Rev. Hon. Fred Nile Apologises over TV Show Q and A Gafe

Rev. Hon. Fred Nile apologises to me after the Q and A gafe.
Rev. Hon. Fred Nile apologises to me after the Q and A gafe.

Fred Nile telling Porky Pies – Sacked Major Bernard Gaynor lost his Job due to his own Bigotry!


For a god fearing religious man, I was shocked to hear on last nights Q and A show on the ABC that I was responsible for Bernard Gaynor’s sacking from the Australian Defense Forces. This is an outrageous lie made by you, how dare you blame me for Gaynor’s bigoted ideals which ultimately became the now sacked Major’s undoing.

I expect a full apology from you..

Garry Burns
Anti-Discrimination Activist

Q&A recaps: Fred Nile and ‘homosexuality in schools + “You can express your love in other ways”

NSW Politician and “Bible Bigot”, Fred Nile up to his usual tricks

“You can express your love in other ways”


19 June 2015
On last night’s Q & A program Reverend Fred Nile accused Anti-Discrimination Campaigner and openly homosexual man Garry Burns of persecuting a major in the army.
Mr.Burns has taken legal action under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 against Anti-Islam , Anti- Homosexual Catholic bigot Bernard William Gaynor for alleged breaches of the Anti-Vilification Provisions.
Garry Burns said , “ The Fred Nile soufflé went “ poof ” 40 years ago. His 40’s view is irrelevant in 2015.Everything and everybody has a “use by” date. Even the milk in Fred’s refrigerator has a “use by” date.  I’m not persecuting anyone. I’m just acting on behalf of the gay community and the protection of our rights not to be publicly ridiculed by those in the community who use religion as a legitimate means to incite hatred against us ”.



Sydney equal rights campaigner GARY BURNS has issued a warning over a Hitler-style rant by Christian Democrats spokesperson PETER MADDEN, who has declared war on the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Mr Burns is concerned that a video posted by Madden, a spokesperson for NSW MP the REV FRED NILE, could inciite violence against homosexuals at this year’s Mardi Gras.

In the anti-Mardi Gras clip, posted on YouTube, Madden declares: “We must realize that we are at war. There is a spiritual battle raging around us, that we will lose unless we mobilise and do something about it.”

In a six minute rant, Madden asks questions such as: “Are you happy that the gay Mardi Gras will draw hundreds of thousands of drunken youth to Sydney’s streets to incite in them all manner of lust and filth?

“Do you want youth aged from 13, 14, 15, 16 engaging in sexual filth?

“Are you happy that the Greens, a Paganistic, anti-Christian front for the homosexual lobby, will hold the balance of power in the Senate, over the whole nation?”

In clip, which features stylized military graphics, Madden calls on supporters to rally in Martin Place on Mardi Gras Parade night (Saturday, March 5) to “raise up and shut down he gate” on the “depraved” Mardi Gras – a cause of significant concern, according to Mr Burns.

“The video crosses the line of reasonableness because it states that homosexuality is a depravity and dangerous to everyday people,” said Burns.

“A pernicious rant like this could draw dangerous individuals, such as Swastika-wearing Hitler supporters intent on wreaking havoc on the parade and its participants and viewers. I fear this kind of rant could leave to violence.

“I am therefore seeking legal advice as to whether this YouTube clip is unlawful and breaches the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 and will lodge a complaint with the President of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB).”

Burns said the complain would be against Mr Madden but would co-join Christian Democrat leader Fred Nile, who he alleged was “aiding and abetting homosexual vilification”.

Burns, who strongly rejected Madden’s claim that gay people posed a risk to children, also called on the NSW Police to intercede.

“I am calling for this group to be denied a permit by the NSW constabulary to gather in a public place on Mardi Gras night, because this could impinge on the safety of Mardi Gras revelers and the homosexual community of Sydney,” he concluded.