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28 February 2016.

Homophobe Councilor Sindt
Homophobe Councilor Sindt
On the 9 October 2015 at 2.13 pm La Trobe City Councillor Christine Sindt filed a complaint with Latrobe Police’s Crime Investigation Unit accusing Sydney gay rights activist Garry Burns of blackmailing her over a “ without prejudice “ letter of compromise to settling a civil matter between the parties.
Brief Summary of Incident : Blackmail by email. ( attached below )
On the same day of the filing of the complaint at 6.18pm Councillor Councillor Sindt sent an email to the President of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board ( ADB ) seeking an extension of time on the grounds :
1. “ Garry Burns is under investigation by Morwell Criminal Investigation Unit for blackmail ”.
Mr.Burns has taken legal action against Councillor Sindt under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 over here publishing of the below statement’s and others to her Facebook Page : ( see points of claim attached ) that he alleges are unlawful.
1.”  Garry Burns is a gay child sex activist “.
2. “ Gays are protesting in Melbourne for the right to kill each other with AIDS !! Shocking combine that with their age of consent law reform and it’s legal for a 60 year old man to have sex with a 16 year old boy and not telling him he’s injecting the AIDS virus in the boys rear end “.
3. “ Baby sex education is brought to us by OTO Australia Occult Gay pedophile Kinsey – who in his famous book sexual history of the Australian male – timing how long it takes for a 4 year old infant to reach “ orgasm “ whilst being raped by a gay pedophile. He redefined the definition of orgasms to include shaking and convulsing in pain. That’s why we need to teach young children about -sex – because they are sexually active from birth”.
“ Victorian Police have not contacted me for formal interview in relation to blackmail. I haven’t heard from the Police”, Mr.Burns said.
Councillor Sindt is represented by Sydney’s Anti-Islam Solicitor Robert Balzola.
Mr.Balzola has been involved in the groups “ Concerned Citizens of Canberra” and ‘ Concerned Citizens of Bendigo” , which have campaigned against mosques being built and opened in the ACT and the Victorian regional city.
The Sydney lawyer and Liberal Party member has also taken part in similar campaigns in Sydney , including the opposition to an Islamic school in Camden while losing all cases.
“ Ms.Sindt’s premeditated attempt to intimidate me via the Victorian Police Force reminds me of the ugliness in the classic movie “ The picture of  Dorian Gray . Well goldilocks it won’t work because I’ve done nothing illegal and I’ll see you off in court , love. Wear your best twin set,” Mr.Burns said.
Garry Burns
Robert Balzola
02- 9283- 8180
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Councillor Sindt

The Naked “Orthodox Priests” Calendar Is Back With A Message For Anti-Gay Putin

The “Orthodox Priests” have returned for their third annual calendar, this year focusing on “Social Tolerance” as their theme.

The calendar’s organizers told The Huffington Post that the photos do not feature any actual priests. The models are gay-friendly members “of the Orthodox Church” who have stripped down for the shoot “because they believe – like us – in freedom of speech, tolerance, equality and human rights.”


Watch the provocative and sexy trailer below:

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Friday, October 25, 2013
Noted gay activist GARY BURNS, a former supporter of Member for Sydney ALEX GREENWICH, has today called on Mr Greenwich to resign.Image

Mr Burns door-knocked with Mr Greenwich and former Member for Sydney CLOVER MOORE ahead of the October 2012 Sydney by-election.

