Media Release Anti-Homosexual Bernard Gaynor’s attempt to get a Supreme Court Judge to disqualify himself over suspicion his Tipstaff is a homosexual activist refused

10 May 2019
Garry Burns and Bernard Gaynor have been involved in lengthy litigation over many years.
Mr Gaynor alleges to be a Christian man but what comes out of his mouth in relation to homosexuals is far from Christian.
Mr Gaynor has filed a Summons in the NSW Supreme Court seeking prohibition against the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board ( ADB ), The New Civil & Administrative Tribunal ( NCAT ), The NSW Local Court and Anti-Discrimination Campaigner Garry Burns in attempt to dodge a merits hearing in relation to his alleged vilification of Mr Burns on the ground of his homosexuality.
Mr Gaynor published third party comments on his Facebook Page stating that “ Mr Burns was a filthy creature and any Muslim worth his salt would happily behead this homosexual. “
“ Am speechless . Sue him ( referring to Mr Burns ) for harassment ? I mean moslems ( sic ) kill homosexuals. This guy is clearly unhinged.”
Mr Gaynor said via publication ( sic ) “ However ( referring to Mr Burns ), rest assured of one thing. I will not be apologising to a man who thinks it’s fine and dandy to expose yourself to a child. And you also like to sign the petition and share it with your friends. It is time to stop one man ( Mr Burns ) from forcing his perverted view of right and wrong on the rest of society.”
“ Mr Gaynor I don’t wear a black frock and deliver mass on a Sunday. I am not a criminal pervert like George Pell who now rots in a jail cell for being convicted of molesting little boys. I am a homosexual man who does not rape, sodomise or molest underage male children, “ said Mr Burns.
Mr Burns is seeking;
a, $40, 000 in damages.
b, Mr Gaynor is to publish an apology on his Facebook Wall to Mr Burns and Australian homosexuals.
c, A restraining order is to be placed on Mr Gaynor to prevent him from publishing adverse comments about Garry Burns and Australian homosexuals.
“ Mr Gaynor’s Summons in the NSW Supreme Court will be dismissed and he will have to come back to the Local Court where he will cop a dose of third degree Burns, “ said Mr Burns.
On the 9 May 2019 a Supreme Court Judge refused Mr Gaynor’s Application that he should recuse himself from hearing the matter because of apprehension of bias. ( see decision below )
At number 3 in the Judgement and in the sworn Affidavit of Bernard Gaynor of 10 September 2018 Gaynor said ;
“ I earn a living as an independent blogger focussing on issues regarding national security, politics and the defence of the traditional family unit and western Christian civilisation and values. “
In the Affidavit of 10 September 2018 Mr Gaynor claimed he earn $ 663, 677 through his website since July 2014.
“ Did Mr Gaynor pay tax on those earnings ?
“ Did Mr Gaynor receive any benefits from Centrelink during that period for his 8 children and if he did has he reported those earnings via his website to both the tax and Centrelink office , ? asks Mr Burns.
Mr Gaynor’s Website now seeks donations under the name of “ GET REAL AUSTRALIA TRUST.”
Mr Burns’ is not suggesting that Mr Gaynor has done anything wrong or has breached his obligations or responsibilities to the Australian Tax Office or any other Australian Government agency but any person who publicly state’s they earn a living ( a wage ) is a tax payer for taxation purposes.
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Garry Burns


Critical Incident Response Team
Critical Incident Response Team (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


16 February 2016
Sydney Anti-Discrimination Activist Garry Burns has taken legal action under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 ( NSW ) against La Trobe City Councillor Christine Sindt over her publishing to her FaceBook page a statement that Mr.Burns is a “ gay child sex normalisation activist “ and other material suggesting homosexuals in general are criminals because they molest children.
Ms.Sindt allegedly made a complaint to Morwell Police on or about the 14 July 2015 that Mr.Burns had attempted to “blackmail” her into giving him money in exchange for him dropping his court proceedings against her.
“ I have not been contacted by Victoria’s Police Force in relation to any allegation of criminality and I believe Councillor Sindt is using Morwell Police in attempt to discredit or intimidate me and via third parties like Cahill. In the YouTube clip below from a Tom Cahill has been in contact with Sindt because he has put in email that I am an accused person in relation to my illegitimate dealings with Councillor Sindt ” in relation to blackmailing her” , said Mr.Burns.
The YouTube clip below also suggests that Mr.Burns is a pedophile and that homosexual men and women are pedophiles / criminals.
Mr.Burns has written to Minister of Police Mr.Wade Noonan , Minister for Local Government Ms. Natalie Hutchins , Chief Commissioner of Police Mr.Ashton and Premier Daniel Andrews but all seem to condone the pernicious practice of it’s Police Force; i.e , one of allowing a serious crime to hang over an innocent man’s head while others like Sindt use that allegation to incite third parties to hatred and violence against homosexuals while being condoned by those of the powerful position of the Victorian Labor Government.
‘ I suggest all those inept and incongruous politicians cc’d in above who’ve received a copy of this press release to order popcorn and cup cakes and sit back and listen to this YouTube clips perverted ramblings of hatred against me personally and toward fellow homosexual Australians” , said Mr.Burns.
Mr.Burns believes Victoria Police once they’ve received an allegation against a person alleging serious criminality they must investigate that allegation promptly so that they can either charge the person or dismiss the allegation as unfounded.
Garry Burns
0407-910- 309.

