“M” is code for Paedophillia… or so Tom Cahill believes…

Hi all

I don’t waste time usually by showing the correspondence I receive behind the scenes, however this is an example of one of Luke McKee’s crazy mates Tom Cahill – – Now if anyone can make any sense of the delousional rantings, GOOD LUCK!!

Dear All,

Garry Pedo Poof’s just sent me this.

It seems that—reading between the lines—that he’s got some unexpected bad news from Telstra.  It seems to me that it’s not too hard to work out that what’s probably happened is that as we’ve discovered in the past,  he’s venting and in doing so he’s letting out actual bits of information that he’s having trouble reconciling himself with;  in this case I’m thinking that the  “Malware”  mentioned is significant.  He uses a capital  “M”,  so I think he’s been told that his child pornography that’s no doubt encrypted can be accessed by outside as he’s only using the free Malware that Jezinbris  (Jeramy Smith)  put on his computer.  Further,  I imagine that his attempts to claim that this has found it’s way in from outside has been in some way hampered by maybe the same program,  i.e. it logs all of the incoming files or new files of unauthorised/conventional placement’s origin are stored or maybe flagged up or something like that.

Calling a person Her Honour and then putting the address of a civil tribunal venue’s very odd all else being equal as it’s so odd,  but maybe NCAT’s ADB’s status as a paedophile normalization sympathist safe haven’s the reason,  with him using it like a comforter.\

Also,  he’s putting odd comments on the videos which is attached.

Have there been any changes at the NCAT ADB?  They’re still pretending not to get my correspondence.  I suppose that’s Nancy Hennessey and Alex Wakefield’s doing.  Let me know if there’s any news,

Tom Cahill

The Capital “M” for Malware is now some paedophile code – I wonder what Capital “C” for Coffee must mean.

Is Tom Cahill a Paranoid Schizophrenic ? or simply a crack smoking wanker???

NEW Facebook page “Luke McKee is a Disgusting Pig”

After years of abuse to me and associates of mine, This absolute crazy and disgusting PIG, Luke McKee has crossed the line!

Insane, crazy, stalker, Luke McKee
Insane, crazy, stalker, Luke McKee

He thinks he is so clever by finding a phone number of my friend Jeramy Smith’s 80 year old mother and told her the most disgusting, untrue stories about Jeramy..

Mckee’s obsession with all gay men are paedophiles, All Police in Australia are corrupt and the list goes on, is now going to have him end up in a third world prison..

This man is mentally sick and needs urgent help, otherwise he will end up in jail, and quite frankly he deserves what he gets.

There has been a new Facebook page setup for ALL people that have been stalked and abused by Luke McKee – All the information is being monitored by the top Police officers in New South Wales..

Please join the page, invite friends to read what a disturbed and disgusting sick, perverted man he is.