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“Is Whanganui Mayor Michael Laws a covert Homosexual ” ? asks Sydney Gay Rights Activist Gary Burns

Gary Burns, a Sydney gay rights activist famous for suing former Sydney radio broadcaster John Laws for calling gay men “pillow biters” has entered the fray of the Whanganui (N.Z.) Mayoral race.


21 year old Mayoral aspirant Jevan Goulter claims Mr Michael Laws has been making unfounded and unsubstantiated complaints against him in attempt  to discredit his suitability for public office. Mr Goulter fears for his personal safety as allegations fly from the has-been radio hack.


Gary Burns said, “This boofhead is similar in characteristic to former Sydney radio hack John Laws as he once thought he was above the law. I suspect Michael Laws is a covert homosexual who finds the younger Jevan  Goulter attractive. I can understand that. Jevan is a very handsome young man. I would let him put his fluffy slippers under my bed any day. Does Mr Laws want to ask him out for a baked dinner ?
“It seems to me Mr Laws has a fear of his own feelings. The best way to attack your own fears is to attack others of the same kind. This is the substantiative problem in this matter. Bullying and thuggery is unacceptable behaviour from a person in a powerful position like Michael Laws”.


Mr Burns believes those who seek public office have responsibilities. “I am thinking of coming to New Zealand to assist Mr Goulter with his campaign. I will bring a little red dress for Mr Laws to slip into. Maybe he can do a bit of go- go dancing in his family closet to a Shirley Bassey record,” said Mr Burns.”


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