Coles Not Interested In Gay Community


Brisbane‘s homosexual community are being treated like the local starving neighbourhood cat by a smug and complacent Wickham Hotel management.

Coles Not Interested In Gay Community

Sydney Independent gay rights activist Gary Burns, the man famous for suing radio broadcaster John Laws for vilifying homosexuals, has come out swinging in support of the Queensland GLBTI community because they are being exploited by a complacent and smug Wickham Hotel. A hotel that exploits the homosexual community of Brisbane by offering very little in terms of a venue.

Licensed owners Coles, are letting the venue fall apart from smashed entry windows that has been in this state for months, filthy facade and windows, warm beer, overcharging and staff that have no direction by management. “It’s reminiscent of Opposition leader Tony Abbott‘s front bench; “a bloody shambles”, said Mr Burns.

Even the large plants that once softened the entrance are gone, the paving filthy, inadequate heating and cooling, and air conditioning that is constantly on the blink.

Gary Burns said,” The Wickham Hotel management are treating their homosexual patrons like local starving neighbourhood cats, offering them a saucer of warm milk every now and then, and expecting them to come running back to their venue to spend their hard earn three pieces of silver. It’s time for the gay people of Brisbane to stand firm on the battlefield and fight so they are not taken advantage of by the licensed owners Coles, and the hotel management that doesn’t give a stuff about them.

Coles newest hotel in its portfolio, The Waterloo, have staff that are knowledgeable and friendly, while the Wickham’s staff have no training and direction. The Wickham relies on one inexperienced staff member to look after two bars and the poker machine room of an afternoon, while the Waterloo has a team of staff.

Regular patron Jez Smith vowed never to drink at the Wickham while the owners Coles and Wickham management make no attempt to offer a venue that is clean, comfortable and friendly. Jez also said that he told Maree the License and Manager on Wednesday 10th November that the pub is now classed as a “shit hole”, and will no longer spend a dime at the Wickham until Management and owners attitude changes”. He went on to say he wants ALL regular patrons to boycott the Wickham until changes are made.

Coles – Why is there such a divide between your gay venue and your flag ship, The Waterloo in Brisbane? Why are the gays of Brisbane have to put up with a sub standard venue and lack luster management.

The Wickham Hotel, once the number 1 gay venue in Brisbane is now a dilapidated hotel, with lackluster management and staff.

Lets not tolerate this, please join our Facebook group “Wickham Hotel is a shit hole”, and tell Coles we wont tolerate this anymore.

As the Hollywood legend Bette Davis would say, “What a dump” concluded Burns.


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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

City Voice Publisher Peter Walton

Well-known Sydney gay activist GARY BURNS has called on the the gay community to reform itself as the community is rocked by yet another high-profile drug scandal.
PETER WALTON, the publisher of all seven titles owned by Evolution Publishing – Australia’s largest gay and lesbian publishing house – has been charged with possession of illicit drugs and is due to appear in court on June 28.
Walton, the publisher of SX News (Sydney), City Voice (Sydney), MCV (Melbourne), Blaze(Adelaide), Queensland PrideAXN (the national gay men’s magazine) and Cherrie (the national lesbian magazine) will appear at Sydney’s Downing Centre Criminal Court at 9.30am on Tuesday, June 28 after allegedly being caught in possession of 3.5 grams of crystal meth and an undisclosed quantity of GHB.
The arrest of Walton, who lives in the Harry Seidler-designed Horizon Building (aka Sydney’s ‘tower of power’), marks the latest in a long tine of gay community drug scandals, said Mr Burns.
“Earlier this year we had the unsavoury prospect of ACON*, our self-proclaimed gay and lesbian health and wellbeing organisation, putting out a ‘how to take drugs’ guide, which drew national and international negative publicity for our community.,” he said.
“Every year we have a host of Mardi Gras drug busts, with huge quantities of crystal meth, GHB, ecstasy, cocaine and all sorts of other drugs seized” he added.
“Evolution Publishing itself rose from the ashes of Satellite Media in 2005, which was the brainchild of gay media tycoon GREG FISHER, who’s cooling his heels in jail on drug charges until 2012.”
Mr Burns said he was tired of his community being associated with illegal drugs and called on the collective community to clean up its act.
“Frankly, I’m sick to death of it and I’m embarrassed,” he said.
“All this rampant drug-taking by Gay Inc. gives a very bad example for young gays and lesbians, who understandably form the impression that illegal drugs are an essential part of being gay,” he said.
“We as a community need to put the crystal pipe down, flush the eccies down the toilet, throw the syringes away and take a good hard look at ourselves.
“Not only for our own good but for the good of the next generation.”
Burns added that he had heard rumours for years about rampant drug-taking at Evolution Publishing, and called on advertisers – including the NSW Government – to stop propping it up.
“The biggest single advertiser in Evolution Publishing is ACON, which is funded almost entirely by the NSW Government,” said Mr Burns.
“This means NSW taxpayers are propping these dance bunny drug takers up.
“I ask the taxpayers of NSW: is this how you want your hard-earned taxes to be spent?
“No, I didn’t think so.”
Media enquiries:
* ACON was formerly known as the AIDS Council of NSW. 
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Something about Gary

