8 January 2015
Noted anti-discrimination campaigner and openly homosexual man Gary Burns calls for the gay and lesbian constituency of Newtown to not vote for Labor’s Penelope Sharpe in this years General Election scheduled for March until her leader Mr.Foley supports the rights of homosexual Australians to Marriage Equality.

Labor's candidate for the new seat of Newtown, Penny Sharpe.
Labor’s candidate for the new seat of Newtown, Penny Sharpe. Photo: Wolter Peeters
Mr.Burns is well known for suing radio broadcaster John Laws under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 for calling gay men “ pillow biters”.
Mr.Burns had a recent victory under the Anti-Discrimination act 1977 against former Katter Australia Party candidate Tess Corbett when she compared gays and lesbians with paedophiles.
Ms.Sharpe , an upper house M.P and alleged strong same-sex marriage advocate , seeking election to the new inner- city seat of Newtown in March has a higher than average proportion of same-sex couples in her constituency.
Mr.Burns said , “ How can this homosexual female candidate run for the lower house seat of Newtown which is chock a block full of homosexuals claiming to represent their rights when her leader doesn’t” ?
Mr.Foley voted against same-sex Marriage in an upper house conscience vote in November 2013 , and the bill was narrowly defeated.
Mr.Burns believes same-sex marriage is a Commonwealth matter but believes it’s important that progressive aspirant Labor leaders like Mr.Foley support the rights of his homosexual constituency in NSW to full legislative equality as afforded to those of the opposite -sex.
Foley it’s not 1942 mate. Miss Bette Davis is no longer strutting across black and white television sets in the American drama “ Now Voyager “ blowing smoke rings in her on screen lover , Paul Henreid’s face.
Australian in 2014 is different and if you want to become Premier of this great state of NSW you must put your bible in the closet and embrace diversity of all Australians to Equality.
If Mr.Foley thinks this issue is going to go away anytime soon he better run himself a little reality check because the sharks are out and the waters about to get a little bloody, “  concluded Mr. Burns.
Gary Burns
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