Latrobe City Council seeks removal from discrimination complaint against councillor Christine Sindt


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The Latrobe City Council in south-east Victoria

The Latrobe City Council in south-east Victoria has asked an anti-discrimination campaigner to withdraw his complaint against it, over one of its councillor’s social media comments.

Garry Burns has made a complaint to the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board against Cr Christine Sindt and has also included the council as a respondent.

In a letter, seen by the ABC, Latrobe’s chief executive Gary Van Driel asks Mr Burns to leave the shire out of the complaint because the comments do not reflect the council’s views.

Mr Burns said he saw it as a threat but the complaint had not yet been accepted for investigation.

“I’ve never had any respondent, either joint or otherwise, send me a letter prior to the complaint being accepted by the president of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board asking me to withdraw them as a jointer to any potential proceedings,” he said.

“This matter has not even been accepted by the president for investigation at this point in time.

“The president still has this and it’s not up to him to make demands that I withdraw the complaint.

“I see this letter as a threat. It’s not going to be withdrawn and I will pursue it through the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board.”

Mr Van Driel has been contacted for a response.