Garry Burns is an experienced Anti-Discrimination Campaigner under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 ( NSW ) in relation to homosexuality vilification complaints.

See Burns v Radio 2UE & Ors ( 2004 ) NSW ADT 267 or Burns v Corbett ( 2013 ) NSW ADT 227.

Pillow Biter” comment – Radio personality, John Laws

Just a quick check of the name of Garry Burns on LawLink case law will identify the many homosexuality vilification complaints he’s had substantiated in the Tribunal.

Garry Burns is not a lawyer but is happy to provide legal advice to those members of the NSW public who believe they may have been unlawfully discriminated against on the ground of homosexuality, either actual or perceived.

A homosexual vilification breach of s. 49ZT the complainant must establish four elements being ;

1. A public Act ;

2. Which incites ;

3. Hatred towards, serious contempt for or severe ridicule of a person or group of persons ;

4. On the ground of the homosexuality of the persons or members of that group.

Garry can be contacted on 0407-910-309 or 02-9363-0372 ;

Or leave a message for Garry and he will get back in touch with you.

Why pay thousands of dollars on a lawyer when Garry Burns can provide legal advice and also seek leave in the Tribunal to represent you without requiring a solicitor.


John Laws, please stop bullying sexual assault victims

Tracey Spicer – March 20, 2015 
John Laws told sexual abuse victim Brian to change his attitude.Dear John,

I get it. You’re a talkback host.

It’s your job to create conflict, feed on fear and value the visceral.

This seems to have served you well for some sixty years.

But now – in your golden age, at your golden microphone – you choose to bully an elderly man who was sexually assaulted as a child.

From the start of yesterday’s interview on Radio 2SM, you can tell Brian’s nervous.

There’s something child-like about his confession, as if it’s been bottled up.

He’s fit to burst.

“I rang you up about being sexually assaulted when I was a kid,” he says.

“How old are you now?” you ask.

“80 years of age,” he replies.

“Took you a little while to get around to talk about it!” you laugh.

Yes, laugh. I find it challenging to comprehend these words, even as I type them.

Brian bites back, explaining his desperate attempts to tell police in the 1960s, then ’70s, what had happened to him at 11 and 14-years-old: “No one would do anything about it”.

He turns to you, a trusted voice on radio, for comfort, succour and support.

Instead, you kick him while he’s down: “I don’t quite understand why you didn’t lash out. You would have been a fairly big boy by that time!”

And, “Why didn’t you go to the police earlier?”

We know from the child sex abuse royal commission that this issue wasn’t taken seriously in the past.

One former headmaster at Knox Grammar – your alma mater – implied one victim wasn’t believed because “he was a drama boy”.

These attitudes are of an era.

But that’s no excuse for blaming the victim, for a full 14 minutes, live on air.

At precisely six minutes, Brian breaks down in tears, telling you he’s never found love in his life.

After a modicum of compassion, you try to claim credit.

“Maybe you feel a bit better having talked about it?” you ask.

“Not really,” Brian replies.

“Well, we’ve wasted each other’s time,” you respond, churlishly, before calling him a “wet blanket”.

In other words, “harden the fuck up“.

To top it off, you suggest he talks to someone at the Salvation Army. Because, really, the organisation has such a stellar history in this area.

Of course, this is not the first time you’ve belittled a victim of sexual assault.

In 2013, a vulnerable woman asked how she could “keep the dream alive”, despite being abused by five family members for almost 10 years from the age of six.

You joked about the offenders having “a good time with you”, before asking “Was it in any way your fault?”

“You weren’t provocative?” you continued. “Are you unattractive?”

When you give up radio – which I hope happens soon – you could have a second career as a psychologist. Your emotional intelligence is, well, uncanny.

I can’t wait to hear your opinion on the murder of Masa Vukotic, the 17-year-old school student stabbed to death in a Melbourne reserve, just before 7pm on Tuesday night.

Presumably, she was asking for it.

I’m sure you’re delighted by all of this attention, as you view the world through your crystal tumbler.

But it will take some time to clean up this toxic spill. (“Valvoline. Know what I mean?”)

Even your legendary golden tonsils can’t fight off this latest infection.

Because, guess what? It’s 2015. You can’t just lumber around, gnashing your teeth, like a demented dinosaur.

Your opinions will soon be extinct.

Yours sincerely,


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Senator David Leyonhjelm in abusive email exchange with constituent

NSW Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm.
NSW Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm.

POTTY-mouthed Senator David Leyonhjelm is unrepentant after calling an abusive correspondent a “communist turd”.