But Mr Burns, who donated money to Mr Greenwich’s campaign, and worked on polling booths for him on Election Day, has changed his mind after many months of soul-searching.
“It’s become clear to me that Mr Greenwich is not a true independent Member of Parliament – and the seat of Sydney is known for its independence,” said Mr Burns.
“Mr Greenwich is beholden to the gay Mafioso, and instead of looking after the little people of Sydney, he has become known for attending back-slapping champagne soirees and self-congratulatory gay piss-ups, scoffing caviar in his Zegna suit.
“I’m a gay man myself and nobody supports gay rights more than me – but being Member for Sydney is about being member for everyone in the electorate, not just the gay party set.
“The previous Member for Sydney Clover Moore was a true independent politician. She supported gay rights but she wasn’t in bed with Gay Inc. and the gay Mafioso – she represented all the little issues within her constituency with dedication, purpose and conviction.”
Mr Burns said the last straw was Mr Greenwich “sucking up to ACON”, the AIDS Council of NSW, which acts like a de facto ‘gay government’ and is funded by public money.
In May, Mr Greenwich introduced a motion to NSW Parliament congratulating ACON for reducing HIV in the community.
However in June, NSW Health statistics revealed that HIV had actually jumped by 24 per cent in the last year.
This week, Mr Greenwich was alleged to have tipped off ACON about another Member of Parliament’s inquiries into ACON’s effectiveness.
“I understand Greens MP JAMIE PARKER, the Member for Balmain, had meetings with one of his constituents, who was concerned about ACON’s lack of effectiveness.
“The constituent presented Mr Parker with a petition calling for a review of ACON.”
The petition can be found here:
“Mr Greenwich found out about this and tipped off ACON CEO NICOLAS PARKHILL, who rang Mr Parker and pressured him to drop the matter.
“I call on Mr Parker not to bow to pressure from ACON or Alex Greenwich – he should serve the interests of his constituent in this matter.”
“I also call on Mr Greenwich to resign, effective immediately, because it’s obvious he is not independent – far from it.
“When ACON or anyone from Gay Inc. says jump, Alex’s reply is: ‘How far, sir?’
“That is not independence, that is being a sycophant,” Mr Burns concluded.
Last week, Mr Burns – the man famous for suing broadcaster JOHN LAWS for calling gay men “pillow biters” – won a vilification case against former Katter’s Australian Party candidate TESS CORBETT.
Ms Corbett, who had compared homosexuals to paedophiles, was ordered by the Administrative Decisions Tribunal to make a public apology at her own expense in the pages of the Sydney Morning Herald, and to personally apologise to Mr Burns.
Media enquiries:
(02) 9363 0372
0407 910 309




Sydney’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi-Gras Event has been de-gayed

Rainbow flag flapping in the wind with blue sk...

