Mc Kee has been harassing Lord Mayor Clover Moore publishing her home address on the internet causing her safety to be impinged.
Mr.Mc Kee needs to be brought back to Australia to face court.
You need to instruct your Commissioner of Police Mr.Andrew Scipione to seek an extradition Order for Mr.Mc Kee’s apprehension so he can be brought back to Australia to face court.
If you are unaware who Mr.Luke Mc Kee is I suggest you get a briefing from your Commissioner of Police Mr.Scipione.
The matter in relation to me regarding Mr.Mc Kee is currently before the Waverley Local Court.
Mr.Mc Kee is publishing statement’s on the internet that I am a pedophile and I do fear someone will eventually come after me and kill me.
NSW Police can’t protect me !
Mr.Ayres I am not a peadpohile and have no sexual interest in children.
Could you please instruct your Commissioner of Police Mr.Andrew Scipione to proceed with an extradition Order against Mr.Luke Mc Kee so he can be escorted in handcuffs back to Australia to face court ?
What action , if any will you initiate as Minister for NSW Police to remedy the Mc Kee problem ?
Remember one thing Minister if a NSW Police Officer or a Member of the NSW Parliament is killed because of the actions of Mr.Mc Kee it would of happened on your watch.
Minister you are a person in a powerful position and you have responsibilities.
I ask you to bear this in mind !
Kind regards,
Garry Burns


Something about Gary

by Matt Buchanan and Leesha McKenny
December 16, 2010

Gary Burns has arguably become Australia’s best-known gay activist, yet he’s reviled by the gay establishment. Peter Hackney wonders why.” So begins a think piece on the website The Scavenger this week about Burns, an anti-discrimination campaigner, that notes figures from prominent ”gaystream organisations” signed up to a ”Gary Burns Does Not Speak For Me” Facebook group.

The piece was apparently deleted after Burns sent out a press release about it. Burns was more than happy to suggest why prominent members of Sydney’s gay community don’t like him – while sticking the boot into what he calls the ”self-appointed Gay Government” and the ”dance bunny press” as well. He might have his answer right there. ”Yes I’m a gay activist, yes I’m a serial litigant, yes I’m a media whore – I’m all those things,” Burns is quoted as saying. He also provided a photo of himself with his cat and weighed in as debate raged in the comments section.

The campaigner, who has two cases to be heard in the Administrative Decisions Tribunal of NSW next year, explained to Diary: ”I can’t do my work in a closet.”