The libertarian Senator has confirmed he also told a constituent to go away – in graphic terms – in an expletive-filled rant on his taxpayer-funded email account.

Senator Leyonhjelm’s correspondence was then published on a blog by the target of his abuse, who suggested his suggestion that he “go f— yourself’’ represented a suggestion that he “self harm”.

The row erupted after anti-discrimination campaigner and gay activist Gary Burns emailed NSW Senator Leyonhjelm and South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi.

In the email, Mr Burns opening salvo was to describe the MPs as “you two unAustralian pathetic little turds”.

He warned that if they allowed anyone to publish images ridiculing Jews or Muslims they would be in contempt of the anti-discrimination laws.

Senator Leyonhjelm returned fire, observing he was a “communist turd”, prompting some support from libertarians on Twitter.

But Mr Burns said: “This is the same imbecile calling for Australians to carry guns.”

“This boofhead is not a fit or proper person to represent the good people of NSW. I’ve been called many things in life but never a communist,” he said.

“When I received the offensive email from the Senator I was so shocked I clutched my pearls and reached for the smelling salts.”

Mr Burns has previously sued broadcaster John Laws under the Anti-Discrimination Act for calling gay men “pillow biters”.

“Senator Leyonhjelm’s credibility as a Member of the Australian Parliament wouldn’t be capable of buttering a plate of parnsips for the dinner table. The idiot should go and live on Gobo Island with a pet sheep,” he said.

In response, the NSW Senator fired off a second email to Mr Burns encouraging him to take the action he suggested earlier.

“Dear Gary. It appears you have not yet acted on my advice. Please do so. Go f— yourself as soon as possible. The world will be a better place,” it said.

A spokesman for Senator Leyonhjelm confirmed the emails were written by him.




Mr.Laws is a defendant of homosexuality vilification
Mr.Laws is a defendant of homosexuality vilification
17 November 2013.
Respected Anti-Discrimination Campaigner Gary Burns , the man famous for suing radio broadcaster John Laws under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 for calling gay men ” pillow biters ” lodged a complaint with the President of the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW on the 25 September 2012 over statement’s published on the John Laws Morning Show Facebook Page referring to Mr.Burns as a “faggot” and further statement’s published that Mr.Burns was harmful to homosexual people.
” I cant (sic) believe this man he is more harmful to homosexuals than anyone !!! If I had a gay child I would never ask for his advice what a moron “.
“John is it a full moon ? What a looser (sic) , faggots like that give the whole gay community a bad name”.
” What happened to the comment about Gary Burns faggot ???? Not one person has called or emailed the show to support you mr Burns …. what does that tell you ?
The complaint was unable to reach conciliation.
On the 18 June 2012 statement’s were published on the John Laws Morning Show Facebook Page in relation to a debate on gay marriage harmful to homosexuals and were left there by the John Laws Morning Show staff until the 29 October 2013. ( over 12 months later ) Some of the statement’s are cited below (fully sic).
Nathan James Mulholand responded with , ” Wow ….The intellect sure has picked up a notch in here. I’m sure sorry I was being ” uncivilized and intolerant”….but it’s cool to use expressions like ” FARTING CUM ” and ” GO SUCK SOME DICK FOR DRUGS , POOFTER. You guys are really winning the argument based simply on your civility and intolerance”.
Robert Nicholson said , ” No it’s disgusting why we panda (sic) to these minority people who let them out of the closet”.
Joel Richards said , ” Where’s Nathan ? I spose he’s either docked his boyfriend or still coming up with something intellectual”.
Talene Zammit said , ” I just want to marry my cat , is that so much to ask”?
Megan Micallef said , ” If I wanna (sic) rub peanut butter on my knob end and get my dog to run his sexy long tongue around the tip as he tries to slurp it off then what’s the problem ? We are in love. I can see its real when he looks at me. DON’T JUDGE ME”.
Mr.Burns said , ” I don’t have sex with animals. I love my cats EMTU & IVORY . My homosexuality is not a perversion or a diabolical sickness. The published statement’s by RADIO 2SM and and those statement’s left there by Mr.Laws’ staff for over 12 long months condone , support and portray that the homosexual characteristic is a depravity and debauchery or is it simply the case that RADIO 2SM / JOHN LAWS agreeing with the statement’s that’s why they weren’t removed” ?
Two unsworn Affidavits signed by employees of Radio 2SM  state that no language stronger than the word ” bloody” is published on the John Laws Morning Show Facebook Page”.
The Affidavits state, ” Whilst the John Laws Morning Show is on air , posting on the John Laws Page are constantly monitored and removed by staff sitting outside the studio”.
 ” Perhaps these incongruous halfwitted imbeciles working for Radio 2SM & the John Laws Morning Show think pernicious statement’s published about homosexuals on their stations facebook page like ‘ GO SUCK SOME DICK FOR DRUGS ,POOFTER  or suggesting that homosexual men have SEX WITH DOGS ‘  or ‘ FART CUM ‘ is tamer than the word ‘ BLOODY ‘ but I don’t think it is” , said Mr.Burns.
The Application is listed for hearing on Friday 22 November 2013 at 10 a m.
In the Administrative Decisions Tribunal (ADT)
Level 10 , John Maddison Tower
86 Goulburn Street
Sydney , 2000.
Mr.Laws is a defendant of homosexuality vilification ( See Burns v Radio 2UE Sydney Pty Ltd (2004) NSWADT 267).
Radio 2UE , Mr.Laws and his stablemate Mr.Price had to make groveling apologies “on air” and publish an apology on the 2UE Website for two weeks and also in the Sydney Morning Herald.
Mr.Burns is running his matter in the “public interest” and is seeking the maximum aggregate damages under the Application of $100, 000. ( One Hundred Thousand Dollars ).
Mr.Bill Caralis , Managing Director of Sydney Radio Network (Radio 2SM ) said ” under no circumstances will Radio 2SM settle with Mr.Burns”.
” These dangerous halfwitted boofheads need to understand that they are people in powerful positions who have responsibilities and must not use their powerful position to breach the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 by allowing the publishing of statement’s that incite ” serious contempt ” and ” hatred” against those of the homosexuality characteristic”, concluded Burns.
Gary Burns