BURNS WINS ! – Tess Corbett to apologise publicly for comments about homosexuals

Aug. 14, 2014, 11:05 a.m.

Tess Corbett's comments during the 2013 election campaign triggered outrage across the country, sparking legal action from anti-discrimination campaigner Garry Burns.
Tess Corbett’s comments during the 2013 election campaign triggered outrage across the country, sparking legal action from anti-discrimination campaigner Garry Burns.


FORMER Wannon political candidate and Lake Bolac grandmother Tess Corbett will have to make a public apology for her comments about homosexuals after her appeal was dismissed by a New South Wales tribunal.

Ms Corbett’s comments to the Hamilton Spectator during the 2013 election campaign triggered outrage across the country, sparking legal action from anti-discrimination campaigner Garry Burns.

After a hearing at the former NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal, now the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT), on October 3 last year, Ms Corbett was found guilty of vilifying homosexuals on three occasions when she likened gays to paedophiles in an interview.

Ms Corbett chose not to attend that hearing and later appealed on the grounds that she had not been “given an opportunity to argue her case” and that the tribunal had not “(turned) its mind to the High Court authorities on the implied right to freedom of political communication”, according to NCAT’s appeal finding.

“The appeal is dismissed because the tribunal correctly construed the homosexual vilification provisions of the Anti-Discrimination Act and was not required to refer to the implied right under the Constitution to freedom of political communication,” NCAT found.

“There is no justification for extending the appeal to the merits of the Tribunal’s decision because, among other things, Ms Corbett had an opportunity to put her case at first instance and chose not to do so.”

Ms Corbett was ordered to publish an apology in the Sydney Morning Herald and write a personal letter of apology to Mr Burns.

That penalty was reinstated with the appeal’s dismissal.

Mr Burns said the result was “very important”.

He said he had expected the appeal to be dismissed but added that “you never know in these situations”.

Ms Corbett had told the Hamilton Spectator that she didn’t want “gays, lesbians or paedophiles working in my kindergarten” and when asked if she considered homosexuals to be in the same category as paedophiles, she replied “yes”.

“Paedophiles will be next in line to be recognised in the same way as gays and lesbians and get rights, ” Ms Corbett told the Spectator.

The comments were republished on websites around the country, opening Ms Corbett up to legal action in NSW where Mr Burns was able to take the matter to NCAT.

Mr Burns said he had done so because Ms Corbett’s “statements incited hatred towards or incited serious contempt or incited serious ridicule of homosexual people on the ground of their homosexuality and that act was unlawful”.





Mr.Laws is a defendant of homosexuality vilification
Mr.Laws is a defendant of homosexuality vilification
17 November 2013.
Respected Anti-Discrimination Campaigner Gary Burns , the man famous for suing radio broadcaster John Laws under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 for calling gay men ” pillow biters ” lodged a complaint with the President of the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW on the 25 September 2012 over statement’s published on the John Laws Morning Show Facebook Page referring to Mr.Burns as a “faggot” and further statement’s published that Mr.Burns was harmful to homosexual people.
” I cant (sic) believe this man he is more harmful to homosexuals than anyone !!! If I had a gay child I would never ask for his advice what a moron “.
“John is it a full moon ? What a looser (sic) , faggots like that give the whole gay community a bad name”.
” What happened to the comment about Gary Burns faggot ???? Not one person has called or emailed the show to support you mr Burns …. what does that tell you ?
The complaint was unable to reach conciliation.
On the 18 June 2012 statement’s were published on the John Laws Morning Show Facebook Page in relation to a debate on gay marriage harmful to homosexuals and were left there by the John Laws Morning Show staff until the 29 October 2013. ( over 12 months later ) Some of the statement’s are cited below (fully sic).
Nathan James Mulholand responded with , ” Wow ….The intellect sure has picked up a notch in here. I’m sure sorry I was being ” uncivilized and intolerant”….but it’s cool to use expressions like ” FARTING CUM ” and ” GO SUCK SOME DICK FOR DRUGS , POOFTER. You guys are really winning the argument based simply on your civility and intolerance”.
Robert Nicholson said , ” No it’s disgusting why we panda (sic) to these minority people who let them out of the closet”.
Joel Richards said , ” Where’s Nathan ? I spose he’s either docked his boyfriend or still coming up with something intellectual”.
Talene Zammit said , ” I just want to marry my cat , is that so much to ask”?
Megan Micallef said , ” If I wanna (sic) rub peanut butter on my knob end and get my dog to run his sexy long tongue around the tip as he tries to slurp it off then what’s the problem ? We are in love. I can see its real when he looks at me. DON’T JUDGE ME”.
Mr.Burns said , ” I don’t have sex with animals. I love my cats EMTU & IVORY . My homosexuality is not a perversion or a diabolical sickness. The published statement’s by RADIO 2SM and and those statement’s left there by Mr.Laws’ staff for over 12 long months condone , support and portray that the homosexual characteristic is a depravity and debauchery or is it simply the case that RADIO 2SM / JOHN LAWS agreeing with the statement’s that’s why they weren’t removed” ?
Two unsworn Affidavits signed by employees of Radio 2SM  state that no language stronger than the word ” bloody” is published on the John Laws Morning Show Facebook Page”.
The Affidavits state, ” Whilst the John Laws Morning Show is on air , posting on the John Laws Page are constantly monitored and removed by staff sitting outside the studio”.
 ” Perhaps these incongruous halfwitted imbeciles working for Radio 2SM & the John Laws Morning Show think pernicious statement’s published about homosexuals on their stations facebook page like ‘ GO SUCK SOME DICK FOR DRUGS ,POOFTER  or suggesting that homosexual men have SEX WITH DOGS ‘  or ‘ FART CUM ‘ is tamer than the word ‘ BLOODY ‘ but I don’t think it is” , said Mr.Burns.
The Application is listed for hearing on Friday 22 November 2013 at 10 a m.
In the Administrative Decisions Tribunal (ADT)
Level 10 , John Maddison Tower
86 Goulburn Street
Sydney , 2000.
Mr.Laws is a defendant of homosexuality vilification ( See Burns v Radio 2UE Sydney Pty Ltd (2004) NSWADT 267).
Radio 2UE , Mr.Laws and his stablemate Mr.Price had to make groveling apologies “on air” and publish an apology on the 2UE Website for two weeks and also in the Sydney Morning Herald.
Mr.Burns is running his matter in the “public interest” and is seeking the maximum aggregate damages under the Application of $100, 000. ( One Hundred Thousand Dollars ).
Mr.Bill Caralis , Managing Director of Sydney Radio Network (Radio 2SM ) said ” under no circumstances will Radio 2SM settle with Mr.Burns”.
” These dangerous halfwitted boofheads need to understand that they are people in powerful positions who have responsibilities and must not use their powerful position to breach the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 by allowing the publishing of statement’s that incite ” serious contempt ” and ” hatred” against those of the homosexuality characteristic”, concluded Burns.
Gary Burns




