Police Minister Ayres

Dear Minister Ayres,

I write to you in relation to Mr. Luke Mc Kee.
Luke Mc Kee is in either South Korea , North Korea , Vietnam or some other asian country.
As of the 6th June 2014 there were 21 valid arrest warrants filed by NSW Police against Mr.Luke Mc Kee.
Luke Mc Kee has threatened to kill me and my family.
Luke Mc Kee has harassed and made physical threats against Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn.
If Mr. Mc Kee was to obtain the home address of Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn he would publish it on the internet. This in turn could cause a person to seek her out to be harmed.
Young Minister you must not sit on your “cross stitching” and do nothing to protect members of the NSW Constabulary.
You can instruct your Commissioner to act in relation to Mr.Mc Kee.
Ma’am Burn doesn’t deserve this form of abuse and continued threat from Mr.Luke Mc Kee.
Ma’am Burn is a good police officer and a fine woman.
Luke Mc Kee has harassed Sergeant O’Keefe.
Luke Mc Kee has threaten to kill Hon David Shoebridge MLC.
Luke Mc Kee is harassing and threatening Detective Brent Bell from the Rose Bay Local Area Command ( LAC ).
Luke Mc Kee is harassing and threatening Sydney M.P Mr.Alex Greenwich.
Luke Mc Kee has been harassing Lord Mayor Clover Moore publishing her home address on the internet causing her safety to be impinged.
Mr.Mc Kee needs to be brought back to Australia to face court.
You need to instruct your Commissioner of Police Mr.Andrew Scipione to seek an extradition Order for Mr.Mc Kee’s apprehension so he can be brought back to Australia to face court.
If you are unaware who Mr.Luke Mc Kee is I suggest you get a briefing from your Commissioner of Police Mr.Scipione.
The matter in relation to me regarding Mr.Mc Kee is currently before the Waverley Local Court.
Mr.Mc Kee is publishing statement’s on the internet that I am a pedophile and I do fear someone will eventually come after me and kill me.
NSW Police can’t protect me !
Mr.Ayres I am not a peadpohile and have no sexual interest in children.
Could you please instruct your Commissioner of Police Mr.Andrew Scipione to proceed with an extradition Order against Mr.Luke Mc Kee so he can be escorted in handcuffs back to Australia to face court ?
What action , if any will you initiate as Minister for NSW Police to remedy the Mc Kee problem ?
Remember one thing Minister if a NSW Police Officer or a Member of the NSW Parliament is killed because of the actions of Mr.Mc Kee it would of happened on your watch.
Minister you are a person in a powerful position and you have responsibilities.
I ask you to bear this in mind !
Kind regards,
Garry Burns


Gary Burns no longer wishes to be known as a gay rights activist.

Gary Burns, a well known gay rights activist who has successfully sued Sydney radio broadcaster John Laws back in 2004 now wants to only be known as a ‘Anti-Discrimination Campaigner.

Mr Burns has been constantly abused by Sydney’s gay establishment since prominent “gaystream organisations” signed up to a “Gary Burns does not speak for me” Facebook hate group condemning him.

Mr Burns believes these overpaid members of Sydney’s self-appointed gay government don’t like him because he can’t be controlled or forced to spin their line of rhetoric and challenges the corruption intrinsic to that elite.

Mr Burns has written to his state M.P. Ms Clover Moore asking her to newly legislate to take away the relevant characteristic tag for the lodging of a Anti-Homosexual Vilification Complaint with the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB).

Mr Burns believes if the legislation is changed it will allow anyone to lodge a complaint regardless of their sexuality. Mr Burns will than be able to denounce any connection to Sydney’s homosexual community because of GAY INC’s continuous bullying and put-downs of him.

Gary Burns said,”My work is bigger than the silly poofs from GAY INC who constantly attack me.They are acting like demented banshees because I deliberately use the homosexual characteristic for the lodging of complaints so I can promote my message supporting tolerance and understanding for all minority Australians. Sydney’s gay community act like a GLBQT Mafiosi because outsiders like me are not welcome”.

Mr Burns claims Sydney’s self-appointed gay government are in bed with Sydney’s gay publications to railroad him and his work. “These gay publications are known to me as the dance bunny press because the publications are all about self promotion of their sponsors and only focus on advertorial. Their editors wouldn’t know what news was if it was on lay-by a month in advance,” Burns said.

Mr Burns is embarrassed by the bullying tactics of the homosexual community.

“I have had to deal with the embarrassment of unelected and unauthorized homosexual misfits like Australian Marriage Equality (AME) group telling gays and lesbians in Labor held seats to abuse and bully their elected representatives until gay marriage is legislated. I have also been embarrassed by the behaviour of Rob Mitchell from Melbourne when he suggested the Stephanie Rice “suck on that faggots” comment caused gay youth to commit suicide. It’s been alleged Mitchell rang and abused Ms Rice’s sponsors and demanded she lose her sponsorships.

This behaviour is unrepresentative of me and the work I do or of the GLBQT community. I want nothing to do with a pack of bullies and thugs like this lot of unrepresentative swill,” said Burns.