29 October 2013


Noted anti-discrimination campaigner Gary Burns , the man famous for suing radio broadcaster John Laws under the anti-discrimination act 1977 in 2004 and again in 2006 over his supporting of public statement’s that homosexuals
shouldn’t be allowed on television because of their characteristic and for calling gay men “pillow biters” was outraged to learn of statement’s published on the
Laws Morning Show Facebook Page in June 2012 in relation to a debate on gay marriage harmful to homosexual men.
These are some of the statement’s published and backed up by the facebook attachment.
“Go suck some dick for drugs. POOFTER“.
” Where’s Nathan ? I suppose he’s either docked his boyfriend or still coming up with something ” intellectual”
If I want to rub peanut butter on my knob end and get my dog to run his sexy long tongue around the tip as he tries to slurp off then what’s the problem ? We are in love. I can see it’s real when he looks at me. Don’t judge me ” .
” I just want to marry my cat , is that so much to ask ?
These statement’s are all in relation to homosexuals.
Gary Burns said , ” I’ve never had S.E.X with my white pussy Ivory or my black and white Tomcat Emu (see picture below).


and I’m offended that Radio 2SM or Mr.Laws promote that I do via the Facebook Page of the John Laws Morning Show. I’m not a pervert. I love my pussy’s Ivory and Emu and I’d never do anything that’s perverted or sinister causing harm to them “.
Mr.Burns has a complaint under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 coming up for a hearing in the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal on Friday the 22 November 2013 at 10 am over statement’s published on the John Laws Morning Show Facebook Page referring to him as a “faggot and poofter”.
Both Radio 2SM and Mr.Laws are respondent’s to the proceedings.
Managing Director of Super Radio Network (SRN) the owner of Radio 2SM Mr.Bill Caralis in a letter to the President of the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW described the public vilification of Mr.Burns and homosexual men as only being potentially “offensive tweets”.
” No you boofhead Bill Caralis these are not potentially “offensive tweets”. When you are getting bashed by a gang of gay bashers shouting out we are going to kill you faggot you realise just how dangerous the word “faggot and poofter” really is”. Imagine if I’d published statement’s on my blog referring to Mr.Caralis is an unwashed , unkept dago ( a collog. offens ) word for a foreigner because he’s Greek how would that make him feel”,   asks Mr.Burns.
Mr.Burns has been a victim of a gay hate crime on four previous occasions, nearly losing his life in 1989 to a gang of teenage thugs.
Employees of Radio 2SM have made Affidavit’s that the facebook page is constantly monitored by staff sitting outside the studio and that any offensive or unlawful statement’s are removed immediately when they are made and those making them blocked.
“Well what happened in June 2012 ? Were they all out in the kitchen making a cup of lemon tea all at the same time or does it take these incongruous imbeciles over 12 months to remove the unlawful vilification against homosexuals ” ? asks Mr.Burns.
Go suck some dick for drugs poofter
Gary Burns


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