10 February 2016
La Trobe City Council’s intolerance problem Councillor Christine Sindt is to finally face court in NSW over her alleged vilification of homosexual men and women and of Anti-Discrimination Campaigner Garry Burns over the publishing to her Facebook page statement’s that refer to Mr.Burns personally as “ gay child sex activist “ and that homosexuals want “ same-sex “ marriage so that they can have easy access to children to molest because homosexuals are to be viewed in the same category as paedophiles.
Councillor Sindt posted a photo on her Facebook Page of herself at the Reclaim Australia Rally in Melbourne with a sign saying , “ I love bacon , not paedophilia “.
“ Is this women a fit and proper person to represent to good people of La Trobe City via it’s Council when she conducts herself in public like this ? “ , asks Mr.Burns.
On the 24 July 2015 the President of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board ( ADB ) accepted a complaint from Anti-Discrimination Campaigner Garry Burns alleging the publishing of statement’s by Councillor Sindt to her Facebook page amounted to unlawful homosexuality vilification under the Anti Discrimination Act 1977 of Mr.Burns personally and homosexuals men and women in general.
Councillor Christine Sindt has constantly delayed and not provided a defence for her alleged unlawful conduct and the President has finally referred Mr.Burns’ complaint against Councillor Sindt to the NSW Civil Administrative Tribunal ( NCAT ) for a public hearing.
Councillor Sindt claims she’s represented by Anti-Islam Solicitor Robert Remo Balzola.
Mr.Balzola is known for opposing the building of Mosques in both NSW and Victoria ( and has lost all cases ) and is commonly referred to in the media as a disrupter of “ social harmony ” in Australia over his alleged disdain for the religion of Islam.
In an email exchange between Councillor Christine Sindt to La Trobe City Council Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) Mr. Gary Van Driel on the 20 November 2015 said this ; ( sic )
“ You are quite aware that Garry Burns has threatened the wife of current Prime Minister , Lucy Turnbull , and that he is under investigation by Morwell CIU for blackmail”.
“ I have not been officially contacted by Morwell Police’s CIU for formal a interview in relation to the alleged threatening the wife of the Australian Prime Minister Mrs. TurnbullTurnbull or for the criminal act of blackmail ( which carries upon conviction a maximum of 15 years imprisonment ) . I will not be intimidated by the pernicious tactiics of Councillor Sindt to engage Victorian Police in attempt to frighten or discredit me from my public interest work’s message of promoting “ tolerance and understanding” for minority Australians  . I’d rather fight than eat ” ,   said Mr.Burns.
Mr.Burns is claiming the aggregate amount of damages under the Application of $100 , 000 because of the harm the publishing by Councillor Sindt to her Facebook Page naming Mr.Burns is a paedophile / criminal has caused.
“ Listen you pernicious and Un-Australian  bimbo, I have no sexual interest in male or female children and how dare you publish material to your Facebook Page stating that I do. My family has suffered at the hand of a paedophile. No he wasn’t a homosexual. He was a man wearing a black frock. He was a Catholic priest ”, Burns said.
Garry Burns
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Solicitor Robert Balzola
Councillor Sindt

Latrobe Council wants to be kept out of complaint against councillor Sindt

By Priscilla Moca July 23, 2015, 3:15 pm
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Latrobe City Council has labelled its inclusion in a discrimination complaint against controversial councillor Christine Sindt as inappropriate and wrong.

The Council’s asked anti-discrimination campaigner Garry Burns to withdraw his complaint against it, over social media comments made by Ms Sindt.

Mr Burns included the Council as a respondent in a complaint he filed with the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board.

Latrobe Chief Executive Gary Van Driel has asked Mr Burns to leave the shire out of it, because the comments aren’t reflective of council’s views.

“I assure you that [we] condemn views such as those contained in the post,and the content does not reflect the views of Council as a whole,” Mr Van Driel wrote in a letter received by Mr Burns yesterday.

“While Cr Sindt’s Facebook page referred to her position as a Councillor, the page was not established by Council. Nor did Council have direct access or control over the content posted.”

But Mr Burns has refused to back down from his complaint that includes the Council.

“If these statements were published under her personal account, different story,” he said.

“Before her page was removed, there was council issues on there. You can’t pick and choose when she represents council.”

Mr Burns took the letter as a polite threat to back off.

“They’re concerned it’ll impact them, but they need to understand it’s a very serious matter.”

Latrobe city councillor Christine Sindt not backing down as lawyers for MP Darren Chester seek apology over same-sex marriage Facebook posts

Posted yesterday at 10:45am

The controversial south-east Victorian based councillor criticised federal MP Darren Chester after he announced his support of same-sex marriage.