Sydney‘s Gay & Lesbian Mardi-Gras Event has been de-gayed 

Gary Burns,a Sydney independent gay rights activist and original 78 er is outraged that the Mardi-Gras board has decided to de gay the famous event.An event that’s not only important to him as one of a number of pioneering gay rights activists of the 70’s era but to all rank and file members of the homosexuality community.
Mardi Gras Chair Mr Peter Urmson says the re-branding it as the Sydney Mardi Gras is necessary to be more inclusive.
“We’re also recognising a world that is gradually becoming more inclusive,where huge members of people volunteering for us,marching in the parade and cheering us on come from a much broader spectrum and in which younger people are much less keen to be labelled,”he said.
Gary Burns said,”No it’s not. The pre-dominant purpose of the Mardi Gras board doing this is so they could get their hands on wads of public money from the NSW state government. These “dance bunnies” have effectively sold out this event and the gay and lesbian community for three pieces of tarnished silver.
Mr Urmson should consider the many countries around the world where gays and lesbians are still beaten and killed for being homosexual.
Our safe and legal Mardi-Gras celebration here in Australia needs to relate it’s message to these injustices against gay and lesbian people around the world.
This has nothing to to with people being labelled.
Mr Urmson may be able to go out in his leather jock strap holding his partners hand safely in Australia but in Iran he will get a bullet in the head for doing so.
Sydney’s GAY INC representatives and those from Mardi-Gras are hypocrites and cowards because they only think of themselves.
Sen Raj,from the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby formerly hails from Sri-Lanka.
In Sri-Lanka Gays and Lesbians live a covert existence because homosexuality is outlawed.
Mr Raj is a hypocrite because he’s turned his back on his own gay and lesbian community in Sri-Lanka so he could come to Australia and live a safe and comfortable lifestyle”.
Mr Burns believes the gay and lesbian Mardi-Gras serves a very important purpose via it’s message to the general populous not only here in Australia but around the world and that message is that homosexual people are part of the world’s family and that they do belong here and the unnecessary discrimination and vilification at the hands of intolerance and hatred against them will be curtailed.
The gay and lesbian Mardi Gras parade sends out this message in the “public interest” ,a message that discrimination and unlawful vilification against homosexual people is not acceptable and won’t be tolerated any more.
” With the event now being de-gayed this message will be put back in the closet” said Mr Burns.
Mr Burns believes the whole make over has been done to make Mardi-Gras more acceptable to mainstream corporates and mainstream tourism.
Two years ago the same board blundered when they decided to split the parade and party to different weekends.
“I suppose NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell and Mrs O’Farrell will lead next years parade holding up a placard saying “We’re Liberal and we’re heterosexual ,yippee “,because his Liberal government has been the major donor of public money to the event”,Burns concluded.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Independent gay activist GARY BURNS has lodged a complaint with NSW Police Commissioner ANDREW SCIPIONE over the advertising of illegal drugs in a Sydney gay magazine.
SX News, the weekly gay magazine published by the Evolution Publishing group, is openly advertising the sale of amyl nitrate (aka ‘poppers’).
Advertisements for the ‘Rush Popper Shop’ appear in the magazine, featuring prominent links to the URL where brands of amyl nitrate such as Rush, Ram, Colt and Jungle Juice are sold. 
Amyl nitrate is used medically for certain heart conditions, but is illegal in NSW without a doctor’s prescription.
In some sections of the gay community, amyl nitrate is used recreationally during sexual intercourse, for its side effect of relaxing anal sphincter muscles. 
The drug is on the Poisons List and is illegal in NSW under Section 16 of Poisons and Therapeutic Drugs Act, which makes it an offence to possess a prescribed restricted substance without a lawful excuse.
Harmful side effects of amyl nitrate can include headaches, heart attacks, brain damage and death. 
Gary Burns said he had lodged the complaint out of concern for his community.
“Young gay men pick up this magazine for free from cafes, bars, pubs and nightclubs all over Sydney,” he said.
“They may not be aware of the possibility of serious side effects from amyl, and my fear is that some of them could be encouraged to buy these dangerous products.
“That is of course the aim of advertising – to get people to buy the product.
“This product should not be advertised anywhere. It can kill you. And the thing about being dead is that you don’t suddenly wake up and ask, ‘What’s for dinner, Mum?’ It’s forever.”
Mr Burns alleged that the advertising of illegal drugs in SX News was part of a wider drug culture at Evolution Publishing.
The group’s publisher, PETER WALTON, is currently facing serious drug charges for the possession of crystal meth and GHB.
Walton will appear at Sydney’s Downing Centre Criminal Court on Tuesday, June 28 to face the charges.
Mr Burns called on advertisers to withdraw their support from the magazine in light of the magazine’s promotion of drug culture.
“In the latest issue of SX we see organisations like Audi, Hunter Holden, the City of Sydney, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Swans supporting the magazine.
“I ask these organisations: Do you really want to be involved with a publication where the publisher is facing serious drug charges and possibly jail time, and where the magazine itself is advertising illicit substances that can kill you?
“Next, they’ll be advertising eccies to sprinkle on your Weeties in the morning instead of sugar,” Mr Burns concluded.
Media enquiries:
Gary Burns
Further information: Rush Popper Shop advertisement appears on page 44 of current issue (SX # 545, June 20) and in all back issues this year. 
Evolution Publisher Peter Walton is due to appear at Downing Centre Criminal Court 9.30am Tuesday, June 28.