Tess Corbett refuses to publish an apology to homosexuals

20 August 2014
Corbett refuses to appologise
Corbett refuses to appologise
On the 14 August 2014 the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Decisions Tribunal ( NCAT ) dismissed an Appeal lodged by
Therese Corbett. ( See Corbett v Burns ( 2014 ) NSWCATAP 42 )
The initial legal action against Ms.Corbett under the anti-discrimination act 1977 was taken by anti-discrimination campaigner Garry
Mr.Burns is a openly homosexual man who’s work is taken in the “ public interest ” in the promotion of “ tolerance & understanding” for
all minority Australians.
Ms.Corbett was found guilty of vilifying homosexuals under the anti-discrimination act 1977 in a decision handed down on the 15
October 2013 when she was the endorsed candidate for Katter’s Australia Party for the Victorian seat of Wannon in the federal election
 until she stood down in January 2013 after telling a journalist from her local paper :
“ I don’t want gays ,  lesbians or paedophiles working in my kindergarten”.
“ If you don’t like it , go to another kindergarten , Ms.Corbett said to the Hamilton Spectator.
When asked if she considered homosexuals to be in the same category as paedophiles , Ms.Corbett replied “ yes “.
Ms.Corbett was ordered by NCAT to publish an apology in the Sydney Morning Herald in a prominent position at her own expense and
to apologise to Mr.Burns in writing.
During a conversation between Mr.Burns and Ms.Corbett’s Counsel it was revealed that the defendant won’t be complying with the
Orders of the court and publish an apology in the Sydney Morning Herald or to Mr.Burns for her unlawful acts of vilification.
Mr.Burns said , “ I will pursue the defendant through the Supreme Court of NSW until these Orders are enforced. Those who seek
high office have a responsibility to not breach the anti-vilification provisions of the anti-discrimination act 1977 ( NSW ).
Mr.Burns said , “ It’s no surprise the defendant refuses to comply with the Orders of the court when we have a short , white ,
unattractive baldheaded man in Canberra saying it’s OK to be a “bigot”. Well it’s never OK to be a “ bigot “.
We are all part of the Australian family regardless of who shares our “ QUEEN ” size bed. Those in powerful positions like Ms.Corbett
have responsibilities”.

Sunol penalised for gay slurs on blog

By STEPHEN RYAN Jan. 27, 2014, 10:30 p.m

john sunol
John Sunol – Former self-confessed prostitute addict

FORMER Newcastle cab driver John Sunol has been ordered once again to apologise and pay costs for vilifying homosexuals on his blog and in videos posted on YouTube.

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The former self-confessed prostitute addict was ordered by the Civil and Administrative Tribunal to publish an apology on his blog for comments he made during a series of posts about the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Mr Sunol, who has had similar findings made against him on at least two prior occasions, was ordered to pay a total of $9500 to gay rights activist Gary Burns after Mr Sunol wrote about Mr Burns on his blog and in letters sent to Mr Burns.

Mr Sunol was found to have vilified gays and victimised Mr Burns, the tribunal stated.

Mr Sunol has had a long association with a Christian lobby and has often voiced his approval for the views of the Reverend Fred Nile.

At a “no brothels” rally attended by Mr Nile at Islington in 1998, Mr Sunol addressed about 70 people where he called for the banning of the sex industry after he was cured of his own prostitution addiction.

He had findings of homosexual vilification made against him in 2006 and 2012 before posting more comments on his blog, johnsunol.blog spot.com.au, in late 2012 and early 2013.

Those comments included that the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras involved people sexually assaulting children.

Mr Sunol was ordered to remove the articles from all websites that he controlled and was required to publish an apology on those websites.

He was also ordered to write a letter of apology to Mr Burns.

The case will return to the tribunal in late February to determine whether Mr Sunol has complied with the orders made against him.