29 October 2013


Noted anti-discrimination campaigner Gary Burns , the man famous for suing radio broadcaster John Laws under the anti-discrimination act 1977 in 2004 and again in 2006 over his supporting of public statement’s that homosexuals
shouldn’t be allowed on television because of their characteristic and for calling gay men “pillow biters” was outraged to learn of statement’s published on the
Laws Morning Show Facebook Page in June 2012 in relation to a debate on gay marriage harmful to homosexual men.
These are some of the statement’s published and backed up by the facebook attachment.
“Go suck some dick for drugs. POOFTER“.
” Where’s Nathan ? I suppose he’s either docked his boyfriend or still coming up with something ” intellectual”
If I want to rub peanut butter on my knob end and get my dog to run his sexy long tongue around the tip as he tries to slurp off then what’s the problem ? We are in love. I can see it’s real when he looks at me. Don’t judge me ” .
” I just want to marry my cat , is that so much to ask ?
These statement’s are all in relation to homosexuals.
Gary Burns said , ” I’ve never had S.E.X with my white pussy Ivory or my black and white Tomcat Emu (see picture below).


and I’m offended that Radio 2SM or Mr.Laws promote that I do via the Facebook Page of the John Laws Morning Show. I’m not a pervert. I love my pussy’s Ivory and Emu and I’d never do anything that’s perverted or sinister causing harm to them “.
Mr.Burns has a complaint under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 coming up for a hearing in the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal on Friday the 22 November 2013 at 10 am over statement’s published on the John Laws Morning Show Facebook Page referring to him as a “faggot and poofter”.
Both Radio 2SM and Mr.Laws are respondent’s to the proceedings.
Managing Director of Super Radio Network (SRN) the owner of Radio 2SM Mr.Bill Caralis in a letter to the President of the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW described the public vilification of Mr.Burns and homosexual men as only being potentially “offensive tweets”.
” No you boofhead Bill Caralis these are not potentially “offensive tweets”. When you are getting bashed by a gang of gay bashers shouting out we are going to kill you faggot you realise just how dangerous the word “faggot and poofter” really is”. Imagine if I’d published statement’s on my blog referring to Mr.Caralis is an unwashed , unkept dago ( a collog. offens ) word for a foreigner because he’s Greek how would that make him feel”,   asks Mr.Burns.
Mr.Burns has been a victim of a gay hate crime on four previous occasions, nearly losing his life in 1989 to a gang of teenage thugs.
Employees of Radio 2SM have made Affidavit’s that the facebook page is constantly monitored by staff sitting outside the studio and that any offensive or unlawful statement’s are removed immediately when they are made and those making them blocked.
“Well what happened in June 2012 ? Were they all out in the kitchen making a cup of lemon tea all at the same time or does it take these incongruous imbeciles over 12 months to remove the unlawful vilification against homosexuals ” ? asks Mr.Burns.
Go suck some dick for drugs poofter
Gary Burns