George Pell – time to tell the truth about your priests and Paedophilia

George Pell - You disgusting man.
George Pell – You disgusting man.

English: Placard at the Protest the Pope Rally...
English: Placard at the Protest the Pope Rally in London.

I could talk about Pell’s notoriety within the church, his Ballarat time apparently lying to Australia about other Priests and clergy within the Catholic Church, the now apparent disgusting acts of Paedophilia towards girls and boys within the school structure, and Pell can still hold a “straight” face in front of cameras,  denying the atrocious and disgusting acts of his priests in many parishes.

Pell, I say you have lied for many many years, and supported your paedophile priests in Australia with no regard to the children that were abused..

You, your so called religion, and your paedophilia priests should be put in jail the the rest of your lives. Pell you absolute low life should at the very least apologise to the children that your disgusting Catholic rapists assaulted.





Taxi Driver’s Stoopid Facebook Anti-Gay Mardis Gras Post Has Gary Burns’ Nostrils Flaring

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Must we pay attention to what John Christopher Sunol, a taxi driver in New Castle, Australia, writes on his Facebook wall? Sure, if “most hated activist” Gary Burns is trying to get him to pay $40k for writing the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is ‘‘a perverted piece of living garbage’’ that’s “run by drug dealers and paedophiles.” Hey now! We’re not pedophiles.

Burns, who is already going after Aussie newscaster Ron Wilson for calling the parade and its participants “disgusting,” wants blood from Sunol too.

The blog comments, posted hours before Saturday’s Mardi Gras parade, were added to an Anti-Discrimination Board complaint that Mr Sunol vilified homosexuals over the internet. Activist Gary Burns, who lodged the extra complaint yesterday, is seeking $40,000 and a published apology from Mr Sunol. He has also asked the board to refer the latest statements to the NSW Attorney-General. ‘‘When Mr Sunol is finally dealt with by me he will be laying spreadeagled on the pavement battered and bruised, figuratively-speaking, because I am no nancy boy,’’ Mr Burns said.

Mr Sunol repeated denials yesterday that he had vilified homosexuals. ‘‘What I’m saying is, the Mardi Gras is run by drug dealers and paedophiles, not all homosexuals [are drug dealers and paedophiles],’’ he said. ‘‘I’ve seen men with no pants on marching down Oxford Street in Sydney, which is repugnant. ‘‘If they’d done that in Iran, if they’d done that in Iraq, they’d be murdered. I’m speaking out against it because the homo-nazis and femi-nazis are taking away our right to speak against them.’’

Oh good. Now we’re Nazis now too.

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