Apology as per the Burns vs Sunol case on July 5 2014 decisions from NCAT

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Apology as per the Burns vs Sunol case on July 5 2014 decisions from NCAT

This is my apology persuant to the case Burns vs Sunol July 5th 2014

This apology is made pursuant to an order by the NSW Civil and Administrative tribunal (NCAT) made on the 22/1/14
On Various dates between 9 November 2012 to 2 January 2013, I published statements on a web site controlled by me. http://www.johnsunol.blogspot.com.au several comments concerning homosexuality and homosexual people. 
On 22/1/14 NCAT held that my statements amounted to unlawful homosexual vilification, NCAT found that they were capable, or had the effect, of inciting hatred or serious contempt of one or more homosexual people on the grounds of homosexuality.
I apologise for publishing these statements. I acknowledge that the worlds that I used vilified homosexuals in breach of the New South Wales Anti-Dicrimiantion Act 1977. The aim of this Act is to promote tolerance, understanding and acceptance in the community. The Act sets limits on what can be said or done in public. 

 This is my apology as to what was ordered from the NCAT and I want it to go world wide for all to read and you can comment on my web page if you like.
This is also posted on the other back up web page as a second for all to see
John Christopher Sunol

NB:  this is the apology as was ordered by the NCAT tribunal in a burns vs sunol case of July 5th as of the decision on the 
22nd January 2014

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John Sunol fined $11,000 for gay hate

A Newcastle cabbie who vilified homosexuals Gay hater – John Sunol on an internet blog has been ordered to pay gay rights activist Gary Burns $11,000 and make a second public apology in six years.

John Christopher Sunol wrote on his blog that the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras was a ‘‘child molesters and pedophiles event’’ and described an activist who lodged a previous complaint, and who has since died, as a ‘‘dirty filthy poof’’.

Mr Sunol also wrote that Mr Burns ‘‘and his poofy followers are Lui [sic] the fly and I will be the Mortein that cleans the world of this disease’’.

The Administrative Decisions Tribunal found that these statements and several others had the capacity to incite hatred or serious contempt against homosexuals.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

City Voice Publisher Peter Walton

Well-known Sydney gay activist GARY BURNS has called on the the gay community to reform itself as the community is rocked by yet another high-profile drug scandal.
PETER WALTON, the publisher of all seven titles owned by Evolution Publishing – Australia’s largest gay and lesbian publishing house – has been charged with possession of illicit drugs and is due to appear in court on June 28.
Walton, the publisher of SX News (Sydney), City Voice (Sydney), MCV (Melbourne), Blaze(Adelaide), Queensland PrideAXN (the national gay men’s magazine) and Cherrie (the national lesbian magazine) will appear at Sydney’s Downing Centre Criminal Court at 9.30am on Tuesday, June 28 after allegedly being caught in possession of 3.5 grams of crystal meth and an undisclosed quantity of GHB.
The arrest of Walton, who lives in the Harry Seidler-designed Horizon Building (aka Sydney’s ‘tower of power’), marks the latest in a long tine of gay community drug scandals, said Mr Burns.
“Earlier this year we had the unsavoury prospect of ACON*, our self-proclaimed gay and lesbian health and wellbeing organisation, putting out a ‘how to take drugs’ guide, which drew national and international negative publicity for our community.,” he said.
“Every year we have a host of Mardi Gras drug busts, with huge quantities of crystal meth, GHB, ecstasy, cocaine and all sorts of other drugs seized” he added.
“Evolution Publishing itself rose from the ashes of Satellite Media in 2005, which was the brainchild of gay media tycoon GREG FISHER, who’s cooling his heels in jail on drug charges until 2012.”
Mr Burns said he was tired of his community being associated with illegal drugs and called on the collective community to clean up its act.
“Frankly, I’m sick to death of it and I’m embarrassed,” he said.
“All this rampant drug-taking by Gay Inc. gives a very bad example for young gays and lesbians, who understandably form the impression that illegal drugs are an essential part of being gay,” he said.
“We as a community need to put the crystal pipe down, flush the eccies down the toilet, throw the syringes away and take a good hard look at ourselves.
“Not only for our own good but for the good of the next generation.”
Burns added that he had heard rumours for years about rampant drug-taking at Evolution Publishing, and called on advertisers – including the NSW Government – to stop propping it up.
“The biggest single advertiser in Evolution Publishing is ACON, which is funded almost entirely by the NSW Government,” said Mr Burns.
“This means NSW taxpayers are propping these dance bunny drug takers up.
“I ask the taxpayers of NSW: is this how you want your hard-earned taxes to be spent?
“No, I didn’t think so.”
Media enquiries:
* ACON was formerly known as the AIDS Council of NSW. 
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