by Matt Buchanan and Leesha McKenny
December 16, 2010

Gary Burns has arguably become Australia’s best-known gay activist, yet he’s reviled by the gay establishment. Peter Hackney wonders why.” So begins a think piece on the website The Scavenger this week about Burns, an anti-discrimination campaigner, that notes figures from prominent ”gaystream organisations” signed up to a ”Gary Burns Does Not Speak For Me” Facebook group.

The piece was apparently deleted after Burns sent out a press release about it. Burns was more than happy to suggest why prominent members of Sydney’s gay community don’t like him – while sticking the boot into what he calls the ”self-appointed Gay Government” and the ”dance bunny press” as well. He might have his answer right there. ”Yes I’m a gay activist, yes I’m a serial litigant, yes I’m a media whore – I’m all those things,” Burns is quoted as saying. He also provided a photo of himself with his cat and weighed in as debate raged in the comments section.

The campaigner, who has two cases to be heard in the Administrative Decisions Tribunal of NSW next year, explained to Diary: ”I can’t do my work in a closet.”

I did not abuse Lucy: Burns

I did not abuse Lucy

A gay rights campaigner has defended himself from claims that he verbally abused and physically intimidated Wentworth MP Malcolm Turnbull‘s wife Lucy over the weekend.

Gary Burns, famous for suing John Laws when he used the term “pillow-biter” on air, encountered Mrs Turnbull on Saturday.

Mr Burns launched a tirade of abuse at Mrs Turnbull, leaving her shaken, The Daily Telegraph reported today.

In response Mr Turnbull complained to the Labor Party, stating Mr Burns was a Labor volunteer and therefore the party’s responsibility, the newspaper said.

Today Mr Burns said he had done nothing more than make his point “passionately”, and said he had not been acting as a Labor Party volunteer.

“I did not have a Kevin 07 shirt on, I was not representing the Labor Party,” Mr Burns said. He did confirm he has acted as an ALP volunteer once in recent times, when he escorted Bob Hawke on tour of the federal seat in Sydney’s eastern suburbs last week.

What Mr Burns said he did was challenge Mrs Turnbull about her husband’s recent lack of support for a Democrat-initiated bill that proposed ending discrimination against homosexuals in 58 areas of law.

Both major parties supported only one of the 58 recommendations, involving superannuation benefits for deceased partners.

Mr Burns said he was on his way to a shop to buy the newspaper on Saturday when he spotted Mrs Turnbull.

“I said to Lucy: ‘Is Malcolm 57?’ ” he said this morning.

“She looked at me and said: ‘What do you mean?’

“I said there’s 58 … recommendations and he’s only supported one.”

He then “expressed his view with passion” he said, before walking off. The conversation lasted about 30 seconds and at no point was he physically aggressive or verbally abusive, he said.

“It was just a bit of argy bargy … I’ve done nothing wrong. Why should I apologise?

“There was no swearing, there was no touching her, it was just a passionate plea for equality for gay men and lesbians … you don’t just win a seat in Parliament and stay there like a crab sitting in the sun.”

He said people sometimes reacted poorly to him because of his passion.

“I think what people find with Gary Burns is passion, you need passion to change things … I’m a dogged individual; it’s about standing up to bullies and bringing about a common society for everybody.”

He said Mrs Turnbull was just upset because he had been accusing her and her husband of failing to act on gay issues.

“I’ve been campaigning in the gay media about the inaction of Turnbull on these local issues.

“What he does is send his wife [who] sips sauvignon blanc and waves her pinky finger out to the gay community.”

A spokesman for the Turnbulls later called Mr Burns’s behaviour “abusive, offensive and intimidatory”.

“There are many witnesses who can attest to that, as Mr Burns knows full well.”

Dylan Welch
November 12, 2007 - 3:27PM