15 August 2013

Independent gay right activist Gary Burns calls for opposition leader Tony Abbott to make a public apology to Australia’s homosexual community over his public statement that homosexual Australians right to marriage equality is just ”  radical change based on the fashion of the moment”.

Mr.Burns said , ” I am Australian and as an Australian I am entitled to be treated equally regardless of my characteristic. I didn’t pick up my homosexuality at Knock and Kirby’s as some kind of fashion accessory. I was born a homosexual and I should at least be treated respectfully by Mr.Abbott regardless of that characteristic.
Mr.Abbott’s credibility for public office wouldn’t be capable of buttering a plate of parsnips for the dinner table. The man is an incongruous imbecile”.

Mr.Burns federal M.P in Wentworth is Mr.Turnbull.

” Mr.Turnbull needs to get up off his “cross stitching” and start to defend his large homosexual constituency here in Wentworth because of his leaders pernicious public statement in relation to them and their worthiness for equality is denied by his leader simply because they are homosexual”, Burns concluded.





Coles Not Interested In Gay Community


Brisbane‘s homosexual community are being treated like the local starving neighbourhood cat by a smug and complacent Wickham Hotel management.

Coles Not Interested In Gay Community

Sydney Independent gay rights activist Gary Burns, the man famous for suing radio broadcaster John Laws for vilifying homosexuals, has come out swinging in support of the Queensland GLBTI community because they are being exploited by a complacent and smug Wickham Hotel. A hotel that exploits the homosexual community of Brisbane by offering very little in terms of a venue.

Licensed owners Coles, are letting the venue fall apart from smashed entry windows that has been in this state for months, filthy facade and windows, warm beer, overcharging and staff that have no direction by management. “It’s reminiscent of Opposition leader Tony Abbott‘s front bench; “a bloody shambles”, said Mr Burns.

Even the large plants that once softened the entrance are gone, the paving filthy, inadequate heating and cooling, and air conditioning that is constantly on the blink.

Gary Burns said,” The Wickham Hotel management are treating their homosexual patrons like local starving neighbourhood cats, offering them a saucer of warm milk every now and then, and expecting them to come running back to their venue to spend their hard earn three pieces of silver. It’s time for the gay people of Brisbane to stand firm on the battlefield and fight so they are not taken advantage of by the licensed owners Coles, and the hotel management that doesn’t give a stuff about them.

Coles newest hotel in its portfolio, The Waterloo, have staff that are knowledgeable and friendly, while the Wickham’s staff have no training and direction. The Wickham relies on one inexperienced staff member to look after two bars and the poker machine room of an afternoon, while the Waterloo has a team of staff.

Regular patron Jez Smith vowed never to drink at the Wickham while the owners Coles and Wickham management make no attempt to offer a venue that is clean, comfortable and friendly. Jez also said that he told Maree the License and Manager on Wednesday 10th November that the pub is now classed as a “shit hole”, and will no longer spend a dime at the Wickham until Management and owners attitude changes”. He went on to say he wants ALL regular patrons to boycott the Wickham until changes are made.

Coles – Why is there such a divide between your gay venue and your flag ship, The Waterloo in Brisbane? Why are the gays of Brisbane have to put up with a sub standard venue and lack luster management.

The Wickham Hotel, once the number 1 gay venue in Brisbane is now a dilapidated hotel, with lackluster management and staff.

Lets not tolerate this, please join our Facebook group “Wickham Hotel is a shit hole”, and tell Coles we wont tolerate this anymore.

As the Hollywood legend Bette Davis would say, “What a dump” concluded Burns.


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