Lawyers for Mr Chester have asked Cr Sindt to apologise and retract what they describe as divisive, offensive and defamatory comments.

A vilification complaint has also been lodged against Cr Sindt by a New South Wales anti-discrimination campaigner.

A panel will decide if Cr Sindt has breached the councillor code of conduct by posting anti-Islamic material on Facebook.

She said threats from lawyers would not force her to censor her public comments.

“Same-sex marriage has a lot of, there’s a lot of robust debate around same-sex marriage and this morning I received some private and confidential correspondence from a lawyer,” she said.

“Will I think about what I say and do to be sure that the thought police are happy with it?

“I do not comply with the thought police. I am a free-thinking person.”

“ Ms.Sindt you can’t fatten a pig on market day love”

Sindt agrees to be more ‘inclusive’

Latrobe City Councillor Christine Sindt says discussions with members of the community have made her aware her Facebook posts opposing same sex marriage “may have triggered intense emotion” for people.

“In relation to same sex marriage, I have met with members of the community, and have become aware that my Facebook posts opposing same sex marriage may have triggered intense emotion, based on their own personal experiences,” Cr Sindt told The Express in a statement on Friday.

“Discussions are continuing, for which there are clearly no immediate short-term solutions.

“We have agreed that same sex marriage is not the solution to far deeper social problems.”

Cr Sindt said she had “agreed to disagree” with people on the issue of same sex marriage, and “agreed that we need to be an inclusive, supportive Latrobe City community”.

Her controversial Facebook comments drew interstate ire last week, with an outspoken, Sydney-based gay rights activist lodging a formal complaint with the Anti-Discrimination Board of New South Wales.

Garry Burns has alleged an 11 June statement on Cr Sindt’s offcial councillor Facebook page incited hatred against homosexual men.

The contents of the Facebook post cannot be reported for legal reasons.

Mr Burns said he believed Cr Sindt’s statement was unlawful because it “has a capacity or effect of inciting hatred towards, or serious contempt or serious ridicule of homosexual men on the grounds of their homosexuality”.

“People in high office have responsibility, they’re people in powerful positions and they should understand the impact of their statement particularly on gay and lesbian teenagers, because these kinds of statements do cause harm,” he said.

Cr Sindt’s Facebook post included a personal attack on Member for Gippsland Darren Chester after he declared he would support legislation to legalise same-sex marriage.

A lawyer for Mr Chester sent a letter to Cr Sindt requesting she retract the statement and unreservedly apologise.

From Thursday morning, Cr Sindt’s councillor Facebook page appeared to have been taken down.

Cr Sindt said she had not yet received any legal correspondence about her councillor Facebook page and she had voluntarily deactivated it.

She said she did not know Garry Burns.

“I have met with members of the local community and those whom I have met do not appear to be as concerned as possibly Mr Burns may be and I look forward to receiving his correspondence,” Cr Sindt said.



18 June 2015
On the 11 June 2015 Latrobe City Councillor Christine Sindt published the below statement on Facebook.
“ Same-Sex marriage “ is an oxymoron. Marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman. Men and women are different sexes, so how can you have “same sex marriage” ? I wonder what Mr.Chester’s wife thinks about this ? There have been some amazing scandals in British Parliament involving young boys and Parliamentarians”.
NSW Anti-Discrimination Campaigner Garry Burns has taken the action against Ms.Sindt under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 ( NSW ) alleging that statement is unlawful because it has a capacity or effect of inciting hatred towards or serious contempt or serious ridicule of homosexual men on the ground of their homosexuality and that act is unlawful.
Mr.Burns successfully sued radio broadcaster John Laws over his “ on air “ rant with stable mate Steve Price in relation to a discussion that homosexual males should not be seen on live television.
Mr.Burns successfully sued Katter Australian Party candidate Tess Corbett over her statement’s linking homosexuality to pedophilia.
Ms.Corbett ran for the Federal seat of Wannon in the 2013 election.
“ For highly distressing reasons , the Australian public at the present day is being made particularly aware of the serious long lasting psychological damage suffered by victims of pedophilia. At any time and especially at this time , and pronouncement that “brackets” ….homosexual people with pedophiles is capable of ….urging ( people) to treat homosexuals as deserving to be hated or to be regarded with serious contempt. Ms.Corbett claims … do not merely offend or insult: they incite these negative reactions”,  said Judicial Member Chesterman in his judgement.
 Mr.Burns said , “ What is it with these incongruous imbeciles in Victoria like Corbett and Sindt. Don’t they realise it’s 2015 and the camp Hollywood legend Miss.Bette Davis is no longer strutting across our once 50’s black and white television set chain smoking. All politicians before entering public life should go back to school and do a course on diversity”.
Garry Burns
Cr Christine Sindt