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Luke McKee – From the Lolcow Wiki, a facts-oriented encyclopedia of eccentricity

Luke McKee

Luke thinking of young children
Born ?
New South Wales, AUS
Residence Hanoi, Vietnam
Occupation Freelance IT
Web Presences @VGB-OPSEC

Luke Ledgerd McKee, also known by his online handles VGB-OPSEC and Hojuruku, is an Australian IT Freelancer and former English Teacher living in Vietnam after facing legal trouble in his homeland after obtaining private information about members of the police force illegally. He is notable online for his fringe, conspiracy theory-driven political views, incoherent typing style, and paranoia about pedophiles.

Luke claims that he is being persecuted by a conspiracy of Homosexual Activists, Satan Worshipers, and Jews that control the Australian Police force so they can stop his activism in exposing their attempts to legalize pedophilia and bestiality. In Luke’s mind a man named Garry Burns is at the head of this conspiracy[1], which also involves a man called Jez Smith, as well as members of GamerGate and Kiwi Farms[2], the latter of which hosts a thread chronicling him that is over 75 pages long[3], most of it consisting of his posts trying to convince the users that he is in the right. It is this delusion of persecution that drives Luke’s online posting habits.

Drama and Beliefs

Despite his claims of victimhood, like many other lolcows, he is anything but a victim. Evidence thus far suggests that the aggressor in his drama is solely Luke himself. Several victims have come forward and maintained pages about his actions. These are alleged to include sending violent threats, defamation of character, slander, and using sockpuppets to disseminate the offending materials.

For example, Youtube user TruthSurge claims on his channel that Luke used multiple sockpuppets and even hacked into his account[4]

In 2006, Luke was involved in the management of a school on Jeju Island in Korea. Luke was an executive for a school where subsequent reports were made by teachers who had left the school. These reports indicated that there were several problems happening in the school. These problems included teachers receiving little/no pay and receiving abusive language. A story ran in the local paper on this and shortly after, Luke began a crusade against the villagers of the island itself to expose them all as pedophiles[5].

A pattern has emerged in his behavior, any time a new detractor surfaces online, he quickly accuses the person of either being a Pedophile and a child rapist, or being part of the conspiracy to protect Garry Burns and Jez Smith from his criticism of them.

Luke is an avid fan of Alex Jones’ ‘InfoWars’ program, Paul Joseph Watson’s Prison Planet, and was a poster on far-right websites like Stormfront and The Daily Stormer[6]. He is also member of the PizzaGate subverse on Voat[7].


He is encouraged and enabled to continue this path by his mentor John Sunol, and his own father Geoff McKee. These two older men fuel his delusions by siding with him and backing him up in online posts and written letters instead of getting him to a psychiatrist.

He is also associated heavily with a man also claiming status as an anti-Pedophilia Activist by the name of Tom Cahill, who frequently reposts Luke’s tweets.

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Tom Cahill Details…


Tom Cahill – Bankrupt – Bullshit Artist, Criminal….

tom cahill linkedin photo


Tom Cahill Linkedin CV – 13th June 2016

Contracts Manager Spiecapag 2013 – Present

This is untrue

However Spiecapag confirm that Mr Cahill only worked for Spiecapag for 1 week in June 2013

Tom Cahill states he is a member of RICS – Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

This is also untrue

Both Sharon Perkins and David Roberts of RICS, have both confirmed that Tom Cahill is not a member.

Mr Cahill also spends a lot of time on Twitter and YouTube harassing and smearing People that he does not know, in fact he smears complete strangers.

Tom Cahill regularly blogs, tweets and makes videos about:

Bill Maloney – calling Mr Maloney a Pro Paedophile campaigner with a pro child abuse agenda. A Jewish Marxist and Nonce Protector.

Ian Puddick – calling Mr Puddick a Pro Paedophile campaigner with a pro child abuse agenda. A Jewish Gay Marxist and a Cointel Pro Agent.

Brian Gerrish – calling Mr Gerrish a Pro Paedophile campaigner with a pro child abuse agenda, a Cointel Pro Agent and Communist Subversive. Mr Cahill also calls Mr Gerrish a liar, a cheat and a fraud.

Roger Hayes – calls Mr Hayes a low life who is deceitful and who cheats people

Michael Doherty – calling Mr Doherty a Pro Paedophile campaigner with a pro child abuse agenda, and a Cointel Pro Agent.

Danielle Le Verite – calls Ms Le Verite a Jew with a Jew agenda

 Mr Cahill has been living in Thailand and posting his harassing messages online from there, away from the Jurisdiction of British Police. Mr Cahill has just come back to the UK and is living with parents in Gillingham Kent 

Tom Cahill made bankrupt

tom cahill bankrupt

Mr Cahill was recently jailed in Thailand for ‘visa problems’.

Clearly these lies and smears are designed to cause alarm and distress to people


Perhaps Mr Cahill’s new employers would be wise to suggest that he desists from harassing and smearing people he does not know online and perhaps get some medical help and concentrate on job…..if he is actually working.


For the people who have been cyber stalked by Tom Cahill, we thought you may like to touch base with him.

Tom’s details – 



Tel +44 1634 280371

This Anti Gay cyber stalker lives with his Mummy in Gillingham, so by all means, drop in and say hi..

Thank you to for the latest information 🙂

“M” is code for Paedophillia… or so Tom Cahill believes…

Hi all

I don’t waste time usually by showing the correspondence I receive behind the scenes, however this is an example of one of Luke McKee’s crazy mates Tom Cahill – – Now if anyone can make any sense of the delousional rantings, GOOD LUCK!!

Dear All,

Garry Pedo Poof’s just sent me this.

It seems that—reading between the lines—that he’s got some unexpected bad news from Telstra.  It seems to me that it’s not too hard to work out that what’s probably happened is that as we’ve discovered in the past,  he’s venting and in doing so he’s letting out actual bits of information that he’s having trouble reconciling himself with;  in this case I’m thinking that the  “Malware”  mentioned is significant.  He uses a capital  “M”,  so I think he’s been told that his child pornography that’s no doubt encrypted can be accessed by outside as he’s only using the free Malware that Jezinbris  (Jeramy Smith)  put on his computer.  Further,  I imagine that his attempts to claim that this has found it’s way in from outside has been in some way hampered by maybe the same program,  i.e. it logs all of the incoming files or new files of unauthorised/conventional placement’s origin are stored or maybe flagged up or something like that.

Calling a person Her Honour and then putting the address of a civil tribunal venue’s very odd all else being equal as it’s so odd,  but maybe NCAT’s ADB’s status as a paedophile normalization sympathist safe haven’s the reason,  with him using it like a comforter.\

Also,  he’s putting odd comments on the videos which is attached.

Have there been any changes at the NCAT ADB?  They’re still pretending not to get my correspondence.  I suppose that’s Nancy Hennessey and Alex Wakefield’s doing.  Let me know if there’s any news,

Tom Cahill

The Capital “M” for Malware is now some paedophile code – I wonder what Capital “C” for Coffee must mean.

Is Tom Cahill a Paranoid Schizophrenic ? or simply a crack smoking wanker???


Critical Incident Response Team
Critical Incident Response Team (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


16 February 2016
Sydney Anti-Discrimination Activist Garry Burns has taken legal action under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 ( NSW ) against La Trobe City Councillor Christine Sindt over her publishing to her FaceBook page a statement that Mr.Burns is a “ gay child sex normalisation activist “ and other material suggesting homosexuals in general are criminals because they molest children.
Ms.Sindt allegedly made a complaint to Morwell Police on or about the 14 July 2015 that Mr.Burns had attempted to “blackmail” her into giving him money in exchange for him dropping his court proceedings against her.
“ I have not been contacted by Victoria’s Police Force in relation to any allegation of criminality and I believe Councillor Sindt is using Morwell Police in attempt to discredit or intimidate me and via third parties like Cahill. In the YouTube clip below from a Tom Cahill has been in contact with Sindt because he has put in email that I am an accused person in relation to my illegitimate dealings with Councillor Sindt ” in relation to blackmailing her” , said Mr.Burns.
The YouTube clip below also suggests that Mr.Burns is a pedophile and that homosexual men and women are pedophiles / criminals.
Mr.Burns has written to Minister of Police Mr.Wade Noonan , Minister for Local Government Ms. Natalie Hutchins , Chief Commissioner of Police Mr.Ashton and Premier Daniel Andrews but all seem to condone the pernicious practice of it’s Police Force; i.e , one of allowing a serious crime to hang over an innocent man’s head while others like Sindt use that allegation to incite third parties to hatred and violence against homosexuals while being condoned by those of the powerful position of the Victorian Labor Government.
‘ I suggest all those inept and incongruous politicians cc’d in above who’ve received a copy of this press release to order popcorn and cup cakes and sit back and listen to this YouTube clips perverted ramblings of hatred against me personally and toward fellow homosexual Australians” , said Mr.Burns.
Mr.Burns believes Victoria Police once they’ve received an allegation against a person alleging serious criminality they must investigate that allegation promptly so that they can either charge the person or dismiss the allegation as unfounded.
Garry Burns
0407-910- 309.